Event Truss & Staging


XSF or Event Truss was a small start-up founded by Jacky Hawthorne in 2002 while based in Emory, Texas.    Over the next four years, XSF consulted with Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, and structural engineer Michael Wells to develop a lightweight, cost-effective truss product line with a wide array of accessories.Event Truss

LED and Automated fixtures, known as “movers,” may be hung wherever on stage truss or lighting fixtures. It is used in theatre, music hall, performance arts or trade show arena and stadiums to support lighting systems. Aluminum lighting truss may be seen almost everywhere staging equipment is used.
Lighting fixtures, video, audio, and other staging equipment can be hung from the truss framework using “sticks” or pieces of the truss. Lighting truss is available in a variety of lengths and may be used to produce a variety of various shapes and sizes.
What Constitutes a Lighting Truss?
Aluminum and Steel are the two most prevalent materials for stage lighting trusses.
This material, because to its light weight and portability, is ideal for use in stage and concert productions. Setup and dismantling are facilitated by its little weight.
Steel truss is the obvious choice for permanent installations or those requiring high load ratings. Always be aware of the truss’s load capacity and work with a reputable contractor.