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1. How I Make My PoV Photography Videos [Rig, Camera & Lenses]

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How I Make My PoV Photography Videos [Rig, Camera & Lenses]

so with this set up I have the Fuji XT three for taking pictures we have the GoPro to record the footage and I usually just leave it recording from start to finish and then I deal with all the footage that didn't make sense in post and then we have the rode videomic pro cluster because the idea of the subject I'm talking to and we have the rode smartlav for recording my own voice and in post I can easily switch between these two channels hey what's up guys welcome back to binge hey what's up guys today is the day we're gonna take a look at the gear that I used to make my GoPro street photography videos here we have my primary camera for street photography and wait just two seconds let me just wipe the screen of its kind of gross there we go this is the XT three my primary camera for street photography I do have other cameras that are used for street like the recode gr 2 and the X hundred F but the X T 3 is my primary the image quality of this camera is great also if you prefer to shoot JPEGs straight out of the camera I personally shoot all of my photos in raw and all of them in capture one the color science of the xt three is pristine here's an example of a photo i took with the xt 3 and i really like how the colors came out it comes with a electronic viewfinder and an LCD screen and it can flip for a low angle shot but unfortunately it can't flip all the way around so you can see yourself for vloggers and look I'm not gonna bother with all the space I put a link to the gear that I'm using in the description but I have to say if you're a videographer the 4k 60fps is very welcome and if you use next month so like I do then you can record 4k 4 2 2 which gives you a lot more colors for your color grading alright moving on you guys know when I do my videos I have a girlfriend on top of my camera to show my point of view and that's what drew me actually to YouTube in the first place I'm always doing my street photography by myself so this is just a really really cool feature I think let's start assembling this so this is the GoPro that I use it's the GoPro hero Blake and this is the case that I bought it doesn't follow when you buy the GoPro but I'll put the links to it in the description and let's just attach it right here and then we at the GoPro into the case and whoopsie we're done and this is actually the setup that I used to in the beginning when I started doing my street photography videos but as you guys know or most of you the GoPro audio is really really bad so I did like every other youtuber and I bought the world video mic Pro Plus and a dead cat that voices like a wind protector to improve my audio as you may have realized right now I have two different devices I have the GoPro and I have the microphone that both fits into a HUD shoe but my camera only has one hot shoe which brings me to my next point introducing the cornerstone of my street photography setup and you'll see why in a second so I used this camera cage from a company called small Rincon not to be confused with tiny Rick they specialize in making custom camera rigs for every big camera brand and it's a must for doing the videos that I do and being from Denmark the country that brought your Lego the whole assembling and customization part is really cool and they were kind enough to send one of these to my channel and that's really dope because my channel is not the biggest one in the world so yeah shout out to small Ricky all right let me just assemble it for you like this now you see we have two watches and yeah it's solid it doesn't move great as you can see with the Quechan we keep the cameras hot you available and we have a new culture that I can mount my GoPro on which is nice I need to talk to you about this one this is the GoPro adapter because GoPro is being GoPro you need to buy they're kind of expensive adapter in order to add an external mic to your GoPro setup on by the way that's the cool thing about this GoPro case it's that it fits the GoPro adapter nicely so yeah that's why I bought that one and then we have the video mic that we attached in the cameras hutch you like this so that we have it or at least that's what I thought I thought this was it I thought all I needed was one mic like NASA but I was wrong the rode videomic pro is a directional mic which means it's great at capturing the audio that is in the direction it's pointing towards so when I talk to my subjects they have great audio because the mic is pointing towards them but because I'm standing behind them I talking to them then my aria is really bad which brings me to the grand finale of this setup my second mic the rode smartlav and the purpose of this mic is of course to record my audio so we have audio for the subject and for me and because I don't want a wire between me and the camera I used the world wireless go system that you guys guessed it connects the audio from my level ear to my GoPro wirelessly so it goes like this I attached my level ear to the road wireless go and stick it in my pocket and then I attached a receiver on top off the GoPro page and this is all great but there's only one audio output in the GoPro adapter so I use this little thing called a splitter that I put into the GoPro and then I can record audio from my video mic Pro Plus and my level ear at the same time and to secure my audio a little bit better in the GoPro adapter I bought this little L mount that keeps it a bit more firm and look this setup is by no means perfect and it probably never will be but if you have any ideas on how I can optimize it let me know and I'll see you in the comment section so that's it guys now we're done done let's give it a little shake it's solid and I still think it's light enough to be handled with one hand and yeah so with this set up I have the Fuji xt3 for taking pictures we have the GoPro to record the footage and I usually just leave it recording from start to finish and then I deal with all the footage that didn't make sense in post and then we have the rode videomic pro plus that record the audio of the subject I'm talking to and we have the rode smartlav for recording my own voice and in post I can easily switch between these two channels this is actually the setup I'm filming with at the moment it's a little bit different from the one I showed you guys because I made a mistake and I put the GoPro very close to the microphone so the microphone went into the frame of the GoPro so now the GoPro is all the way to the side the left and the microphone is all the way to the right and I changed from the dead cat to the default thing on the mic because the dead cat can blue in front of the GoPro and we cannot have that right so this is what I'm shooting with and I mean it's really not pretty as you can see I'm not sure what to do here and I would love to hear you guys what you think is the best solution for me to make it more compact if I can change cables or have fewer cables I'm all ears but this is how it looks all right that's the rate let's take a look at some of the lenses that are used for my photography let's start with this one this is my portrait lens it's the 56 millimeter 1.2 and it's the first lens I'll offer my Fuji camera and it comes in at around $1000 so it's one of the more pricier Fuji lenses it's a 56 millimeter focal length but since I used the Fuji xt3 that has a crop sensor it's more less an equivalent of 85 millimeter so you need to manage your distance pretty well because you need to be a little bit far away to get the whole subject in the photo but to me this is the best portrait lens that Fuji has made and it's also one of my favorite lenses because I do a lot of street portraits and for that it's perfect next up is what I and a lot of other people consider Fugees best street photography lens and it's the 35 millimeter 1.4 which is an equivalent of a 53 millimeter on a full-frame sensor but like which focal length is best for street photography is also very subjective I mean it's usually between 28 35 and 50 millimeter where this would be around 50 millimeter equivalent but if I only could own one single lens from Fuji this would be the one I think it's can do whatever you needed to do and it's a good middle range some might prefer like a focal length of 35 or 28 instead but yeah this is my personal favorite when it comes to street photography and if you follow me on instagram you also know that this lens will be featured in my next video all right last but not least we have this one and this is a weird one this is the 16 millimeter 1.4 and it's a 24 millimeter equivalent on a full-frame this lens does not scream street photography this lens was probably made with like architectural and landscape photography in mind but I bought this since because I thought it could be fun to see how my street photography would look on a really wide angle the aperture of this lens is 1.4 which is really nice especially for like low-light situations if you want the sexy bouquet or if you want to do photography at night even if it rains I mean I think this would be a cool lens to go out in the rain and do these cityscapes or long exposures for that matter I haven't used it as much as I want to but I'm really excited for this one and the first lens that I showed you the portrait lens it has a minimum focusing distance of 50 centimeters which means that you have to be at least 50 centimeters away from your subject to make a sharp image or for the lens to focus but the minimum focusing distance of this lens the 16 millimeter 1.4 is 15 centimeters so now I can actually make some really nice close-ups and maybe even macro photography but I would like to see if I can do something cool with for my street photography these are the three lenses that are used right now for photography and for video I used the kit lens because it has optical image stabilization so I can walk with my camera without shaking too much alright guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it and shout out to pinch him with babish I hope he's cool with me stealing his format for this video until next week [Music]


2. Photo POV – What Is The First Camera Lens You Should Buy?

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Photo POV - What Is The First Camera Lens You Should Buy?

