ClayPaky – Lighting Solutions

Overview: ClayPaky

ClayPaky is a world leader in the international show lighting business. ClayPaky provides a wide range of entertainment products such as Arc-moving, LED-based moving, LED-based static, and Arc-lamp static lights. Depending on the type of event, and the respective lighting technology required, ClayPaky provides a comprehensive range of lighting solutions. Such events may include Concerts or Theatre plays. Spotlights during concerts are common, while other events such as annual company awards ceremony’s may require a spotlight on key personnel. ClayPaky also provides architectural lighting solutions that cater to different types of lighting requirements, for example lighting a football field.

ClayPaky Introduction & History

A subsidiary of German lighting manufacturer Osram, ClayPaky specializes in the development of professional lighting systems for the entertainment industry. The unique lighting is held in concerts, nightclubs, and other indoor as well as outdoor events. Founded in 1976, ClayPaky was one of the first to realize the potential market for lighting applications in the entertainment industry. Since then, As technological advancements have created a wide array of lighting solutions. Examples include Arc-lamp moving lights, LED-based moving lights, LED-based static lights, and Arc-lamp static lights.

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky

ClayPaky has been one of the leaders in its industry, evident from the awards received over the years in regards to their constant technology improvement and performances. Below is the list of awards ClayPaky has achieved since 2010. For the full list of awards, So here you can refer to their website:

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2017

“Best Hard Edge LED Spot” | PLSN Goldstar Product Award | Product: Axcor Profile 900

“Award for Innovation” | Plasa Awards | Product: K-EYE

“Lighting Product” | World Show | Product: Scenius

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2016 – 2015

2016 | “Award for Innovation” | Plasa Awards | Product: Scenius Profile

2015 | “Best Debuting Lighting Product” | LDI Awards | Product: Spherical

“IT – Indispensable Technology” | Parnelli Awards | Product: Mythos – 2015

“Product of the Year: Luminaire” | Live Design Awards | Product: Mythos – 2015

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2014

“Best Debuting Lighting Product – Honorable Mention” | LDI Awards | Mythos

“Most Creative use of the Light” | LDI Awards | Clay Paky / A.C.T Lighting

“Lifetime Recognition” | Paky Awards | PASQUALE QUADRI

“Award for Innovation” | Plasa Awards | Product: Mythos

“Lifetime Recognition” | Tony Gottelier Awards | PASQUALE QUADRI

“Lifetime Recognition” | MIPA/PIPA Awards | PASQUALE QUADRI

“Best Lighting Product” | PIPA Awards | Product: A.leda B-EYE

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2013 – 2012

“Best Debuting Lighting Product” | LDI Awards | Product: A.leda B-EYE K20 – 2013

2013 | “Award for Innovation” | Plasa Awards | Product: A.leda B-EYE K20

2012 | “Best Debuting Lighting Product” | LDI Awards | Product: Sharpy Wash

“Lighting Product of the Year” | Live Design Awards | Spotlight Wash – 2012

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2011

“Empresa de iluminación del año” | Premios Producciόn Audio | Clay Paky

“Most Creative use of Lighting” | LDI Awards | Clay Paky booth at LDI 2011

“Best Debuting Lighting Product” | LDI Awards | Product: Alpha Spot 800 QWO

“Indispensable Technology” | Parnelli Awards | Product: Sharpy

Plaza “Rock Our World Awards” | Product: Sharpy

2011 | “Lighting Product of the Year” | Live Design Broadway Master Classes | Product: Sharpy

Awards & Recognition ClayPaky 2010

“Best Debuting Lighting Product” – Honorable Mention | LDI Awards | Product: Sharpy

“Award for Innovation” | Plasa Awards | Product: Sharpy

“Award for Innovation” – Special Commendation | Plasa Awards | Product: ALPHA PROFILE 700

“Important contribution to the development of the club industry” \ Ciribelli Awards | Clay Paky