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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: How To Rig A Stage Truss | What Is A Lighting Truss?

well hello everyone my name is chris d from wrecked productions we're going to show you here today about how we mess around in our studio the black box studio and putting up some trusses and taking down some trusses and messing with some lighting so you can see a little bit of behind the scenes hope you enjoy if you've got any questions check us out in the comments below so the lighting trusses that we're using here today is 12 inch box truss and 12 inch ladder truss we're going to be taking down the ladder trusses just so we can use them on set for other applications and put up a box truss lighting truss we use for the application and the utilization of illuminate fixtures high up in the air or down on the ground or attached to a wall you see them all over the place places like theaters special events like weddings and bar mitzvahs and quinceaneras endless possibilities with these things they could be built into different shapes different sizes this is medium duty truss that we're using here in the studio there is a heavy duty truss made by other companies like tyler and tomcat applied their weight reading is about double the capacity of what we're using here and those are both together these ones are spigot and nail so yes so here we're taking down the 12 inch ladder truss these are the box trusses right here the new one that's going up this is like 20 feet long weighs about 180 pounds so this is all completely leveled out or as we would say you have the trim height where it's going to be sitting at and ready for our light fixtures to go up here we got the 12-inch box truss up here in the air it's sitting at about 15 feet 14 feet somewhere in there so here i'm hanging the fresnels that we have the strand 1ks we just have three of these 1ks that are up on this front trust the 1ks are really hot when they're on they use regular old light bulbs but they're just made for general lighting ambient lighting you can focus them just a smidge into a flat large spot of like 60 degrees maybe leaving a little bit wider down to about i'd say a 10 degree beam but they're hot so i'm just up there or coming down now and i'm gonna move the scaffolding to the next and final last fixture that's going up every fixture has a 18 inch stainless steel cable that's used as a safety device in case that clamp that can hold 300 pounds fails that little cable should grab it and refrain from falling back to the earth here at rec productions we use a pretty cool console they called the nx4 made by obsidian pretty cool console pretty cool program it's pretty darn powerful it's pretty pretty pretty pretty makes the pretty lights the fresnels they only turn on and off but a whole lot of dimming is available so i'm grabbing the barn doors of that fixture to open them up see how they can rotate pretty much 360 all the way around got the innards and they got little flaps totally get the right shape on your subject coming down now because it's plugged in the safety's clicked on it's got power it's open let's turn them on fellas one second i'm gonna turn the lights off wow pretty tell us what you think in the comments below wrecked productions


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