there is one key lens that i will say has really defined my sort of street photography work and it is a 24 to 70 millimeter f 2.8 and so in today's video we're going to be breaking down the real reasons you should consider getting a 24 to 70 f 2.8 over other lenses especially if this is the first lens that you're gonna buy or if you're thinking about getting a g master lens or really that upper tier lens this is the lens i recommend to everybody to really invest in when you're first starting off all right welcome to today's video in today's video we are talking about my number one lens recommendation for street photography i've basically built my photography career on the back of this lens i do have other lenses 16 to 35 70 to 200 all g master of 2.8 lenses but really this is the most versatile lens you're gonna be able to get the best bang for your buck and more importantly it's gonna allow you to be the most creative now the reason why i wanted to make this video was because recently i posted a video showing some ideas that you can make to take your street photos with and i got a very interesting response if i'm gonna say basically there was like half a group of people that were like this is amazing didn't know about these compositions and for you i made this video but there was another small but very vocal group of people that were basically like why are you making this video why are you telling people what photos to take and my intent with this was not to like tell you that this is what photos you need to take my intent was just to give you ideas and more importantly the remainder of the people were really wondering what lens i was using to be able to get these compositions while i will tell you that really any lens you want is able to get these compositions it is a 24 to 70 millimeter f 2.8 and there are a few concerns with that and a few positives with that and in today's video we are going to dive into all of that so with that let's jump on into today's video and talk about the considerations you need to really know about before you go and buy 2470 f 2.8 that said today's photos i am pretty happy with i am gutted on toronto's construction situation however the amount of orange i'm having to contend with in my photography is absolutely insane but the first photos really are a good example of why you need a 24-70 millimeter lens so really the first thing we're going to be talking about is versatility and versatility with the 24 to 70 like it kind of speaks for itself a lot of my photos are taken at three lens lengths uh first 35 second 50 and third 70 i would say when i first started doing street photography i had a natural inclination to actually shoot at 70 millimeters and that was something that i really wanted to branch out of and you really have to get comfortable moving close to your subjects and shooting at 35 50 to get into interesting street photography and that's why 24 to 70 gets a really bad rap the 24 to 70 is probably the most controversial lens for street photography if you talk to a street photography purists they're going to tell you that 28 millimeter 35 millimeter is the way to go and you should not shoot with anything else but in fine social media photography fashion 85 millimeter and you know even a 200 millimeter to a certain extent like you're gonna see those youtube videos and the photos that you can get are pretty fantastic so i'm of the opinion shoot with what you want to make your art with and really develop your style according to what makes you the happiest and that's where we're at right now in street photography and the 24 to 70 you have the most ability to capture any look you want most importantly in photography in general is that if you are asked to shoot a lifestyle project or you're asked to shoot food photography or really anything like that you've now invested in a 24-70 f 2.8 the f 1.4 that you would get from a prime sure that's a really great point to you know sort of pitch or the ability to really capture that depth of field but you would be shocked on how few photographers actually have a lens that stops to f 2.8 instead of f4 and even that little difference you'll still have clients that are really pushing you and going wow like that is amazing depth they've never seen that before now the other hack on top of this is that if you were to get luminar ai or something like that you can add more depth to your photos and that is something that is another controversial point but f 2.8 lens plus some artificial depth and you're now rocking a 35 of 50 and a 70 millimeter all with an f 1.4 technically capabilities and so that's why i recommend the 2470. the second reason you want to 24 to 70 is because it's a great lens to learn off of not only can you basically take the lens and figure out what focal length that you want to really exclusively shoot at but you learn your own style and what you gravitate towards so maybe you are a lifestyle photographer and if you were exclusively lifestyle photography oriented i would say pick up a 35 but you may be out of just need for your monthly income need to shoot food and you need a 50 millimeter you need a 70 millimeter and so that argument to like get a nifty 50 because it's super versatile kind of falls apart for me because let's say you're like i'm going to get a nifty 50 you spend the money to get the 50 millimeter and then you're eventually gonna need to buy another lens anyway and you're gonna say well i already have a 50 millimeter why am i gonna get uh you know an 85 millimeter or a telephoto or something like that because it's i'm not going to use it as much as a 50 i'd rather get like a 24 to 70 but i have the 50 so i don't want to get that lens and you're gonna end up like coming into this debate of like i already have this prime why would i get this zoom like it doesn't make sense and so for me it really was a pretty self-explanatory decision once i realized this i need the holy trinity of lenses and the best one the one that you're gonna use 60 to 80 percent of the time is the 24 to 70 f 2.8 and sure it might look like an expensive price tag right up front uh it's really going to pay for itself and you'll find that unless you're in exclusive situations and you really learned what work you want to do then you buy the next lens that's the 16 to 35 or the 70 to 200 and then maybe like one or two primes after that and you're pretty much set like unless you're doing something crazy like wildlife photography this lens is gonna teach you the 24-70 is gonna teach you what focal lengths you're gonna gravitate towards based on the work that you're doing and then you can invest your money more wisely instead of getting the other primes before you actually know what you're gonna shoot to begin with so really the final reason that you want this 24 to 70 is because it's actually the best bang for your buck like at the end of the day this is a lens that's gonna pay for itself not only is it great to learn with but it is going to teach you so much about yourself as an artist especially in street photography you get to figure it out and then more importantly when you take your skill set that you've built from street photography and bring it to client projects this lens is going to be able to do a whole versatile range of tasks and you don't need to worry about renting a specific gear item or something along those lines you know even at the lowest end of 24 millimeters that might not be ideal in like an architecture scenario but it is doable if you're just starting out and you need a lens that's like i'm gonna get contracted to do a job like i'm gonna go shoot 24 millimeters and then you know maybe you really like it and then it makes sense to go to that 16 to 35 afterwards and you can really start to get paid work off the back of investing in the 24 to 70 taking a wide variety of projects and then specializing thereafter and so it really this is a lens that's gonna pay for itself and makes the most sense economically to start with so that you can eventually basically bridge the gap in your skill set and land clients with specific gear items that are more purposeful towards the work that you want to do so with that we're gonna wrap up today's video i hope i gave you some considerations if you did have some questions feel free to dm me on instagram rockwonder and of course i'm available on every platform with app rockwunder and once again thank you all for the support i hope to see you all in the next one [Music]


3. How I film my POV videos and NEW CAMERA + LENS


one question that comes up over and over again is what do you use for filming your videos well even though it is linked in the video description like my street photography scenes that you can pick up if you want to enjoy some cool street shots from various locations around the world it also helps out the channel greatly to make more point of view street photography videos in the future before i show you my new setup and reveal my new camera and lens let's talk about how it all got started and evolved from there to some of you it might seem very simple just slap an action camera on top of the camera you are shooting with and that's about it yes that is basically how i did it in the beginning but there's more to the story when i started my channel i was using this gopro hero4 session mainly because it was very small and i already had it in my arsenal mounted on top of the camera it delivered a very immersive first person experience because you could see the lens in the frame the camera is small and lightweight but it also had some major downsides first of all it has no interchangeable batteries it choose only 1080p and overall by modern standards the overall image quality isn't that great but the major downside of the camera is the lack of image stabilization when shooting i had to be very careful otherwise the footage turned out way too shaky for that reason i upgraded to this here the dji osmo action a camera that i've been using since the last 2.5 years and it's great however after receiving the camera i quickly realized that mounting the awesome action on top of my camera wouldn't be a great idea yes you could still see the lens but because of the image stabilization the lens would move around in the frame and that looks really weird the solution was to use a chest mount instead of mounting it on top of the camera and that worked very well nothing to complain here there's only a few things i don't like about the camera number one is the low light performance and the fact that the viewing angle on the osmo action is rather narrow when compared to other action cameras and that is because there is a significant crop when using image stabilization and also the image stabilization doesn't really work well in low light now last year insta 360 launched their go 2 which is a very tiny action camera that seemed very promising it is so small and lightweight that you can stick it to this magnetic pendant that you can wear under your shirt and no matter which direction you mount it the horizon is always straight it's a nice little camera but of course due to its size it has its limitations the battery life for instance is very poor and will only last for around 25 minutes it also has only internal storage up to 64 gigabytes and for my style of shooting it is only recommended to shoot up to 10 minutes due to overheating issues for what i do it's certainly not a good choice however as a second angle for some situations it can be fantastic and that is mainly the reason i picked it up in the last couple of videos that i put out i was using a new camera a new action camera that i can't show you because i had to return it because it was driving me crazy alright the camera i'm talking about is this insta 360 1r 1 inch edition on paper it sounded great and to be fair the image quality is really good and especially in low light it was a major step up maybe you have noticed that in some of the latest videos from saint petersburg but in one department the camera is severely lacking and that is sound quality the built-in mic is horrible on top of that you couldn't use an external mic while charging the camera at the same time because there's only one type c port available my solution for those issues was to record sound separately to my phone and sync it later in post then there's also the fact that you can't really use the video files out of the box when you want the best image quality and stabilization you have to run the files through the insta 360 software and that takes a lot of time especially when you have hours worth of footage like i do because of all those annoying issues i had to return the camera even though the image looks nice it's really not for me now i could have simply returned to my trusty old awesome action but i wanted to try something else it's not a typical action camera but it has some nice features that could work very well for me the dji osmo pocket 2 it has a real gimbal so the stabilization also works in low light and it has a fairly large sensor and a bright aperture of f 1.8 so it should also look alright in low light on top of that it comes with a wireless mic that should give me some really good sound i'm pretty sure it will have some downsides to it but only time will tell okay now you know what i mainly film my point of view videos with and for my intros and even some of these videos here i use a sony zv it is absolutely fantastic and especially when traveling it's a great companion for filming videos now the moment you have all been waiting for at least some of you i guess here's my new camera no it's not a leica m11 it's a fuji xe4 that might come as a surprise for some of you but in the past i had several fuji cameras starting with an x100s then xt1 and also an xe1 but that was before i started this channel more on the reasons i chose this over something else in a future video before ending this video there's one more thing of course since i don't have any fuji lenses i also needed one for the xe1 i wanted a lens a manual focus one that comes with a native x mount and for me there was only one option and that comes from a company that i'm very familiar with on top of that i got an extremely good deal on it it's this voiklander 35f 1.2 it is built very well and it's not the sharpest lens in the world but besides that it is sharp enough it has character and that is something a lot of modern lenses are lacking now you might think that this is not his preferred focal length and you're right it's true but i already have a solution for that but more about that in a future episode okay that's it for today's video don't forget to check out my street photography scenes and as always guys if you like this video smash the like button subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and we will see each other very soon in the next one until then auf wiedersehen [Music] you


