Prolyte Overview

Prolyte is the world-leading manufacturer of hardware products and safe structural solutions for the entertainment industry. 


History: Prolyte

Founded in 1991, Prolyte is a market leader producing and supplying high-quality products for the entertainment industry for over 25 years. We are passionate about offering the best solutions for our customers. As a manufacturer of the basic building blocks of our industry including truss, staging, and hoists, we endeavor for product excellence and continuous product innovation.

For the entertainment, theatre, exhibition, and related businesses, Prolyte Group designs and develops transportable constructions such as stages, barriers, ceiling systems and hoists.
Products from Prolyte are of the highest quality with a strong emphasis on safety. The company’s product line is founded on extensive industry knowledge, and it has built a reputation as a trustworthy and adaptable partner by offering personalised service and technical support.

The greatest solutions for our users and clients are something we are enthusiastic about as a world-leading provider of hardware goods and structural solutions for the entertainment industry. We strive for product quality and continual product innovation in the manufacture of the building blocks of our industry performances, such as trussing, staging, and electrical hoists.

Prolyte’s goal is to assist both the creative potential of designers and the safety of technicians by actively engaging in expanding the level of knowledge and creating solutions that function in everyday practise. The company fosters long-term relationships with both its users and clients by prioritising mutual respect and trust. Prolyte is an excellent place to start if you want to develop something extraordinary.


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