Fresnel Fixture

Video Gallery

The Video Gallery of Fresnel Fixture is appended below:


1. Introduction to stage lighting equipment – the fresnel


2. RAYZR7 300 Daylight LED Fresnel Light – Unboxing and Setup


3. CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel [REVIEW]


4. 5 Epic LED Fresnel Lights From CAME-TV – Boltzen Review


5. CAME-TV 55w Boltzen LED fresnel light review by Matt Allard


6. 1000W Fresnel Tungsten Light Spotlight (HD)


7. CAME TV Boltzen LED Fresnel Light Review – Hands On Video with 30W & 55W Versions


8. Aputure Fresnel 2x Light Modifier Review


9. Church tech Talk Fresnel vs Ellipsoidal


10. What Does a Leko, Fresnel, or Parcan Light Look Like? And what the Heck is a Gobo?


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