XLR Cables

Video Gallery

The Video Gallery of XLR Cables is appended below:


1. Are Expensive XLR Cables Worth It? (FAQ Series)


2. What is XLR?


3. How to Solder XLR Connections to make a new XLR cable


4. How To Solder XLR Microphone Cables [Step-By-Step Tutorial]


5. XLR – It’s all about Balanced Cable – Some of The Best to some of the most Worthless XLR Connectors


6. XLR & DMX cables | What’s the Difference?


7. Beginner’s guide to connecting audio cables (XLR, TRS, Hi-Z)


8. XLR cable BUYERS GUIDE (Guide and History of XLR Cables)


9. Twisted Pair & Star Quad XLR Cables | Which is better?


10. Amazon Basics XLR Mic Cable Review | Worth it?

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