Virtual AGM

Virtual AGM provides a platform for companies, associations, and organizations to organize meetings with directors, employees, and stakeholders through an online platform. Digital solutions have legal limitations but also provide great opportunities for better engagement of stakeholders and shareholders. The common solutions like Webinar or normal video conferencing solutions are usually not enough, especially looking at their auditing capabilities.

Virtual AGM usually require the following features”

  • Invitation & Registration options
  • Online voting & polling,
  • Video Streaming & Content / Document Management
  • Activities for user engagement, Q&A, Suggestion Management
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • Attendance tracking & user audits
  • Live and post-event analytics

Most AGM solutions provide special security components to reduce the risk of data manipulations.

Link: A good overview of How to Virtual AGM

Virtual AGM Invitation & Registration Management

Through virtual AGM platforms, the organizers can send invitations and reminders to the participants more cost-effectively than ever. The invitations can be linked to internal databases that include all stakeholders. Many Virtual AGM platforms already have templates for the email invites and some of them allow customizing the invites as per your requirements. Most platforms have different types of tracking structures for those invitations.

The benefit of the digital management of the event is that participants can register online and gain immediate access to information. The virtual AGM Websites can support the pre-registration as well as the management of AGM proxies, nominees, and principals.

Virtual AGM Tracking & Auditing

The platform needs to support tracking and auditing components to satisfy the needs of auditors, scrutinizers, and support the submission to government authorities. Most platforms have front- and back-end tracking elements with a detailed report on all transactions on the system.

Online AGM Voting

The probably most important function during AGMs is the voting on resolutions or motions. The voting structure can be very simple, or rather sophisticated. More complex models include proxy-voting, weighted voting, conditional voting, voting rights, etc.


The participants should be able to vote easily through just a couple of clicks from their smartphones or meeting website. The results are immediate and can be shared or presented on the screens, displays, or reports. 

Audience responses and polling can also be streamed live on the presenter’s screen to all participants.

Most platforms provide different charting options for the voting result.


Virtual AGM Content Management

One of the most crucial parts of the AGM is that relevant content must be shared with the stakeholders on time. Virtual AGM platforms also support the upload and download of files, PPT, media, and other documents that can be accessed by the participants and stakeholders before, during, or after the meetings.

Virtual AGM Video Streaming

Videos and presentations are usually streamed by the presenters through professional video streaming platforms. The organizers can choose the option to stream the videos publicly and/or privately to the participants/stakeholders. Multiple parallel video streaming should be supported by the platform.

Virtual AGM platforms

Here’s the list of Virtual AGM platforms available in the market.

  1. Globibo –
  2. Q4Inc. –
  3. Colonial Stock Transfer –
  4. Socialive –
  5. Eqs Group –
  6. eventmobi –
  7. Lumi –
  8. Polyas –
  9. Tamplo –
  10. ptl –

Globibo EPS

Globibo EPS is a Software and Hardware integrated event management platform. From the pre-event to post-event, GlobiApp covers all the processes and components of the event. The platform can be used for any type of event like Virtual Meetings, Congresses, Conferences, Corporate Events, Marathons, Music concerts,  Networking events, and many more. It also supports full customization of mobile app and Website themes.

For Virtual AGMs, Globibo offers a lot of unique features like live streaming of multiple videos, audience engagement activities, audience responses, integrated voting & audit, registration, participant tracking, content management, and many more.


Q4 is dedicated to helping clients translate the same energy, enthusiasm, and thoughtful engagement of physical events, to their online video streamed events. Dedicated Q4 Events Managers collaborate with you to plan and produce a virtual event that is customized to your business objectives and corporate vision.

Colonial Stock Transfer

Colonial Stock Transfer offers Virtual Shareholder Meeting Services for Public and Private companies. The virtual meeting platform includes all the tools a company will need to manage attendees, chat, Q&A, shareholder voting, and more. You can always do a hybrid by switching modes during the meeting as follows:

  • Presentation: Only presenters are allowed to talk. Participants listen and can chat privately with presenters.
  • Q&A: Only presenters can talk. Participants can ask for permission to speak.
  • Discussion: Up to 25 participants can talk at the same time. Others listen


Social Live is constantly helping businesses cope with the Covid-19 outbreak by providing remote video solutions for teams. Socialive remote video solutions cover the wide range of meetings that can be conducted remotely like:

  • Virtual Events: Live stream keynotes & panels on social & owned channels
  • Executive Comms: Deliver video messages from leadership into internal platforms
  • Town Halls: Conduct organization-wide meetings remotely
  • Digital Career Fairs: Host recruitment info sessions & engage candidates online
  • Corporate Comms: Stay connected with customers through authentic video content

Eqs Group

With EQS you can organize your meetings digitally. EQA can support you – in close cooperation with your AGM service provider – in conducting an online AGM that meets all legal requirements. It supports the following features:

  • Digital voting and proxy authorization (optionally also by postal vote)
  • Video and audio broadcast of the entire AGM
  • Online q&a tool, for shareholder questions also during the annual general meeting (optional)



The AGMs of most companies in the UK (like in several other countries) run on Lumi’s technology, whether that be a physical meeting with poll cards, voting keypads, or online as well as mobile or indeed a combination of any of those formats, the so-called hybrid AGM. So clearly I do have a horse in this race, however… There are two points I would like to make on this subject, raised again in an article in this weekend’s Times.


Polyas provides an online voting platform for Virtual AGMs. One can Combine Online, Postal, and In-person Voting at AGMs Polyas election experts can take care of all of the organizational aspects of your election, from sending out login credentials via post or email to the creation of postal voting documents. While online elections are significantly cheaper, faster, and far less hassle, they are not always allowed in corporate bylaws.


With Tamplo you can set up efficient meetings online. On Tamplo Virtual AGM you can invite key members & other contributors. It allows you to choose the topics to be discussed in a few clicks and allow your team access to the collaborative agenda. Apart from this, it allows you to share files to be reviewed before the meeting


As emerging technology is leaving its mark on this sphere, it can render meetings less of a burden and can help with managing the entire process. ptl Virtual AGM software is having a range of functions such as integrating proxy voting data with scalable electronic voting for instant polling results and experienced technicians on hand who can support these legislative meetings, PTL can develop a solution that is right for your meeting.