Podium Teleprompters

A teleprompter is a display device that prompts the presenter with an electronic visual display of text. Teleprompters are frequently used in live events where speeches or presentations have to be made. They are also used by actors and newscasters. Some adjustable features include the length of the stand as well as the angle of the glass to suit presenters of various heights. Teleprompter monitors also come in different dimensions for optimal viewing of your preference. Some monitors however are only suited for indoor use as they are not bright enough for outdoor viewing, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing/renting the equipment. Three of the most common types of teleprompters available are presidential/podium teleprompters, camera-mounted teleprompters, and floor teleprompters.

Presidential/Podium Teleprompters

Presidential/podium teleprompters are standalone prompters with adjustable stands and glass screens. They are meant to be read at eye level which makes them perfect for use at podiums. These teleprompters are sometimes used in pairs, one on each side of the speaker, to allow him/her to look around the audience more easily.


Camera-mounted Teleprompters

Camera-mounted teleprompters project the text directly onto the camera such that the speaker appears to be looking at the camera while talking.

Floor Teleprompters

Floor teleprompters are mounted on the floor at an angle. Speakers will need to look down to read the prompts and may end up breaking eye contact with the audience too frequently.

floor Podium Teleprompters
Floor teleprompter
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