HTC – Virtual Reality

Introduction and History of HTC Virtual Reality

HTC stands for high-tech computer corporation and was founded in Taiwan. HTC was primarily a handset-focused company that focused in consumer electronics. The evolution of mobile phones into a smartphone have drastically shifted their focus from consumer electronics in the mass market into a more technological, research and development focused approach aimed to differentiate from competitors. In 2016, HTC Virtual Reality began to diversify its business beyond smartphones, partnering with Valve to produce VR platform known as HTC Vive. Significant research and development have been done in regards to this segment as well as their pixel technology smartphones before about half of the research was sold to Google for 2017 for US$1.1 Billion.

Virtual Reality

HTC Virtual Reality Popular Products & Technologies

HTC Vive Pro:

For a price of 1299 SGD, the new HTC Vive Pro takes the place of the original Vive, which was made in collaboration with PC games giant Valve.

The Pro makes several minor upgrades that enhance the overall experience, like a better head strap that comes with built-in headphones.

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