DTS – Lighting Solutions

DTS – Lighting Solutions Introduction & History

Founded in 1980, Italian-based company DTS Lighting Solutions started work making lamps for domestic use and commercial spaces with optical fibers and anything else that the technology offered. Over the years, with significant RnD and partnerships. With industry leaders, DTS has created one of the most advanced lighting design tools and automation systems. Also available for both entertainment and architectural purposes.

DTS Lighting Solutions

DTS Lighting Solutions Popular Products

Synergy 5

The unit employs a 420 W pure white LED source coupled with a long-excursion 4.6° – 43° motorized linear zoom with autofocus. This carefully studied match delivers a massive 49,900 Lux luminosity with an evenly diffused and flat beam.

Lighting Solutions – Artemio

The unit is equipped with a single high-power 25 W white LED source. The unit is powered, which is DRIVEN 416, 832, or 1664 power supplies/controllers, or by DRIVENET 28C DIN

Portfolio Led 200

The unit is equipped with high efficient 200 W White 3200 K LED source. PROFILO LED 200 is suitable for medium to large TV studios and theatres and it is a powerful and versatile alternative to conventional lights.


BRICK comes with an IP65 power cable plus 2 DMX cables with M and or F XLR connectors (all IP65), which make it perfect for temporary lighting applications, but also for safe long-lasting installations.

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