XSF Truss

XSF Overview

XSF Truss was a small start-up founded by Jacky Hawthorne in 2002 while based in Emory, Texas.    Over the next four years, XSF consulted with Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, and structural engineer Michael Wells to develop a lightweight, cost-effective truss product line with a wide array of accessories.

Box Trusses - XSF Truss

XSF Truss History

In November of 2006, Mr. Wells was hired as acting President of XSF.  Shortly thereafter in January of 2007, Mr. & Mrs. Wells purchased the company. With a strong mission statement and a solid vision of XSF’s future, Mr Wells set out to find a new location and new beginning that would take the company into the next decade and beyond.

In 2008, Sulphur Springs, Texas became the right location for Xtreme Structures and Fabrication.  Large enough to meet growing market needs, with the ability to build large in-house test fit structures, a 43,000 sq. foot shop facility was purchased from the City through the Economic Development Group.

XSF is currently the oldest facility in the Sulphur Springs Industrial Park which has since filled to capacity with neighbors JB Weld, among others.

One year later Mark Newlin brought his industry expertise to the XSF team as a major shareholder in the company.  Mike and Mark’s strong customer focus, industry passion and unwavering emphasis on product superiority has systematically grown the company.

Leading the way in innovations and high quality, 100% USA made products, XSF continues to look to the future.

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