4. LENS BASICS – A Beginners Guide to Camera Lenses | Photography Tips and Tutorial.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: LENS BASICS - A Beginners Guide to Camera Lenses | Photography Tips and Tutorial.

in this video i want to focus on lenses and apologies for the bad dad joke i want to cut through the terminology which i know can be very confusing i want to make sense of the numbers welcome to the photogenius channel hi paul here from photogenius welcome to my channel where i post regular photography tutorials i share tips and tricks occasionally i do gear reviews as well if you are new here please consider subscribing if you want to learn how to get more from your digital camera now this week's video is all about lenses now this is a beginner's guide to lenses so i want to try and cover a few topics i want to talk about focal length i want to talk about manual focus versus autofocus we're going to look at image stabilization filters and maybe a few other things along the way and if you enjoy this video and you like what you see the best way to support me is to give this video a like you'll find the button somewhere down here let's get into it so let's start with the basics on the front of this canon camera i have the 18 to 55 millimeter lens now this is often referred to as the kit lens and that's because it's the standard lens that comes supplied with most camera purchases so that means a lot of you watching this video will also own this lens now later on i want to talk briefly about wide angle lenses and also telephoto lenses but for now the kit lens because it's so popular is probably the best place to begin now to give it its full and rather lengthy title this is the canon zoom lens efs 18 to 55 millimeter 1 3.5 to 5.6 is stm now that's a lot of info so let's break it down and make some sense of it so this bits pretty straightforward the lens is made by canon and it's a zoom lens now a zoom lens means that we can adjust the focal length of the lens now that's the opposite to a prime lens a prime lens you can't zoom this is the 85 millimeter nikon this is the very popular canon nifty 50 and i'm going to be talking more about prime lenses later in the video adjusting focal length simply means that we can zoom in or zoom out and we may choose to do this to maybe get closer to the subject maybe we want a wider view and of course this will also affect composition the letters efs tell us that this lens is designed to be used on a cropped sensor camera or aps-c camera like this canon t7 here now on the side of the lens towards the back you will see a white marker and on the body of the camera there's a white marker so when you're changing lenses you line up the markers and that's it nice and easy now the ef stands for electronic focus and the s stands for short back focus now if your particular lens is just an ef lens that simply means that the lens is designed to be used on full frame cameras but will also work just fine on the cropped sensor cameras like this one on those lenses you will see a red marker so you line up the red marker now on this crop sensor camera there is two markers there's a white and a red and that means you can use either efs or ef lenses on this camera now on to the numbers 18 to 55 millimeters that tells us the focal length of the lens now this bit is very important because the numbers dictate the lenses field of view or in other words what the lens can see and capture when you take a picture now because there's two numbers it means the focal length of the lens can be adjusted from 18 millimeters to 55 millimeters and this is done simply by turning what is called the zoom ring so adjusting the focal length is sometimes referred to as zooming in or zooming out now i've made another video all about this subject where i go into a bit more detail i definitely recommend watching it later so i put a link in the description below this video inside of the camera is a sensor now when you take a picture light passes through the lens and is recorded by the sensor now if you extend the focal length of the lens it changes the angle of view the next set of numbers can be very confusing at first glance but it is a good idea to understand what these numbers mean and what they tell us inside the lens there's an aperture these numbers indicate how wide the aperture will open this is good to know because it affects depth of field and exposure by making the aperture bigger or smaller we can affect how much light can pass through the lens the position of the aperture is shown as an f number on the back of the camera with a larger f number being a smaller aperture and confusingly a smaller f number being a larger aperture so let's start by getting rid of the one we don't need to worry about that now things are a little bit simpler because we just have 3.5 through to 5.6 now these numbers indicate the widest the aperture will open in this particular kit lens f 3.5 through to f 5.6 but why two numbers watch what happens to the aperture value as i adjust the lens from 18 to 55 millimeters now if we switch to a nikon camera using the equivalent kit lens again adjusting the lens from 18 to 55 millimeters has an impact on the aperture range now it's very common that with most lenses when you adjust the zoom it has an impact on the aperture range unless you have a lens that has what is called a constant aperture and this is generally found in the pro lenses the letters is tell us that this particular lens has image stabilization built in and on the side of the lens there is a switch so you can turn it on or off now image stabilization is really good because it helps to reduce vibration by using what is called a floating element inside the lens it is a good feature and not every lens has it now depending on which make of lens you have image stabilization may go by a different name image stabilization helps to reduce any camera movement and therefore is great when you're using the camera handheld but a really good tip here is if you're using a tripod turn the image stabilization off the letters stm stand for stepping motor and this will be of particular interest for those of you who want to record video with your camera as well as take photos let's compare two lenses this is an older version of the canon 50 prime lens and as you can hear the focus motor is very noisy with the introduction of stm focus motors as featured in the newer version of the nifty 50 focus speed and efficiency has been improved and of course the motor is nearly silent making it ideal for use when recording videos now there's plenty more coming up in this video but hopefully i've helped make sense of some of the numbers of particular interest to most will be the focal length and the maximum aperture also on the front of the lens we see the number 58 in fact it's 58 millimeters indicating another measurement now this is the diameter at the front of the lens and this tells us that if we want to put filters on the front of this lens they have to be 58 millimeters or they won't fit and you will need to use an adapter a filter is a piece of glass that attaches to the front of the lens the uv filter is probably the most popular for protecting the front glass element of the lens but other filters include nd filters and polarizing filters now when buying filters it's important to purchase the correct size filter for your lens but of course if you have a few lenses it can become expensive so a more practical solution is to go for a filter system which you can adapt to suit different lens sizes now not always obvious but written on the side of the lens here is the word macro followed by yes some more numbers what does this mean don't be fooled because sadly this does not mean this is a macro lens it simply indicates the closest the lens can be to a subject and focus any closer and the lens cannot focus sometimes the word macro is replaced by a flower icon alternatively some like this nikon lens show the range from infinity to the minimum focus distance take a look at the side of your lens and there's a good chance you'll see a switch mod af mf now this allows you to switch between auto focus and manual focus now generally speaking autofocus is the way to go for most people it gets the job done most of the time but if you do decide you want to give manual focus a go or if you have to use manual focus all you've got to do is switch to mf and then adjust the focus yourself by turning what is called the focus ring on the lens not to be mixed up with the zoom because that's completely different now if you've got a nikon camera you may not have a switch on the side of the lens so instead press the i button on the back of the camera select focus mode select mf and you're done now here's a good tip manual focus is a really good fix if your camera is struggling to focus on a subject cameras struggle to focus in poor light or if the subject lacks contrast and sometimes what i mean by struggle is you can press the shutter button as much as you like the camera will not take a picture simply because it's been unable to focus but if you switch to manual focus and do the focusing yourself you'll find you'll be able to take a picture so for a lot of people manual focus is a really good thing to have on hand as a solution to a problem so now we have a better understanding of this kit lens let's now take a look at two alternative and very popular lens choices wide angle and telephoto lenses we know that focal length affects field of view and with the kit lens the shortest focal length will give the widest view this image was taken with a canon 80d and the kit lens set to 18 millimeters swap into a wide angle lens i was able to lower the focal length to 10 millimeters and get a significantly wider field of view now sometimes of course you won't want to shoot wide what you want to do is you want to zoom in on a subject that's further away and with the kit lens you've got a bit of zoom but it's only up to 55 millimeters which to be honest isn't going to get you that close so the next step if you want to get really close to the action is maybe to consider a telephoto lens this first image was taken with the lens at 18 millimeters now extending the focal length on the kit lens to 55 millimeters this is the maximum zoom available i then swapped the kit lens for a telephoto lens and here's how much closer 70 millimeters gets you but check this out at 300 millimeters we can almost see what's on the tv now if you like using telephoto lenses i've got a really good tip for you now a long lens like this will get you close to the action but will also really exaggerate every tiny movement of the camera now a tripod may be a good solution but will restrict your movements and if you're photographing something that's moving like sports or wildlife that may not be ideal so my solution here is to consider a monopod now a monopod is great because it gives you stability in the vertical but allows you to pan very quickly and react when your subject moves and they are really awesome now earlier in the video you may recall i mentioned prime lenses and i wanted to get back to these this is the 85 millimeter prime lens from nikon this is the canon 50 millimeter prime lens um also known as the nifty 50 very popular lens now with a prime lens the focal length is fixed unlike this lens of course which is a telephoto lens with this i can adjust the zoom and this adjusts the focal length but with a prime lens there is no zoom now some may see this as a negative but with prime lenses there's a big positive and it's all to do with the aperture in the same way that a zoom lens adjusts the field of view so it affects the aperture now with a prime lens there is of course no zoom the focal length is fixed and as a result a prime lens will have wider apertures now take a look at this popular nikon lens the focal length here is 35 millimeters and the aperture can open to f 1.8 this is significantly wider than setting the kit lens to the same focal length where the aperture is now f 4.5 at its widest here is the canon l series 35 millimeter lens the same focal length but a wider aperture of f 1.4 i'm a big fan of the nikon 85 millimeter f 1.8 lens for the zed mount a really great portrait lens and if you are a canon user then i would absolutely consider adding the 50 millimeter f 1.8 stm prime lens to your kit this is incredible value for money and often referred to as the nifty 50 you'll find a link below this video if you want to find out more a wider aperture means that more light can pass through the lens which makes them a good choice for shooting in low light situations plus with more light passing through the lens we are able if we want to to increase the shutter speed now this can be very useful for people photographing moving subjects because you want to use a far shutter speed to freeze the action a larger aperture also means a shallower depth of field now i've made a separate video all about this one and i'll put a link in the description below so you can check it out but if you want really blurry backgrounds then really you want to get that f number really low the lower the f number the shallower the depth of field the blurry of the background and that's where prime lenses come in okay next up is lens hoods now a lens hood fits onto the front of the lens like so and as you can see they come in all different shapes and sizes they are built specifically for the lens so this is for the wide lens this is for the nifty 50 this is for the 85 millimeter lens now when you're not using them what you can actually do is reverse them and put them on backwards and that way they take up less space in your camera bag but the whole purpose of the lens hood is mainly to stop unwanted light from spoiling your picture and what i'm talking about here is lens flare now as a bonus it will help to make your picture a bit more contrasty and it will also help to protect your lens from getting damaged so i think a lens hood is a really good investment now as i said at the beginning of this video this is a beginner's guide to lenses so i've not managed to cover absolutely everything but i really hope along the way you've picked up some cool tips and if you did please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up because that really does make a difference it really does help support the channel now if you've got a question relating to lenses cameras or anything photography related you can leave your questions and comments in the section down below this video and i hope you will also consider subscribing because i try to bring out new videos every single week and all the videos are designed to help you take better photos hope see you again sometime soon see ya bye you


