Race Timing System Provider

Race Timing Systems are designed based on the type of event. Car, Cycle, Running, Rowing, etc sports require different types of race timing systems. For full information about the technologies and solutions used, please check out the Solution section.

1. Race Result

Country: Germany

Race Result

RACE RESULT offers the complete solution for your event, including timing systems, bibs and timing tags, online registration, optionally with payment processing, race management and scoring. So, Check more detail on: https://www.raceresult.com/en-fi/solutions/index.php

2. Townscript

Country: USA


Townscript Timing is the leading timing provider using the MyLaps hardware technology which is used in marathons like Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Kuala Lumpur Marathon, Iron Man and many more. So, Check more detail on: https://www.townscript.com/organize/race-timing-solution

3. Timing Technologies

Country: India

Timing Technologies

Timing Technologies if the first company of Indian origin to use RFID technology to time runners. They offer timekeeping services for 10K runs, Half Marathons, Marathons, Duathlons, and Triathlons. Apart from marathons they also offer timekeeping services for running, swimming, cycling, car and bike, kart, and skate races in the Indian subcontinent. Timing technologies have successfully timed more than a million participants in various races, and marathons across India. So, Check more detail on: https://www.timingindia.com/

4. RP Sports

Country: South Asia

RP Sports

RP Sports is a leading provider of high-quality professional sports timing services with a mission to enhance the experience of athletes and organizers of endurance events, like running, cycling, motor racing, duathlon and triathlon events happening in INDIA and South Asia. They are well equipped to offer state-of-the-art timing services and equipment for all types of races from 100 to 50,000 participants. So Check more detail on: https://www.rpsports.com/

5. Alpha Timing


Alpha Timing

Alpha Timing also offers modern timing services, equipment, and management for all levels of competitions. Their history dates back to 1990 when they started working with youth running and athletic clubs and associations, this makes them veterans of the trade. So, Check more detail on: https://www.alphatiming.co.uk/

5. Runizen

Country: India


Runizen was designed to be a trustworthy and economical race timing solution for small/medium size race/cycling events. Runizen uses the time-tested efficacy of RFID technology in order to time the runners. The Runizen team comprises passionate runners for whom it’s not a mere technology but a system they have built to facilitate the requirements of small/medium size events. So, To name a few, Airtel Delhi and Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathons are amongst those who accredit Runizen timing for qualifying runners. If you want to check more detail, find: https://runizen.com/

6. Innovative

Country: USA


Since 2007, Innovative Timing Systems has been the innovator of the timing industry and It started out as a hobby project and turned into a business before we knew it. From the first race with overhead antennas, ramps, and a disposable timing chip on a bib, to ITS YOUR RACE, our online registration and results platform becoming the largest online sports photo platform with over 45 million pictures of athletes. Our unique secret is that we are privately held and able to invest millions of dollars in remarkable engineering efforts. It’s why we are the world leader with 25 patents on our technology. At the same time, our founder completed his first 5K race in 2007 and recognized that nobody was doing anything to rapidly innovate events. So Check more detail on: https://www.innovativetimingsystems.com/about-us


Country: UK


For nearly two decades, RFID Race Timing Systems has been the industry leader in the manufacture and sales of RFID event timing equipment. Our systems continue to break new ground for all event types and sizes. So Check more detail on: https://rfidtiming.com/


Country: NA, Europe


The BibTag timing system is the MYLAPS solution suitable for mass events with affordable chips and the highest read rate in the industry. Are you a timer at events that ask for disposable tags? BibTag is your solution. So Here you can check more detail on: https://pathable.com/virtual-event-platform/


Country: USA


Lynx System Developers is the maker of FinishLynx photo-finish technology and produces fully automatic timing systems, line-scan cameras, and athlete tracking technology for sports markets across the world. The sports technology company is privately owned and located in Haverhill, MA. It was founded in 1992 by President and CTO Doug DeAngelis after he developed the prototype for FinishLynx technology as a graduate student at MIT. As a long-time runner, DeAngelis saw an opportunity to use digital line-scan technology to produce more accurate and precise photo-finish results for sports. Lynx System Developers celebrated its 25th anniversary in March 2017. If you want to check more detail Find: https://www.finishlynx.com/about-us/

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