If you are a Green Panther, then an app can add value for your event by ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. You could avoid chopping down acres and acres of rainforest to print schedules. The apps you created for your events emerge as a good promotional strategy.




Advertise the interactive and convenient experience that the app will provide during the registration process and in emails. Attendee Management, Badge Management, Conferences/Conventions, Exhibit/Vendor Management, Gamification, Room Block Management, Social Media Promotion, Sponsorship Management, Surveys & Feedback, Volunteer Management, Weddings/Parties EventOrg allows organizations to publish a single app that hosts multiple events simultaneously with minimal tech support.

You can customize apps’ background, header, themes and icons. These apps are unique in their design and specific in their branding.EventOrg Main highlight is its extremely easy to use CMS enabling event organizers to manage their events easily.


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