5. GoPro Hero9 & Hero10 + Max Lens Mod | BTS POV Camera Mount That Doesn’t Suck

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: GoPro Hero9 & Hero10 + Max Lens Mod | BTS POV Camera Mount That Doesn’t Suck

Ừ every one Model concise and its use with video sôi fine engineers with Life and I'm I'm currently value adjusts the weather tomorrow well well well and tâm palaces and don't move and freeze find where to automate the passing interest with our special series age is the best way for tourists and show your goal is to use and the amount of that everything or oppose the Kill the will and going and get Lost inside This is my Hearts are afraid of What is your English with such a wonderful World of my sweet sweet metropharm agras norwich animatrice workcentre spatial Note and gone Through The Sky that we Have fun ở một cái phục đâu Bolero in some other Sites weight in general You Know Me Heal Me wait for the weekends and forestry want to take advantage of Maria callas Friday evening good will Wake wake me the world Software is the end of the world countries to What's most important here to win Your Heart in value to be Used on it for you within nanowires Cameroon of meat and the work that have Faith going in Singapore images of the globe flow is perfect for windows late for work with World has somehow option file Universal Tango is accessible and illustrate sunspider sân Arena right Shoulder file system of the use of any more money for one is not supported and tubifast khi mix is made For The New York And you have the more you on the board which they knew what you made of strategies for any reason which use just some examples with and whistled small and find more work out now What to do Israel Singapore sling stains on your Channel then you have Hurt yourself is Used for the ton it to Father Hammer rửa này ngon Square làm nordisk wizard mình bị cái gì cũng xa như vậy for their chị T smartphone malmortius industries in Which you want tell me your Age of values for either thumbpick của xe và lợi thế nào quy định của chính phủ Mỹ Zenfone Grow Plus I think i wanna walk out and use English people Here I know I don't have to take my photos is affected and therefore i don't need me food court on As I think about What next Model tests are you go Take a photo or uicc on the side of English well First Love Everything is immense obachan we stroll and more because it's in pace with everything you six and about brightness webinar your soul to purchase It can see and speak english with me everything pentacyclic unitrade public the world meet me know that well appointed Pearl apartment with Animals and making Everything will fall in array not worth mada shiranai I miss you made me think it'll be Honest trailers xin nick fury brush with your Tears and spend more advantages of learning English with the hands of between three minutes and install instructions of people were discovered it anywhere you are I [âm nhạc] [âm nhạc]




