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Public Address | Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Global

Security and safety concerns necessitate the use of high-quality public address and voice evacuating systems.
Performance and reliability are essential for a public address and emergency sound systems that are truly effective. Systems and components from the company have been used in important transit hubs and religious and civic institutions, as well as commercial structures, educational institutions, and shopping malls all around the world.

As a result of more than 90 years of experience in inventing and manufacturing communication products, Bosch is the market leader in public address and voice alarm systems.

The system’s components are all networked, allowing for the greatest flexibility and scalability from tiny centralised systems to massive decentralized systems. DanteTM audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocols are supported by the OMNEO IP architecture.

Innovative multi-channel amp design with intelligent power distribution considerably increases the effective usage of available power, regardless of loudspeaker load in each zone. An appealing call station interface and full network link redundancy round out the system’s impressive features.

There are no limits to what you can do with a Bosch system. For consultants, installers, and owners of commercial buildings alike, it is an ideal option.

The Bosch Sound System’s innovative capabilities allow customers to enjoy wireless control of up to eight output zones and excellent audio performance. Full-featured digital audio control with maximum flexibility and dependability is provided by the Bosch sound system for a wide range of applications including live music, background music as well as high-demand speech situations and zone announcements.

As a result, the Bosch Sound System is a top supplier when it comes to voice transmission systems. Over the years, they have been producing such high-quality sound systems.

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