Meyer Sound – Audio Systems

Founded in 1979, Meyer Sound-Audio Systems was focused on scientific innovation and high-quality engineering to produce the greatest acoustic experiences imaginable. Every every paper cone, circuit board, and driver is meticulously manufactured to suit our exacting specifications.
Meyer Sound-Audio Systems have a famous unit-to-unit consistency, dependability, and lifespan because we constantly evaluate our manufacturing techniques and material choices and conduct extensive quality control. Is this what you get at the end? Authentic, unadulterated music.
The Sound of Science
There are more than 100 patents and a long number of industrial and technical accolades attributed to Meyer Sound, including the coveted R&D 100 Award. Together with a production staff that takes pleasure in their exquisite hand assembly, Meyer Sound’s scientists, acoustic and audio engineers, designers, and technicians all work together to provide the quality goods that set Meyer Sound unique.
A Firm Belief in Core Principles
As a result of the efforts of John and Helen Meyer, Meyer Sound has become a company that cares about its employees and the people it serves. On the worldwide stage, Meyer Sound is committed to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusiveness while adhering to environmentally friendly production processes, supporting the arts in our local community as well as throughout the world.
Finally, it is all about the journey.
All that we do revolves on innovation. It’s simpler to deliver excellent listening experiences with our complete bundle of system design and validation tools, training, and support. Meyer Sound gives the ideal acoustic experience for every application, whether it’s a corporate theatre, a worldwide concert tour, a place of worship, or something else entirely.