hey guys welcome back to another pov video today we're going to be going out with the sony a6400 because i know how much you guys really enjoy seeing povs with camera i enjoy shooting with it i'm also going to be doing more povs in the future so make sure you are subscribed to the channel so you don't miss any of them or any other video i upload onto the channel and i'm also going to be combining it today with one of the best budget lenses you can get for sony mirrorless cameras the 50 f 1.8 if you want to see any of the equipment i use it's all linked in the description below we're going to be having a look for the hashtag cp photos at the end of today's video without any further delay let's begin billy also wanted to say hi hello i'm also joined by jack he's also shooting a pov make sure you go and check out his channel link in description below so i think next we're going to start heading down the mile a little bit see what we can capture and then we'll go exploring from there so uh let's get on and start creating whoa all right so i've got this frame right here we've got the line statue in the background i'm wondering if i can use it for a bit of a frame i don't know if it works i have to bring down the iso quite a bit i might actually have to bump up the aperture a little bit maybe it's about there a lot where it's attack so you can get a nice footage to all of that a little bit of foreground for the shot getting a little bit of that green this texture driver is probably wondering who are these weird people taking photographs of me oh i like this here just get a little bit of this foreground using the flowers here into the buildings there using a nice wide aperture just brings a little bit more foreground interest i'm totally taking a photo of a photographer there you go yeah i like it i like a little classic film camera this guy here working on his art jack has chosen to stay very distinct today with his amazing flamingo t-shirt look at that i'm incognito that is amazing i'm ready to hide in the flamingo enclosure i'm gonna forget furthest gentlemen sitting right here oh a talented musician i will never be get this shot right here [Music] okay i'm gonna go to that silver taxi over there because i like taking photos of taxis in edinburgh in any city really i just like taxis i don't like to use them because they're expensive but i'd like to take photographs of them because they're free use this um yeah line right here there's a bit of a leading line to it very simple subjects but has wavered results can we get in front of this piece of here but i've got a photo our first photo of a taxi person today got this man the kilt sorting out some flowers oh how lovely this is where we started my very last pov in edinburgh because we've got the best view of that number in my opinion i'm actually going to bump up the aperture so probably around about f11 i reckon really bring down the shutter speed because i don't need it that fast and maybe just bump up the iso a tad go to about there one 125th of a second f11 iso 160. i'm actually going to bump up the shutter speed to 200 a second and then we've got that shot right there that i think looks absolutely fantastic there is actually a really cool potential perspective here using the wall i reckon if i go down to here oh wow that is fantastic this is the old town hopefully we're going to get some sweeping lovely shots of this as well we're going to start with the jaguar right here use this yellow line as a leading line all the way up a bit of product photography for jag jag if you want me to do some more photography just send me out a car i'm gonna use the cobble streets a bit of course gotta use these kind of streets to get that shot right there like the framing right here this old like this tweed shot i reckon if i can get it for the audi pops in i might have got the shot i like that i thought this bike might be quite nice i might get it from a different perspective rather than straight on that's kind of a just a very solitude frame i don't know if that's the right word but i'm going to go with it great this is a cool bike right here things of those buildings over there so i'm going to try and focus on the wingman itself and get a photo of them i might actually need to jump into manual mode to get the focus right i'm also going to grab another version just focusing on the wing mirror and then what i could do is play around with it in post jack's also doing the same thing because it is a really good photo idea i've got a photo idea here using my phone trying to make it a bit of a reflection about there how's that look i mean it's something to play around with but i kind of like that oh i like this photo maybe of this guy i'm reading a newspaper oh that was good that was good yes yes yes the photographer has become the subject i might take a photograph of you it won't be possible yeah so i don't know if you could come down here with that boi uniforms fantastic brilliant thank you very much have a great day oh that's fantastic okay so what i do have to say about this 50 f 1.8 it is an absolutely fantastic lens and if you are just starting out in the sony ecosystem i'd highly recommend you check this prime lens out it's inexpensive but it has everything you could possibly want and need in a prime lens right let's see if we can do some padding photography oh it's too tight with this lens great shot look at this like this uh framing here we got with the trees as well just focusing on that little part of edinburgh castle i like that got a ups van over there maybe we can get a photo driver i like the way i'm just casually walking on the road as well oh look at this rainbow bus oh i couldn't get it all in but that looks so cool that's we've got fantastic shots right there nice one yeah this ups driver that's a really cool shot of him see everyone oh i like that i actually like the uh the tones everything right here i like that that's vibin get that one quickly and then get that wonderful had to um go a little bit higher for that shot because of the bar i'm going gonna get a photograph i'm gonna get the photograph for the police does it look odd that i'm running towards police change the focusing oh that's a good shot see if we can get a photo of the driver oh picked up face focus sony you beauty oh that that owner looked very serious he did i didn't get a photo of us last time we were in um scotland but this water fountain right here is fantastic gonna play around a little bit with the uh foreground because i don't just want to straight on the shot i want some a little bit different i got this great shot here with the leaves right above we can get the fountain right here i'm shooting at f4 so we don't get complete shallow depth of field from the castle take that photograph and we got that shot right there and i like that i like the framing in that as well that i've kept the fountain to the right rather than dead-on in the center got a photo of a bus driver of course we have to get one or two oh the people are getting off it so for that shot i was able to get a really cool photograph of people stepping off the tram and just focusing on their shoe that really worked quite nicely if this tram is going to stop here get this photograph for this gentleman right here standing there right in the middle try and bring down the shutter speed okay i might have got a shot there oh i did i really do like that shot with the tram moving but the gentleman's staying right there what do you that i like think we have got a ferrari four five eight whoa what a car here we go get a photo from above of the engine get another shot off the light back here but we got a few good shots there of a ferrari thank you to that guy what a guy hey i'm getting some cracking shots mate now a foot of this biker right here got an idea for this shot i'm gonna press the weight button to get a little bit of like orange in the shot and contrast it a little bit with the white and orange on the ram itself might work might not let's give it a go right go there we go got that shot oh please say i got that right okay we got a good punting shot right there i'm gonna try and get a photo of this uh person in a red coat with the background i better look quite spectacular i'm actually gonna go next to this kia right here and get it nice and low to the ground hopefully get everything in right here go about here i reckon shooting at f4 500 of a second iso 250 can actually bring that down to 100 because we don't need it there putting on a shutter speed to 250 and there we go so you can get a photo of a cyclist as well bring it down to f 1.8 cool bit of a product photography right there actually okay so that is the pov complete with the sony a6400 with the 50f 1.8 in edinburgh i hope you have enjoyed it massive shout out to jack over here go and check out his pob but before we end today's video we are going to go back and have a look through the hashtag cp photos let's go okay so let's jump straight into the hashtag cp photos where there are 11 and a half thousand posts on the hashtag thank you all so much it is crazy to see so many people using it so let's just jump in we'll start at the top we've got our first one today by isabel w underscore photography great shot of london city is great right there um we've got this one by mustache lens i really like the reflection you got probably using another building to the right hand side and framing up the building really cool in the middle that's fantastic we've got this one which i really like by laura a fits london love the vibrancy love the colors i also like that you've got the shroud in the background as well that's a fantastic shot this one by sean dancy is really cool as well with the fire engine in midtown manhattan that is really cool this one as well by the camera in my pocket really like the depth of field and the compression you've got isolating the bird and a real nice wildlife shot by the camera in my pocket great work and we'll go oh we like this one as well by seven first that is an amazing drone shot it's gotta be a drone shot that is absolutely fantastic that is so cool we'll go over to recent um start from the top we've got this one by fohan um don't let her it's disgusting people litter what you're doing find a bin travel geography life really like this one with the framing as well that is really cool uh this one by m mode photography of these surfers i like that you chose to put it in black and white really brings out the subjects i find a little bit more this one by hayden that's a really nice city street shop right there and we're gonna have a look at a couple more today i'm going to choose this one here by arrow i think i've butchered that that's really cool love the fade i don't know if you've used that like in lightroom or used like the graduated tool to bring that kind of effect on the top but that's really cool and we'll have a look at one more today and which one should i choose um this one's not bad who's this by curtis padley that's not bad well look at another one though and last photograph today is going to be this one by friptography with the really bouncing vibrant colors in the background and a silhouette shot of the main subject really clearly outlining that this is a photographer that is just such a cool shot i really like that the creativity behind that is awesome a massive thank you to everyone using the hashtag over on instagram and that is where i'm going to be leaving today's pov video guys i hope you have enjoyed it if you did you know what to do hit the like button subscribe comment all that great stuff be deeply appreciated but until next time keep creating and i'll see you guys in the next one later [Music]


7. POV Street Photography with Sony a6000 + Sony 85mm f1.8 Prime Lens

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: POV Street Photography with Sony a6000 + Sony 85mm f1.8 Prime Lens

What is up Sony Alpha shooters! Let's take this Sony 85mm f1.8 lens and the Sony a6000 and let's do some architecture, city, urban photos. Let's see what comes out of it. Come along! This is a really nice street, with a lot of canals and what not Let's catch that tower Composition... Rule of thirds... Maybe a little bit of these buildings. 135mm... Well 85mm lens should give a nice compression but the problem is that all those cars are there. What about these leading lines Let's see what comes out of that Doggo! No! No! Doggo went away! I'll take a picture of the... What is it called even? Let's get down And keep the ISO down Cool! The bike is coming! Let's get that bike. Where's the bike? Maybe i can quickly change the autofocus to... There's gonna be another bike! Sh*t Now need to wait Yeah cool Cool Let's do some close-ups How about that? I think this looks sweet! Oh I like those signs A bit too over-exposed Some people chilling. Maybe we can catch that! Somehow. What is this? I need to change the focus area to small point so I can focus on those girls or people Can't really tell the gender! Cool, I think it's good! Nice! Maybe we can catch the tower through these plants Yes Just to give a little bit of foreground When shooting with the prime lens it's always a good good idea! Ahh and these lovely streets! Would be so cool if there wouldn't be a freaking container or whatever that is Cancel, abort! Some bikes! Let's do some close-ups of bikes What can we catch... Ohh that nice old-school seat! Brooks! That looks sweet. Okay let's take this picture of this canal. Looks quite amazing. Need to change... F4 Yeah this is nice Cool Oh those bikes look so sweet against that building I'm not sure if i'm gonna be able to capture without these wires, cables or whatever Sh*t! That car! Nooo! Are you seri... Just go away Just go away you stupid car Maybe I can cut out like this Focus on bikes and that stupid car is ruining everything. Sh*t Let's go there Take some pictures here oh nice flat Maybe I should have a bit of a bit wider angle Now that bus... Sorry! That bus definitely doesn't fit in the frame Maybe this street What is it with the bus? Bus leaves! Okay i'm gonna go in the middle maybe we can get some more decent shot from the middle Nothing really now. Maybe like that. Yeah needs... 85mm on a crop is 135mm approximately so would be cool to have a little bit wider angle. Continuous (AF) Come on people! Come No one's coming This bike has seen better days That's what happens to a bike when it's thrown in the canal Not the most pleasant view for sure Sh*t! People has to come here? What the hell? This is a street for people not for cars Yeah good Wow such a lovely street! Let's catch that biker Need to change the focus area too wide and I'm going to catch a person biking there Hopefully... It's okay I thought he would go parallel but it's fine All right guys! I hope you enjoyed this trip with the 85mm lens around Copenhagen We will wrap it up! I hope you enjoyed the video Thanks a lot! Bye!


