Electro-Voice – Audio Systems

Electro-Voice Audio Systems like Speakers, microphones, amplifiers, and digital signal processing (DSP).


More than 90 years after the company was founded, Electro Voice is still developing cutting-edge sound reinforcement solutions – equipment that empower performers while also meeting and exceeding expectations of the sound technician.
There are few firms that develop all components in-house—enclosures, wave guides and drivers—to provide high quality for every audio application, from a stand-alone loudspeaker to networked sound. Transducers speak for themselves: Electro Voice Audio Systems aim to ensure that their transducers are completely transparent and linear  to reduce the need for external processing. Patents are the ultimate proof that they invent, and others copy their ideas.
To meet the ever-increasing expectations of audiences, performers, and production professionals throughout the world, Electro-Voice is always inventing new products. Electro Voice Audio Systems’ loudspeakers are built to the highest standards of quality control and dependability. Safety limits for speaker enclosures are frequently exceeded.
They share their enthusiasm for high-quality sound with their customers. All of this is founded on decades and years spent in the field by professionals who are dedicated to making the best in class speakers and microphones available at a reasonable price. In the end, their consumers rely on us because they know we have a thorough grasp of what makes a great sound. To the company, this is the driving force behind our success as industry leaders.


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