MyKronoz – Wearables

MyKronoz Overview

MyKronoz specializes in the design and development of functional wearables. The majority of MyKronoz’s products are in the form of Smartwatches, providing greater capabilities to the typical watches of the past. These new Smartwatches are increasing incapability due to the significant improvements in current technology. Other products include activity trackers that also come in a form of a wristband/watch. They are attached to your wrist and help track activities that are done by the user, typically for sports-related items such as heart rate or pace.

MyKronoz Introduction & History

Relatively new company Mykronoz was founded in 2013. The Swiss company specializes in the design and development of functional wearables and is dedicated to improving users’ increasingly mobile, connected, and digital lifestyles. Such wearables include activity trackers, smartwatches, analog smartwatches and watch phones. With the growing reliance on technology, Mykronoz has seen the great commercial success of their products, now present in 40 countries and carried by major retailers and partners worldwide.

Key Products from MyKronoz


Compatible with both IOS and Andriod,  the ZeRound2 possesses a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing to make calls or voice commands without pulling out your smartphone. On top of that, it also includes all the core functions and features of a smartphone such as displaying notifications of incoming calls, social networks, texts, emails, calendar events as well as weather forecasts.

Currently, the retail price for the ZeRound2 is US$99 and they are available in a wide range of different colors.