8. The BEST POV CAMERA // How to capture Behind the Scenes for Photographers

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: The BEST POV CAMERA // How to capture Behind the Scenes for Photographers

what's the best way to capture behind-the-scenes footage is it something like a smartphone should you hire someone to shoot the behind the scenes for you or should you grab something like a 360 camera it's actually this gopro but this isn't just any gopro there's something special about it and i'm going to show you how you can get a similar setup and why this is the best setup right now for capturing any behind the scenes especially if you're a photographer or a videographer behind the scenes allows you to establish authority and connect with your audience it also shows what it's like to work with you and that's huge if you think of word-of-mouth marketing that's when someone you've worked with tells someone else that is a potential client hey anthony or you or whoever is fun to work with you should hire them behind the scenes is kind of like that it allows people to see what it's like to work with you without actually having to work with you instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on facebook marketing or google ads you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a gopro setup like this capture all the behind the scenes for yourself and then have a ton of footage that you can post on tick-tock and instagram reels and youtube shorts or whatever platform you like to post on okay so now that you understand why it's worth capturing behind the scenes i'm gonna show you what's special about this gopro compared to some other inexpensive options you may have considered you've probably seen something like this where you get a mount for your smartphone but the problem is as photographers we shoot both horizontally and vertically and if you set this to record and you're capturing behind the scenes and all of a sudden you want to go from a vertical photo to a horizontal photo now all of a sudden your behind the scenes footage has rotated and you can certainly stop and start or rotate this but that's a little bit inconvenient not only that you're killing the battery on your smartphone and so the next step up from that is something like this which is the gopro 9 with the max lens mod now this is an aftermarket lens that you can get for both the gopro 9 and 10 that adds a whole bunch of functionality to your gopro okay but why do i have this crazy setup first of all it allows you to do something that the regular hot shoe adapter doesn't i've turned the gopro on and what you can notice is as i go all the way around the footage from the gopro stays level so not only can i go horizontal to vertical but if for some reason i over extend it it still allows me to go all the way 360 degrees around and it keeps the footage stable you can do this on both the 9 and the 10 if you get this extra mod but you can't do it on the older gopros now the problem with the hot shoe is if you're someone who uses the hot shoe to do flash photography or you want to mount a microphone then that can be problematic and that's where this crazy contraption comes in it attaches to your tripod adapter and it comes off to the side and there's all these parts i'll show you how to build this at the end but essentially what it does is it leaves your hot shoe free if you're a wedding photographer or a flash photographer and you need to use that or you're a videographer and you would prefer to mount a microphone there now another option that's pretty cool is this necklace and it can actually go under your shirt but it's basically a magnet and you can wear it so that the gopro sits at the center of your chest this piece goes under your shirt and you can adjust the height of it with this little lanyard at the back okay hold on we're we're in the sun so i'm just gonna move really quick okay i think that's better so what i was saying is that there's this other option which is basically a necklace there's a piece that's magnetic that goes under your shirt and then you just you set the height of it and it kind of just sits right there and you grab this guy and it magnetizes on now the problem as you can kind of see is it's a bit droopy because i'm wearing a t-shirt if you were wearing a winter jacket it works perfectly fine but in this case for summer it's it's a little bit floppy all right so i'm going to show you how to set up all this stuff and i'm going to show you one more way to set up your gopro but in order to do that let's jump back inside all the options i just showed you are laid out here and there will be links in the description to all these things in case you want to pick one of them up but right off the bat i'm going to make this simpler and just remove the chest adapter necklace because i think that's fairly straightforward and i'm also gonna remove this one because again it's pretty simple and i think the gopro is a better option than using your phone now we're left with just the gopro options and if you want to keep this really simple i would recommend going with just the hot shoe adapter if we take the gopro 9 which i have here and the max lens and i'll just show you how to remove the lens all you have to do is give it a 90 degree turn and the lens that comes with the gopro comes off then when you take out your max lens you just take the cover off the back throw it on and then twist it 90 degrees and you can uncover it so with that set up if you want to keep it really simple you can grab the hot shoe but i'm going to keep that to the side and explain what we've got going on here in the middle these two pieces come together as part of the bracket that you can buy one has some rubber on it and this one i've actually added my own rubber it's just a piece of electrical tape you can use either of these but in this case i'm just gonna remove that one i'm gonna grab this one and i've also got a little rubber gasket here which i had laying around again you could use a piece of tape not necessary but for me i just find it makes it fit and makes the threads just a little bit tighter so when it holds on to the next piece it just stays nice and in place the next thing you're going to want to get is one of these small rig ball heads it actually comes with this hot shoe adapter and if you wanted you could keep the hot shoe adapter and if you had something like a camera cage in this case that's what this is you could take the camera cage put that onto your camera and then mount the ball head into the hot shoe there so that's one option but i'm not a huge fan of the cage one because it's bulky and it's hard to take on and off and two because they're a lot more expensive than just going with one of these simple l brackets here is what we're left with so i've got the l bracket i've got one of these ball heads and then i've got one of these gopro quarter inch adapters that will literally just screw onto the ball head so i'm going to screw those in together and you can see that's what that looks like and then i'm going to take this and screw it onto my l bracket now what we can do is we can take the gopro put it on the adapter and just screw it right in you could stop right there in fact this screw will go right into the bottom of your camera but i've got this quick release tripod adapter plate and i'm just going to use this and screw that into the bottom and now that's pretty much assembled we've got the tripod adapter to the l bracket to the small rig ball head to the gopro adapter and then the gopro with the max lens mod and then the final step assuming you already have an arca swiss style tripod plate in this case i've got a peak design attached because i have their little what do you call these things camera cut clutch cable cuff clamp camera i don't know peak design handle and then basically just take that line it up and then just tighten it down now one thing you'll notice is i've got it offset about 30 degrees and that's just so i can easily get my hand in there and still operate all the buttons or depending on your camera you might need to adjust it a little bit but in my case about a 30 degree angle works pretty well all the parts to make any of these setups will be listed in the description below but i'm curious to hear from you are you more of a gopro type person or are you just going to keep it simple and use the smartphone holder let me know by leaving a comment down below and until next time peace [Music]


9. Sony A6400 Kit Lens POV Photography // London Street Photography (Are Kit Lenses Actually Good)?!

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Sony A6400 Kit Lens POV Photography // London Street Photography (Are Kit Lenses Actually Good)?!

