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TASCAM Debuts the US-HR Series High Resolution USB Audio Interfaces | News Details | TASCAM - United States

Tascam Audio Solutions Founded in 1953, Tascam is an audio division of  Japanese company TEAC Corporation. Specializing in data storage, consumer electronics, and industrial products, TEAC Corporation provides audio solutions and information products for businesses.

In the event industry, Tascam provides high-end audio technology such as recorders, audio players, peripheral audio, and software systems. These items work in tendon or can work individually to cater to the needs of the respective event. Conferences, meetings, and even tour guide systems can all utilize various components and products provided by Tascam.


TASCAM portable Digital Audio Recorders are preferred by professionals all over the world for their ease of use, durable construction, and outstanding sound quality. They are ideal for sound design and video production applications. DR-05 to the high resolution brilliance of the DR-100mkIII, TASCAM puts studio-quality recording power in the palm of your hand with their cheap DR-series recorders. And when it’s time to turn on the lights, grab the camera, and get to work, TASCAM’s Audio for Video recorders, which include powerful capabilities such as HDMI sync and AMBEO 360° compatibility, will help you create your next video masterpiece. With our comprehensive variety of professional quality microphones and reference headphones, you’ll be able to capture studio-quality sound no matter where you’re recording or recording from.

Since the 1970s, Tascam has been at the forefront of recording innovation. They were the first to bring multitracking into the reach of musicians who had financial resources but possessed extraordinary talent. Using Tascam equipment, musicians and audio professionals may effortlessly record their performances and express themselves creatively.



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