Fog / Haze MAchines

Video Gallery

The Video Gallery of Fog / Haze MAchines is appended below:


1. What’s The Difference Between Fog and Haze Machines? | GetInTheMix Quickies


2. Haze or Smoke Machine?


3. Marq 400w Fog Machine vs Hazer having a party? Get the right product for your lights


4. Fog Machine for Filmmakers and Photographers! – MUST HAVE!




6. Making the Monster Fog Machine – Nicolas Salenc PBP


7. How To Use 3500W Dry Ice Low Fog Machine? | Dancing On The Cloud | DJ Setup


8. Marq 700 Haze Machine Review


9. How To Make a Cheap Fog Machine 10 Times More Powerful


10. How to utilize a fog and haze machines for video production