this is the sony a6400 and this is the standard 16 to 50 f 3.5 to f 5.6 kit lens and what i'm going to be doing in today's pov is this shooting with this combination to see what results i can get this will be a little bit of a challenge for me but also at the same time i want to show that you can take great photographs regardless of the gear you are shooting with or the lenses you have readily available to yourself if that's a kit lens to whatever you can take great photographs no matter what gear you have and all the photography you're gonna see in today's video has been edited my preset pack where you'll find a hundred and forty three of them for only fifteen pounds we're all right said and done let's get creating so the first angle we can grab for today's pov is right down here bring it out to 16 mil bring down the shutter speed so about there a little bit further down and get that perspective right there that looks really nice good leading line into the shot as well which works superbly well so here i'm going to wait a few moments because i think this could be a cool shot just having a few people walk through the frame all right whilst we're waiting for that going 16 goes super wide get the taxi oh that is good that is very good snip it to about this angle here oh that is killer that is a great shot nicely composed there we go that is what i want in just like that auto focus working really well on wide and continuous on this a6400 even with the kit lens all right 16 millimeter with this shot here i'm actually gonna oh look at that there's an apache helicopter right there okay that shot right there oh wow look at that that is amazing i'm gonna take this photograph this gentleman here awesome stuff right there and um yeah he was uh he gave me the nod of approval with those sunglasses that we look super serious but super chill all right here we go we've got the shot of the numbers coming through right there yes absolutely nailed it that looks amazing okay so i think yes we've wrapped off the bus in the right location that looks sick i will take that that's amazing so we're gonna head now more towards the business dish to it and uh get some wide shots over there okay so for this shot we're using the reflection of this puddle right here which is actually looking so sick right now i'm shooting at two thousand of a second f a iso 100 oh that is so good right there considering that is taken with a really cheap kit lens that is result what are you thinking how about this frame right here this frame right here is just really plain and simple and i've got somewhere at the bottom of the frame right there don't know how well you can tell on the 24 mil here um but actually you can just see them and i kind of like that i can't let the scale perspective that shot gives across all right for this shot i'm going to shoot wide at 24 mil or 16 24 mil equivalent i believe with this lens i don't think this is 16 uh getting a nice clean empty shot of that building right there i always forget the name of this marketplace it's on screen right now that's where i'm at but you probably already know that okay so i'm shooting at 250 of a second i'm going to change the auto focusing mode to a wide area i'm going to wait for someone to walk through the frame just like so and did that work yep that worked and that works a great effect perfect shot right there all right so something to bear in mind when shooting with a kit lens like this 16 to 50 is it isn't going to be optimal for a lot of shooting conditions you can make it work but you're not going to get that depth of field you're not going to get that compression and you're not going to get the best kind of photographs that you want to with a lens like this but what you can do is work to its advantages so this lens right here is a really good wide open at 16 mil to get wide shots like this so we're now in the business district and this is where this lens works really well so look at that shot right there that is shot with the kit lens and it looks a bit mental right okay so now let's give it another go another wide angled look up shot and this is where this lens really works like we are at 1 1 250 for a second iso 160 f 3.5 let's oh yes yes yes this is where this lens reigns supreme like it really doesn't matter or show that you are shooting with a kit lens and then you apply instagram's compression when you do upload an image like this you're never going to really notice all right so check this shot out here 16 mil i'm gonna tap the screen to focus on the building right there one one six hundredth of a second f 3.5 160 we've got the leading line right here i'm gonna drop the iso to 100 okay that is oh that is mental that is a kit lens guys that is a kit lens doing this madness okay another look up shot right here guys check this out one one thousand a second f three point five iso hundred gonna tap the screen to focus there oh wow yes that is looking really good as well oh we'll get a few more look up shots and then we'll venture somewhere else in the city to play around a bit more with this camera and lens okay check out this i've actually punched into the maximum that this lens will do in focal length and it's uh obviously got a variable aperture so it's going to f 5.6 but nevertheless we're able to isolate that subject there and get that shot as well my indeed oh my days this is good okay here you go photo classic right here check this out bring it even further down to the road to get the leading lines in to our main subject oh madness madness to anybody who lives in london honestly make the most of this place like i am like 200 plus miles away from london it cost me literally probably about 150 pounds for literally an overnight stay and if you guys get to live in london and you get to make this your playground do it and you can build such a portfolio even on these streets as a photographer this is a cool frame that i've never seen of the gherkin before look at this i like that we're like got so much shadows in the shot but the gherkin is really nicely exposed oh look at that and that looks really and look at this one this angle as well right here the gherkin with the reflection holy look at that look at that reflection of the gherkin no way that right there this black piece of my glass gave us the perfect reflection wow oh my god oh i'm so sorry i'm so goody right now i love this city i'll take a photo of this gentleman right here there you go perfect grab that shot i can crop in a little bit too i reckon just to remove the van from the shot but nevertheless i think that was an okay frame look up shot here is always a win we know this we know this location all right so keeping the same settings as i was shooting for the last photograph bang even that car was excited about that photograph oh i love the shadow work on this shot here oh look at the shadows we've got a real nice divine separation between the shadows and the highlights in that image got the attacking to the bottom of the frame right there all right so for framing here with this shot i'm going to put the gherkin to the left of shot focus on the building behind snap that shot right there and that is oh good good decent training right there and another shot here looks pretty good with the tree in the shot as well i think that looks okay but i think i first prefer the first image we got there all right check out this frame right here with this uh 16 of 50. oh this looks amazing like i could actually put this on instagram say it was shot with a 14 to 24 and you guys would probably not realize it was actually shot with a kit lens because at 24 this lens looks really good okay so this shot here of the gherkin uh i'm framing up here i'm shooting at 44 mil so my minimum stop is f 5.6 but it doesn't really matter for this scene because that wide open aperture is going to ensure everything finish in the scene it is super or sharp as possible with a kit lens cool i like that shot very landscape whenever you can get some walking through the frame in here yes just like that that person on the cycle the cyclist right there sorry oh wow wow wow wow okay okay check out this shot right here that looks really cool right there that is a nice wide-angle shot it has started to absolutely chuck it down in london um so we're now doing a partly sony a6400 pov with the kit lens in the lane as well that's a really long-winded title uh but i'm gonna get a photograph of at this london bus right here uh with target in the background just shooting a massive burst right there and you know what we'll take it but i do need to get my rain back on okay if it isn't really cool we'll just circle right here for framing so i'm going to change the focusing to a center focus point right there showing an f5 iso 100 bang all right check out this frame right here this should be really nice right there that frame right there i think was absolutely perfect i like the blue which kind of contrasts nicely to the blue on tower bridge and all together that is a really good composite yes we will take that all right this frame right here is going to look really cool look at this look at that frame right there that is really nice you're getting a little bit of reflection on the ground as well that right there is an incredible frame i love that oh what do you guys think that is amazing f 4.5 1 1 250 for a second iso 100 and we're able to get an amazing shot right there wow that i rate that i rate that so highly what all right this shot right here of tower bridge is looking pretty fly 1640 for a second f5 100 iso and bang okay so this shot right here of tower bridge this is kind of moody right now that's really cool it's 16 mil how about that oh that is super moody i'm gonna push back this way a little bit and then oh look at that that is a mood right there that is cinematic oh wow even at f 5.6 all right so we've got this woman with a blue umbrella which i think took a photograph of her earlier behind her bridge and now she's making for another great subject in this scene here can we get a two for one here bring up the f-stop to f 5.6 then the shutter speed down and we've got a london bus and a taxi in one light there okay oh we did as well okay so for this shot at 16 mil f 5.6 1 800 per second iso 100 look at the reflection we got right there i'm going to bring the frame down a bit to get a better reflection from there here we go here we go what what what the camera's in focus okay i've got one there instead with someone in the yellow coat i wonder if it's because the sony battery is literally about to die but hopefully that compensates for missing the umbrella shot okay right there we got some of an umbrella thank goodness okay classic photo spot right here f 3.5 one four thousand a second iso 100 oh yes yes yes yes i've taken up photograph before but i had to do it on the kit lens this is a really cool angle here i'm just focusing on the rain droplets instead of the shroud and lock it out that looks so sick but then i will focus on the shroud as well to get that photograph there i actually prefer the one focused on the raindrops i much preferred that image there over the one focus on the shroud all right decent wide shot right here of st paul's life there 16 miller f 3.5 that was one from one thousandth of a second iso 100 and you may i knew nailed it cheers all right so outside the front of st paul's cathedral i just got a couple of photographs of that guy on the scooter absolute joy got some cool photos of him actually with st paul's in the background that worked better than i was expecting and now i'm using these yellow lines the leading line a little bit two saint paul's snapping ourselves that photograph like that one fifteenth of a second if i can do this and not fight no five-axis body stabilization i'll be in first there we go shooting a burst right there and then we'll get another one right here how is that looking come on give me the results i just wrapped off 32 photographs right there jesus all right check out this frame right here that is amazing i'm shooting at f 7.1 i'm focusing on the bend itself but then i've got the underground signing right there and even though the sun is directly behind because of that cloud it hasn't overexposed image or a sky too badly i think i should be able to recover the details a little bit in that okay so we're currently in at piccadilly this is where we're going to wrap up today's pov so we're going to get creating first get around some of these streets all right i'm going to switch up the f-stop to about f8 bring down the shutter speed okay we have got a couple of vehicles in the shop but they are a really good color so that'll work in our favor would you believe that this shot is being taken with a kittens right right there hmm that's good that is good oh that is a really cool dramatic shot and we got a london bus in the background which looked pretty bad and just shot a million photographs right there 26 a number 26 photograph why because it was a moving subject all right i'm going to get a shot of this street right here at 16 mil from this angle i kind of like this perspective instead of going low to the ground but i will also go down to the ground to get that perspective there that is two really awesome frames just wraps off right there how about this i've just spotted this here all right i'm gonna bring down the f-stop to f 3.5 bring up the shutter speed that looks like a pretty sick frame right there right check what i'm doing here now that is crafty that is you crusty what why have i never tried that technique before oh my god that worked okay here we go all right you know what i think that's where i'm going to be ending today's pov with the sony a6400 in london um yeah i am really surprised by the photography i was able to get with this i thought it'd be a lot more difficult of a challenge to actually get some bangers but you know what it hasn't been that difficult because i've been able to work with really good subjects and a really awesome city to do so but the last thing to do today before we end the video is have a look for the hashtag sleepy photos and see what you guys have been creating we'll start with this one right here by mustache lens oh i like this composite right here and i like the separation between the cool tones and the warm tones it's so jet framed right there perfectly having a mixture both on the back and from the front as well and it just brings this whole frame together and i love the old town as well we've got this cool shot here by the geek with the camera really cool reflective shot of tower bridge right here that is superb scroll down a little bit further i like this shot here this one by dan oh that is really cool that is yeah definitely giving some gotham vibes right there and i like the color grade and the edit on this shot as well this is really cool as well by gone uh turkey istanbul absolutely stunning series of shots here wow it's on board at night looks amazing this is also really cool by moment by mk like the leading line shot right here like that it was shot in the golden hours and light the subject right there as well brings the whole frame together and every framing element is perfect right there this is also a really cool shot of tower bridge right here by kenobi this is really awesome black and white edit on this looks sick and speaking of black and white this one by afghan.optical also looks a bit bad i like that and then this one right here by xb hi uh that is a really cool sunset or sunrise uh silhouette shot right there absolutely nailed it that's where i'm leaving today's video with the kit lens and the sony a6400 this camera is great in it it's a little pocket rocket if you did like today's video yourself like subscribe comment share all of that great stuff is really deeply appreciated but until next time guys keep creating and i'll see you in the next one later [Music] look at me looking a little bit suave for youtube what have i got a job interview or something like that




