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Optimus Audio Communication systems providing PA Systems, voice alarms, and intercom at – Event Technology.

Optimus Audio

OPTIMUS, the leading sound and communication firm since 1933, provides its customers with a wealth of knowledge based on its long history of service.
It is presently the leading PA system design and supply company in the country with a wide commercial network across the country with projects in 81 countries and 5 continents.
A big team of professionals is available at OPTIMUS for consulting with engineering offices, prescriptors, distributors, installers, and end users at every stage of the project. At every step of the way, our customers are accompanied by professionals in sound and intercommunication who are ready to assist them in any way possible.
Professional audio systems and voice evacuation systems are a must in every large institution. They must be both efficient and reliable. In today’s world, we have the widest selection of audio equipment and controllers. Many of our products can be found in businesses and institutions, as well as in housing complexes and restaurants.

  • Concert hall and performance venue sound reinforcement systems
  • Audio-visual solutions for boardrooms and conference halls
    Commercial and residential building evacuation systems;
  • integrated notification solutions for smart city applications; mass transportation, hospitality, and big IP-based public address systems; and
  • industrial public address and general alarm (PGA) systems
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