Enther&MAXHUB Bluetooth Speakerphone,USB Conference Speaker with 6 Microphones, Enhanced 360° Voice Pickup and Noise

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Brand Enther
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Color Black, Silver
Compatible Devices Personal Computer, Speaker
Mounting Type Flush Mount

  • 【360°Voice Pickup】6 Bluetooth microphones are arranged by 360°array to achieve all-round voice pickup,and independent pickup and amplification dual audio system can ensure a smooth conference experience.
  • 【16Ft Pickup Distance】Dynamic voice balance with up to 16 Ft pickup distance. It can cover an entire conference room and make sure everyone hear clearly.
  • 【Voice Balance】This conference speakerphone adopts PZM structure design to improve the clarity of sound. Dynamic voice Balance automatically adjusts the volume, neither too loud nor too low, allowing you to hear clearly in every corner of the office.
  • 【Background Noise Reduction】This conference microphone uses DSP algorithm technology to eliminate general background noise,such as air conditioning noise, keyboard clicks noise and so on, so that your voice is always clear and audible during conference.
  • 【HI-FI Sound Equality】The conference speaker is builed independent power amplifier and electronic crossover,which can increase the efficiency of the amplifier to minimize sound distortion, so that your voice can be truly conveyed to the other party in the meeting.
  • 【Easy Setup and Strong Compatibility】This Speakerphone can be connected via USB, Bluetooth or AUX without any additional drivers.You can connect your computer or mobile phone via USB or Bluetooth to use the speakerphone immediately.It’s also compatible with Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, Facetime, Chromebox and other popular calling apps.


Main features of omni-directional microphone

1. High-fidelity sound quality, restore clear voice:
PZM structure design + high performance speaker + intelligent noise reduction + echo cancellation

2. 360° omnidirectional pickup, easy to talk without leaving the seat:
6 array microphones + 360° omnidirectional pickup + 5 meters pickup radius

3. Three connection methods, flexible participation in multiple terminals:
Bluetooth: computer, conference tablet, mobile phone
USB receiver: computer, conference tablet
Audio cable: computer, conference tablet, mobile phone

4. 8 hours of reliable battery life, easy to meet meeting needs

5. Use scenarios: video conference, remote training, personal office

Product parameters
Pickup distance: 4 meters radius
Microphone type: 6 array high sensitivity microphone
Microphone signal-to-noise ratio: 75dB

General functions:
USB Type C (audio IN/OUT + charging 5V/2A)
AUX 3.5mm (audio IN/OUT)
Buttons: 6 (power, answer, mute, Bluetooth, volume +, volume -)

Structural parameters:
Product size (diameter * height): 120mm*36.5mm
Net weight: 390g
Color: Dark Gray
Battery capacity: 7.4V/2200mAh
Life time: 8 hours

From the brand

From the manufacturer


What is Enther & MAXHUB BM21E Conference Speakerphone?

  • The Enther & MAXHUB BM21E Conference Speakerphone for anytime & anywhere video conference calls and teleconferences.
  • It has many ways to connect, and built-in speaker offers great conferencing convenience. No more headsets required!
  • It is always committed to helping you achieve long distance pickup and high quality calls.





6 High-Sensitivity Microphones Array

The Conference Speakerphone has 6 high-sensitivity microphones array.It can pick up sound in a full 360 degree range within a 13-foot (4-meter) radius of the room and can easily be used for meetings with up to 10 people.

Background Noise Reduction

Built-in high-performance large dynamic speakers, with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms, effectively reduce conference background noise and harsh howling.

Voice Blance

The conference speaker adopts PZM structure design to improve the clarity of the sound. Dynamic Voice Balance automatically adjusts the volume, neither too loud nor too low.




Multiple Connection Methods

USB, Bluetooth, and AUX connection are all your choices to connect Enther & MAXHUB Bluetooth speakerphone.It also compatible with IOS or Windows devices.

Perfectly Portable Size

The Enther & MAXHUB BM21E Conference Speakerphone is only 0.85lb,so it’s very convenient for us to carry it or put in our bags.

Package Including

BM21E Speakerphone*1, USB C cable*1, AUX audio cable*1, User Manual*1, Quick User Guide*1. (Excluding USB Bluetooth Adapter)


Additional information

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 8.82 × 6.22 × 2.01 cm
Package Dimensions

8.82 x 6.22 x 2.01 inches

Item Weight

13.8 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

July 1, 2021

Country of Origin




10 reviews for Enther&MAXHUB Bluetooth Speakerphone,USB Conference Speaker with 6 Microphones, Enhanced 360° Voice Pickup and Noise

