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Audio Technica or Audio Technica audio systems are Professional microphones, in-ear monitors, Switchcraft, conference systems, and conference mixers.

For many years, this brand was known for its turntable phonocartridges, but by the mid-1970s, they had expanded into the world of headphones.
A few of Audio-headphones Technica’s have made our lists of the best headphones, the best wireless headphones, as well as the best true wireless headphones, thanks to advancements in wireless listening and active noise cancellation.

It’s no secret such devices make excellent over-ear headphones, as well as excellent handheld microphones and record player accessories. Now, with the introduction of these headphones, the company is bringing studio-quality audio to the masses.

These headphones have 45mm drivers and a frequency response range of 15-28,00 Hz, and the warm, well-rounded sound was a big draw for us – we were blown away.

However, the microphone on these headphones isn’t very good, so you might have trouble making phone conversations with them. On the other hand, that’s probably not why you bought a pair of studio quality earphones in the first place.

The 11mm “diamond-like carbon coated diaphragm” in each earbud helps keep the drivers stiff while also reducing weight. Sound quality can be improved by using this substance. This enables for more accurate sound reproduction since the acoustic and electrical components can be separated.

The Sound Reality’s carrying case doubles as a charging case, extending its battery life by nine hours. There is enough battery life to last for a week’s commute with the 15 hours of continuous listening.

The omnidirectional condenser microphone can be used to make and receive calls. Listeners may quickly skip music, alter volume levels, and make hands-free phone calls thanks to the earbud’s built-in controls.
A USB charging cable and a carrying case are all included with the Sound Reality devices.


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