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Headphones and speakers.

In the automobile industry, B&W is a relatively new player. Bowers’ first in-car sound system with Jaguar was debuted around a decade ago, which makes sense since both firms are British. Since then, it has extended to other companies, such as McLaren and Volvo, which have adopted it. For the first time, BMW is using British speakers, which can be found in either the BMW 7 Series or the BMW 5 Series. Audiophiles should pay the $3,400-$4,000 price tag for B&W speakers, which are known for producing some of the greatest sound in automobiles. The KBB says so, at least.

Bowers & Wilkins’ reputation for inventive design and world-class R&D was built as the firm grew rapidly. Finally, we added Tweeter-on-Top and innovative cone materials like Aramid fibre, all culminating in the legendary 801, a speaker that has since become a standard in many recording studios around the world.
The advent of wireless technology:
Our patented wireless technology, Formation, provides a seamless high-resolution audio listening experience no matter how large your system is. A sturdy, independent network allows our wireless Headphones and speakers to produce flawless synchronisation and superb quality.
Infinite power:
With the Bowers & Wilkins Music app for iOS and Android, you can manage your whole wireless audio system. High-resolution audio performance with total ease is what you get when you organize your speakers into groups and integrate your favourite streaming services.
Since the beginning, BMW has relied on Harman Kardon to enhance its premium speakers. My old E36 featured H&K speakers back in 1996, and the brand is still used by BMW today. Bowers & Wilkins, a new speaker brand that is becoming more and more widespread in the automotive sector, is also used by BMW.

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