Google play serves as the official App store for Android operating system. Therefore, it is apparent that it has one of the largest influence on the Events Technology Industry. A large majority of events technology products requires comparability with certain operating systems. Many companies who manufacture Event Technology Products (Eg. Smartwatches, Drones etc) have integrated at least a certain aspect of Google’s Technology.

Key Ventures in the Events Technology Industry


Alpabet is the holding company of Google and one of the industry leaders in the development of virtual reality. They have a dedicated division that focus solely on virtual reality and with the recent partnership with big industry names (Clay Bavor, Scorr Brook); Alphabet is quickly becoming the industry leader in development of VR headsets. Rumours had it that the headset may not need a computer and will be fitted with outward facing cameras.

Google Hangouts


  • HD video calls
  • Voice Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD Group Conferencing for up to 15 people
  • Auto Screen Focus
  • Intelligent Muting
  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices
  • Built-in screen sharing
  • Hangout On Air
  • Integration with other Google applications
  • Custom

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses can be used to directly portray AR to users. At least that is goal. This technology is widely believed to be possible and is widely explored by many leading companies in the industry such as Google and Apple. However, contact lenses that provide AR directly is still not available in the market as of now. Features of such contact lenses include capturing of images through a pre-installed camera embedded within it. Furthermore, with the constant kinetic energy built through blinking, it is an option many believe is possible one day. However, there are many limitations though with regards to the contact lenses due to its delicacy and sensitivity level of the user’s eye.