  1. ab3ehm

    High quality speakerphoneThis is clearly a high quality speaker/microphone. The MaxHub weighs just under 14 ounces and is substantial, attractive and functional.For me, the initial need was for Zoom. The camera on my Dell laptop is located in the lower left, which does not lend to an attractive image on the zoom call. It’s closest to my left nostril and I appear to be looking up and to the right. This might be OK for friends, but for business Zooms, not so much.So I decided to purchase a web camera and a microphone for my desktop. You can spend as little as $20 for a USB connected microphone, but you get what you pay for. A multi-directional and auto volume adjusting unit like this MaxHub would be a much better long-term choice. This model has 6 microphones, so it will also act like a conference table unit in a board room. Plus it has noise cancellation.I have tested the MaxHub on a desktop computer Zoom plus as a speakerphone attached to my Android phone. Both connections via Bluetooth. Both worked well, with excellent sound quality. The persons on the other end of the call reported that I sounded no different from normal and the speaker quality was excellent. I also played some music and the speaker sounded fantastic.First of all, when you open the box, there are several pieces of printed material. Skip right to the black single-fold piece that says “Speakerphone” on one side and “MaxHub” on the other. It has simple, concise directions for set up and operation. It also explains the meaning and function of the various lights on the device.Set up was pretty simple: plug the power cable into a standard USB-A power adapter and the other USB-C end into the device. Long press the power button to energize it and the Bluetooth button will begin flashing.On your Windows computer, open Settings, then Devices, then Bluetooth, click “Add a Bluetooth or other Device” and click “Bluetooth.” The Max Hub BM21 showed up and when clicked on, it immediately paired and connected.For your Android phone, open Settings, Connections, Bluetooth and pair.Your computer and phone will remember the pairing, so when the Bluetooth light flashes when you next turn it on, simply find the MaxHub in your paired device and connect. The MaxHub doesn’t auto connect each time it’s powered on, which makes sense, since you may want to connect it to something else next time you turn it on. I have other Bluetooth devices that “won’t let go” of the prior connection and it’s pretty annoying.Bottom line: a nice, high quality speakerphone well worth the money.

  2. BDA

    Nice, and I’ll keep it, but didn’t work for my use caseThis is a very nice speaker/mic combo, and I’m pretty happy with it overall. I bought it assuming that I’d be able to pair it with a tablet for Google Home use, but that didn’t work out — not because of the speaker, but because of Google Home not paying attention to it when it’s paired.Back to the Nest speaker, at least for the time being. ::shrug::

  3. TechoFish

    Solid conference speakerphoneWe have three engineers in a lap that joins Webex calls using their phone, and they would put it on speaker phone. It works, but they have the lean their head next to the phone when talking. So I got this for them to make their make shift conference room more professional. The sound quality on this speaker is great. It’s loud and clear. It also picks up people talking in the room. The noise cancelling keeps background sounds out and overall it’s a much cleaner solution.

  4. Nancy Mullinax

    work productI have long wanted to buy this product. but because I have an urgent expenditure late, I postponed buying this product. when everything is finished I can finally buy this product. Before I buy this product, I first look at product details and product reviews. is this product suitable for me to buy. it turns out when I have seen the details and reviews of your product, I was finally interested in buying this product. I hope this product does not disappoint me. because I really need this product.in the last few days this product arrived at my house. when this product arrived at my house, I immediately tried it and it was true as I expected.I am very glad this product did not disappoint me

  5. Kevin

    Bluetooth conference lineNormally I just use a headset for video calls, but when its multiple people on one laptop, that doesn’t work well, which meant I was stuck with a subpar laptop microphone. This have both much better audio quality than the built in laptop microphone, and since its bluetooth, we don’t need to lean into the laptop while we’re using it. Setup was a breeze, just connect it like any other bluetooth device. We didn’t have anyone asking us to turn up our microphone volume or anything like that. Appearance-wise, its not overly flashy, it looks modern and professional, so I don’t feel like I need it out of sight for work calls.


    Must have for phone call intensive job functions.I love this speaker phone, so easy to use and sound quality is excellent. I’ll never go back to a headset ever again! Also a great value and high quality for this price point.

  7. Moshe Gordon

    Great speaker!The quality of the sound is great, you could also control the sound very easily.Also you can answer and hang up the phone with a button on the speaker and it’s really good for phone calls.It has a great look and it fits in very nicely into my office.It has a mute button which is also very useful.

  8. Mia

    Great SpeakerphoneWhat a quality product! I like the design of this Bluetooth speakerphone. It’s small but powerful. I like using this device in my car. I hear conference calls without needing to use my car audio system.The battery life lasts a long time. Once charged, it works many hours before needing charged again. Definitely would recommend this product to anyone looking for a cost effective calling audio solution.

  9. Yira Rodriguez

    Really good productWe use it at work and as it was so good that 3 more colleague’s have bought it as well

  10. Srinivasa Akhil Vutukuri

    Truly ProfessionalFirst of all it looks professional and truly amazing. I wanted to use a speaker phone in my professional space and worried if something suits it. This product is so perfect and the sound quality is good. I have been using this from a week or so and I totally recommend it

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