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Altman Lighting Overview

Altman Lighting is a premier lighting company that provides a wide range of lighting products. The different categories they specialize in includes architectural lighting and downlights. This type of lighting caters to different types of events with different specifications. Such lighting can be utilized by outdoor concerts, indoor concerts, and live stage performances. The effect of lighting technology has not only revolutionized the way performers perform, but has also changed the way companies plan and execute their events, creating more ecstatically pleasing presentations.

Altman Lighting Introduction & History

Founded in 1953, Altman Lighting company is one of the leading manufacturers of theatrical lighting instruments. They are located in Yonkers, New York and are a family run business. Altman specializes in theatrical ellipsoidal lights and follow spots as well as a series of architectural fixtures.

Altman Lighting Awards & Recognition

  • 1993 – Charlie Altman receives the Wally Russell Award.
  • 1998 – Charlie and Alice Altman receive the Lifetime Achievement Foot Candle Award in recognition of their extraordinary achievements for the stage lighting and lighting design industries.
  • 2004 – Altman is the recipient of Start Magazine’s Technology and Business Award for total ERP environment complete with CRM.
  • 2016 – Lightfair International – Best Booth Design – 200-300 sq. ft. Category

Product Categories from Altman Lighting


Altman Lighting Downlights


Popular Products

PHX 250W LED Profile Luminaires

The Award-Winning PHX LED 250 Watt is designed as a replacement to a 750 Watt source ideal for long throw and large scale performance environments

  • 2013 PLASA Member’s Choice Award
  • 2014 Worship Facilities New Product Award Winner

Pegasus Series Fresnel Luminaires

The Altman Pegasus 8 is an 8-inch white output LED Fresnels that is both Mains Dimmable and DMX controlled all in one luminaire (user selectable at fixture). Pegasus replicates the soft light output that is expected from a theatrical or studio Fresnel. Under 150 Watts, the Pegasus 8 meets the output of 750 Watt incandescent counterparts.

  • 2015 PLASA Member’s Choice Award

Smart Track Lighting System

Altman Lighting’s Smart Track® Lighting System is a revolutionary way to power & control individually addressable luminaires without the need for dimmer packs, relay panels, and bulky cable runs. Smart Track® lighting systems are cost-effective solutions that are easy to layout, install, and maintain.

  • 2005 Lightfair International Best of Category – Systems Category
  • LDI 2005 Lighting/Architecture Product of the Year

ODEC Outdoor Ellipsoidal Luminaire

The Altman ODEC luminaire is the first fully functional outdoor ellipsoidal with 15°-35° or 30°-55° zoom focus, framing shutters, glass/steel pattern projection capabilities, internal and external mounting options for color media, dual gobo rotator, mechanical douser, louver or scroller.

  • 2005 Lightfair International Best of Category – Specialty Luminaires, Theatrical and Entertainment Lighting Category

Star PAR Luminaire

The diecast Star Par is a rugged, lightweight alternative to conventional PAR64 luminaires. The highly polished specular reflector has been designed to operate most efficiently with the new generation of 750 Watt tungsten halogen lamps.

  • 1998 Entertainment Design EDDY Award

Altman Cyc Luminaires

Cyclorama lights, while very similar to border lights, produce a very broad, asymmetrical, wash of light used to light cycs and scenery from as high as 25 feet. Cyclorama lighting is used either from the ground (Ground Cycs) or from fly pipes (Sky Cycs) and for better uniformity, both types may be used.

  • 1997 TCI Theater Crafts International Award for the Focusing Cyc.
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