Projector Manufacturers

Projector Manufacturers

List of top-quality projectors available in the market.

Events leverage standard business and consumer projectors as much as high-end specialized projectors and infrastructure. The projector manufacturers on this page play in these 2 markets respectively. Thereforem for further information, please check out the Showcase Pages of the manufacturer.

1. BenQ Projectors

Country: Taipei

BenQBenQ Corporation is a Taiwan-based projector manufacturer with headquarters in Taipei, and they are widely prevalent in the USA for their extensive range of projectors simultaneously. Moreover, they have been present in the US market for decades, and in this time period, they produced varied ranges of projectors mostly with DLP projection technology. and here you can Check out more details at:,3D%20playback%20is%20excellent.&text=The%20bottom%20line%20If%20you,to%20the%20BenQ%20W1070%20projector.

2. Sony

Country: USA

SonySony is one of the largest brands in the projector market. Moreover, they have been dominating the US market since their arrival. To top it all, it is a giant Japanese multinational company that also deals with various other electronic devices apart from the projector. Check out more details at:

3. Optoma

Country: USA

Optoma is a multinational electronic device manufacturer who specializes in producing DLP and LED projectors. At the same  time, like every other projector brand, they also have various models in every segment that comprises home theater, business, education and professional AV. Check out more details at

4. Epson Projector

Country: America
EpsonEpson is one of the oldest and largest producers of projectors in the US market, and they have always stayed at the top tier position. Moreover, Epson is dominant in every sector and it is a home theater, business, or education projector. However, it is mainly due to their premium quality models. So Check out more details at:

5. Canon Projector

Country: UK

CanonThe brand Canon is well known to many people in the US mainly due to its excellent fleet of cameras, printers, and projectors. To top it all, this Tokyo-based giant only manufactures projectors for the education, and, commercial and medical sectors. However, they also have a reasonable number of projectors in the compact segment. Check out more details at:

6. ViewSonic Projector

Country: US
ViewSonicViewSonic is a California based multinational electronics manufacturing corporation that has gained massive recognition by offering a series of excellent projectors in the US market. So They are one of the fastest-growing projector manufacturers in the US and every year they are coming with new models bundled with top-notch attributes. So here you can Check out more details at:

7. Hitachi Projector

Country: Europe

HitachiHitachi is a top-tier multinational brand that had its wings spread in various industries, and one of them is the projector. They haven’t associated themselves in the home theatre segment, and they only prevail in the education and because business segment in the projector market and Check out more details so here  at:

8. LG Projector

Country: USA

LGLG is a South Korean electronics giant who has recently made their mark in the US projector market, and they have already grabbed the limelight in the market with their new lineup. Their lineup covers all the segments in the projector market, but they are widely prevalent in the compact and home theatre segment. So you can Check out more details at

9. Vivitek Projector

Country: Taiwan
VivitekVivitek is a unique brand in the USA that has comfortably gained a dominant position in the projector market after starting its journey in 2009. And, It is a brand of a renowned corporation called Delta Electronics, and it has its headquarter in Taiwan. So Check out more details at

10. JVC Projector Review

Country: USA
JVCJVC is one of the premium suppliers of top-notch home theatre projector in the US market, and they never set foot on any other projector segment. This Japanese brand has been supplying good quality projectors since 2007, and all their models belong to both consumer and professional level. So Check out more details at: