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griven led lights

One of the world’s premier architectural lighting producers, GRIVEN, was created in 1990 by a private limited business. High quality, long-lasting, and weatherproof luminaires are included in the portfolio to provide the Griven LED lights industry professionals with the most innovative and alternative solutions at all times.

In 2001, GRIVEN embraced LED technology for the design of new lighting items that have since become must-haves in the entertainment and architecture markets. Incorporating the most advanced solid-state technology, these professional LED lighting solutions give high performance to the broadest range of applications.

Dynamic lighting’s limitless adaptability allows it to be used in even the most demanding light displays, thanks to a state-of-the-art array of surface mount, linear, recessed, and visual display projectors. It’s always been GRIVEN’s mission to be innovative and long-lasting. Sustainability and efficiency have also become key technical guidelines for items created in Italy and manufactured in the United States.

In architectural lighting, selecting the proper light source is essential. GRIVEN’s broad collection of lighting instruments is a lighting designer’s “dream come true” after years of study and development.

LED luminaires from GRIVEN’s extensive inventory have been a never-ending source of inspiration for the world’s best-known lighting designers and architects.

Griven solutions for modular, recessed, wall-washing, façade, and media pixel lighting applications are always at the forefront of sustainability, energy efficiency, and unquestionable performance.