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Cisco - Video ConferencingTo get the most out of your video conferencing, incorporate it into every collaboration session. Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of teamwork as employees become more mobile and dispersed. The use of video as a corporate tool is on the rise. As an example, practically everyone can participate in online meetings and video conferencing now that most desktop and mobile devices have built-in cameras.

Video conferencing is getting increasingly popular as people become used to it. Video conferencing avoids face-to-face meetings from becoming faceless phone calls when travel expenses are limited. Video conferencing is superior to audio-only calls because most communication is non-verbal.

Engaging people and making collaboration easy and natural are two goals that are achieved in part through the use of video conferencing. A new wave of technology has made video conferencing as simple and accessible as voice calls. There are many times when these experiences are better than really being there.

Employ technology that is simple to use and that is easy to manage. There is a single identity across all devices thanks to intuitive interactions, less IT dependency, and a single password. Administration, deployment, and troubleshooting are all made easier with a single platform for call control and management. Using the intelligent network, an integrated end-to-end video conferencing architecture provides a more secure, dependable, comprehensive and overall better experience for the end user than any other method.

When you can’t meet in person, use Cisco Video Conferencing to get the job done. Increase output by holding meetings with dozens or even hundreds of individuals all at once, whether they’re in the same country or all around the world. Attend meetings at your convenience, listen to presentations again, and conveniently navigate through the agenda using terms and presenters you know.

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