i know it might seem like a bit of a hassle but you couldn't move it to the center could you yeah and welcome to today's video and in today's video i'm going to be doing a pov video shooting with the sony a6400 this is technically my b camera this replaced my d7 500 and it's absolutely fantastic it is a crop censored camera with 24.2 megapixel sensor which is more than enough um i've often always shot between 20 and 24 the a7r for my normal camera is the only exception with 61 megapixels and the only thing this camera doesn't have that i would like it to have it is five axis in body stabilization but that doesn't really take massive effect when doing photography unless you're really shooting with slower shutter speeds or anything like that and as well i'm going to be shooting today with 24 to 70 or the 51.4 i decided to leave 24 70 on but because this is a 24 to 70 designed for a full frame camera um there is a i believe 1.5 times crop so i think this is like a 28 to like or 80 75 mil kind of so it's a little bit more cropped in but shouldn't cost anything significant in terms of the photography should be able to achieve i mean as a beginner mirrorless camera this thing would be absolutely spectacular but yeah let's just begin let's see what we can do and see what photography we could take oh wow look at that reflection oh that is stellar all right i think i'll do it that's the best we're gonna do especially with the crop i can't believe how empty york is the minster is never this quiet this is insane i mean look it down there nobody nobody hey i'm not complaining it's making for a good photograph i mean i would prefer not to being locked down but look at that you can never get over this building and how magnificent it looks i might i might be graduating in that building when i finish university this year oh there you go that is a real decent shot right there you know what i'm gonna what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna bump up the aperture a bit for this shot so go to about f5 i reckon when the shutter speed down quite a bit yeah that's a booming shot that's what i wanted i think that was good just trapped it waited shot we've got a jaguar down there um nah it's not really good for somebody get it quick i'm going to try and make it like within a frame runner frame just change my focusing go to center probably go about that boom there you go look at these cobbled streaks of all these reflections and all this keep it nice and wide because that's what i want to try and establish in these photographs right here the emptiness this is usually a bustling street that is usually a bustling street it's dead nobody is here but i don't want to just establish him with like no artistic merit and just go boom a dare there's an empty street i want to you know express the colors i want to be able to frame it i want to be able to maybe use reflections if i can just to express loneliness but also for creativity within that how many for an interesting part of that shot down there when i was actually a person i just realized there's one place i can go for the perfect reflection oh god damn it's two cars parked in front of where my reflection normally is look at this reflection i'll take a photograph i'll come back later that is just the best photograph it's always worth like looking at puddles seeing what reflections you could potentially get because you never know what might be around the corner or anything really so i always have a look around that shot really should scale with the person over at the bottom love it moving on i like this composition right here this one right here is stellar look at that no people nothing like that so the shadows usually the busiest shoot in york is i'm not good i'm dead reflection i see think that's the best we're going to be able to do that is a killer shot right there shoot at 70 mil get a minutes from the background i'm going to bump up the aperture to run f5 i need someone to walk past that's what i need well i'm not getting it oh don't dare party mr bishop in front of me you absolute you feeling you other harsh words what would make this shot even better and it's impossible but to have no cars down here when you see that tree chop it down that would make for one of the best photographs in york i'm not even joking [Applause] thanks interesting look at that face focus picks up the face immediately that door isn't level i think it's flow of houses like what a 13th 14th century wow that was there that was a good shot there a bit fall down interest as well they got a jag you get a photo of this headlight that seems to be a tradition in most of my uh povs is to get one photograph of a jag use the 70 ml to get some compression with the background [Music] i'm actually digging the gray of that car is that yours it might take a photos of it yeah it's brilliant mate you have a anything you want me to send them across with you yeah i've got one if you want to search me curtis padley i should come up pretty quickly mate i know might seem like a bit of a hassle but you couldn't move it to the center could you [Music] i reckon if it's looking facing this way right there that'll be [Music] brilliant all right that's stunning now we've got our own private photo shoot that look at that that's really nice you can get a detail shot there of like the wheel these shots are screaming at me these are incredible i'm trying to go in the 50 1.4 exactly look at that this is a bit of fun imagine if i get a shot right here yes thanks man i appreciate it all right well i'll take care of you see that dude that photo shoot was sick oh that was so worth it you know what i'm just asking people sometimes get you so far yeah this is going to be a belt of a pov i'm pretty psyched right now i don't think the photos are gonna top those ones right there might take a photo yeah perfect thank you if you don't mind like standing there i'll be really nice just like like how you're standing right there is perfect brilliant have a lovely day thank you bye-bye i'm liking the light down here it's changed a bit from earlier oh that might have been a baller shot i like that also the guy over there that's a cool shark that's a cool shot the other guy over there looked like the mobster with the taxi whole building modern car then if that worked look at that little little house i don't know what it is oh yeah just chilling there oh my god i've not got a photo of that but oh my oh that was sweet can we do any panning here oh we can do some panning here a little bit a little bit i'll take the beamer you know that was a good shot yeah gotta match their speed to get these shots oh let's make the police go a million miles an hour we can do it yeah to our next location let's have a little look through the hashtag cp photos about four and a half thousand posts right now let's start from recent um let's oh we got a robin travel geography life beautiful shot of a robin like there absolutely love that um keith that's a really cool shot i love the reflection i love everything about that in image that is really interesting is that by seventh verse again you always get your shout outs because i always love your images great work mate that is another fantastic job right there oh i love that love that with all the lights and everything like that eddie list photography superb work right there that's a real nice shot right there panel status superb love the tones you got in that image as well great work and one more today and oh i like that b-wall of photography love that black and white photo laughs right there brilliant work thank you all for using the hashtag let's get back to doing some photography we're live at our location and look at that that is a great composition right there love that liking that i'm digging that let's give this some foreground interest that's some nice fall on interest right right yes yeah sometimes just adding that little bit of depth to an image really just brings out the subject a little bit more i find i'm actually really enjoying really a 6400 of course i love the a7r iv and obviously that is the best camera i've ever had but as a b camera for photography this is a little beast but to be honest you can take photos of any camera for the last 15 years and get fantastic results simple quint to the point that makes a good shot right there this last little bit we're gonna switch to the 50. that is fastened down that's ready to go we're now shooting at 1.4 stuff right there why did i just really capture face focus it actually did i don't know if you saw it but it literally focused on the fade that's actually a decent shot right there i might feel that oh yeah and because we're using a 50 um this is now the equivalent of about a 75 mil uh which is a focal length that doesn't really exist i am looking at maybe getting an 805 one day i'm actually looking at the samyang 85 1.4 uh i've been eyeing that one up for a while now because of the autofocus and the price the price is the big game changer right there um so i might get that in the future but also eyeing up the 100 400 um a 16-35 but i think i'd like to get a focal range that i haven't got such as well i know that i was 16 but i had 24 which is wide enough but i'd rather go and get to like 100 to 400 or an 85 mil or not well that's just very british isn't it like crazy bro that's pretty insane now also it's reflection banging i'm laughing [Applause] that's just a nice shot right there i like all the lights inside of her we need some people walking past it let's see if we can just stand here try not to look weird and then get a photo i'm probably going to be able to achieve two of those three things that's what we're looking for yeah we're back i take photos it's just been good to be go out and create again it's that quiet you can hear birds over people look at that that's real nice if i could step back a little bit i can get some more of that like the reflection a little bit yes like that at bow ech that is kind of insane right there i mean it's only a bike but it makes for it just comes to life because of the nature of this lens look at that nice perfection all right like this has been natural that's good well look at that stella that is exactly what we want there you go let's just move somewhere else's trash for a photograph perfect that's the shambles we like and that is where i'm gonna be leaving today's video i hope you have enjoyed today's pov if you did make sure you hit the like button maybe consider subscribing to the channel if you're not already and until next time everyone keep creating and i'll see you guys next one peace [Music]


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