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Braehler Overview

Baehler provides a wide range of services and products that facilitates the planning and execution of Conference events. They provide equipment rental and their very own systems. Braehler Conference Equipment provides a full range of event equipment from audio, video, conference, and interpretation systems to lighting and IT equipment.

Braehler also provides their own systems, typically specializing in Conference Technology. Furthermore, they also provide individually-tailored customized solutions that can cater to a user’s needs and specifications.

Braehler Conference Equipment Introduction & History

A world leader in its industry, However Braehler has made a remarkable breakthrough in conference technology and solutions. Established in 1958, Braehler designed its first simultaneous interpretation system. In 1961, Braehler introduced single cable technology to the world of conference technology, replacing the need for labor and material-intensive multi-cable technology. Currently, with over 50 partners around the world, Braehler is capable of providing conference innovations, solutions, and technology globally.

Technology, Products & Solutions


The CDSVAN (Congress Data System with Virtual Audio Network) enables discussions, identifications, interpreting, voting, and recording. It is a fully digital all-in-one conference system with unique flexibility and allowing components such as microphones to be modified based on user’s preferences or requests.

The CDSVAN’s architectural design facilitates its easy usage with other components. Delegates may use this system to participate in the discussion as well as to vote via the 5 function buttons. It offers up to 32 audio channels. Using an internal ID database and an integrated card reader, allows organizers to easily identify and administrate every delegate into the conference space.

This CDSVAN offers the option of optimally processing and distributing audio signals from a central point with the aid of pre-integrated software effects modules and mixing consoles. Audio formats are also available to provide language signals. CDSVAN is equipped with a full set of virtual audio devices. Also, Microphones should be adapted to the room acoustics and allow the sound to be reproduced in a targeted direction through the PA system. This ensures that the CDSVAN delivers top-quality audio.

The standard version microphone units consist of a black/silver impact-resistant plastic housing and have a naturally anodized aluminum control panel. The front panel equipped with up to 20 buttons enables the integration of customized special functions into the delegate units. All types of installation solutions can also be realized with CDSVAN. This enables the system to also be visually integrated into the concept of an event building while simultaneously enabling integration with its technology.

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