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Creer Lighting Solutions Overview

Creer Lighting Solutions is a market-leading innovator of light-class LEDs, as LED light and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications. Cree provides LED components, LED Chips, LED lighting, and LED bulbs. So, one of its subsidiaries, Wolfspeed, stands alone as the premier provider of silicon carbide, GaN power, and RF solutions.

Creer Introduction & History

Founded in 1987, Cree constantly seeks innovative new ways in which lighting will serve as a platform for emerging technologies and capabilities.  Like The American worldwide manufacturer produces LED lighting systems and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs, lighting-class power LEDs, and a portfolio of SiC-based and wide bandgap SiC-on-GaN (gallium nitride) power-switching and RF (radio frequency) devices. These products enable applications that include general illumination, electronic signs and signals, industrial power supplies and inverters, and military, satellite, and broadband telecommunications.

Creer Product Range

LED Components

  • XLamp LEDs
  • J Series LEDs
  • High-Brightness LEDs
  • LED Modules & Accessory

LED Chips: Creer Lighting Solutions

  • DA1000 LED Chips
  • UT170 50-um, Gen 3 LED Chips
  • EZ290-n LED Chips
  • RT200 Gen 3.5-mA LED Chips

Cree LED Lighting Solutions

  • Cree LED Insider
  • C-Lite LED Lighting by Cree
  • Cree SmartCast Technology
  • Customer stories

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