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1. UHF wireless discussion conference microphone

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: UHF wireless discussion conference microphone

hello everyone Stanley from yummy today I would like to introduce our wireless conference system YC u 8 9 2 this is a flexible conference system easily sticking up and suitable for the conference and the YC u89 to have more powerful functions than other discussion systems first it's a wireless systems no communicative installations and easily moving second with the life of and stable UHF technology the operation distance is from 60 to 100 meters depends our different conditions besides it it can avoid the interference of the Wi-Fi and illumination lights sir the main unit has about one solid microphones and five microphones can be turn off at the center the chair unit can shut down all the TV units let me have a try this is a Charmin unit and this is the delicate unit when the Chairman want to speak first the speak button the LED he can speak hello hello and when the delegate want to speak first the speak button and he can speak hello hello then the Chairman want to shut down the dedicate press the red button and the gate struggle hello hello hello didi K cannot speak force the main unit ycu 8 9 2 m can extend evade the attacking functions by adding a video tracking units ycb 800m we were talking in the second part look at the equipment the microphone is with a nice design we have three colors gray black and slim we use special rechargeable lithium battery points it can work for eight hours keep in speaking and stand by for 30 hours the charging base it can charge for 60 pieces batteries and the case is with wheels let me teach you how to use this unit most Charmin and delicate unit has a speaking pattern after you turn on the magnet because press the speaking bottom of the delicate and swing to begin button of the challenge then you can talk hello hello hello hello and you can see there is a nice LED screen here and three buttons on it this is the Menu button and this is a warning button you can press the button to adjust hello hello hello and then you can see that volume and screen here this is the main unit and this is power switch and audio indicator this is China volume knob and this is dedicated one two three four volume knob and this is the main unit key you can adjust the conference mode and this is the conference recording systems and you can connect it with the USB jack let's see the back of the main unit we have four antennas this connectors is choose video tracking functions unit and this connectors is a power connectors and this makes six point three conductors and this is L XLR connectors that's all for sharing today for facial informations please visit our website thanks for watching


2. Philips SmartMeeting wireless conference microphone with Sembly AI




I heart u [Musik] challenge Halo Kembali lagi bersama kami Crash quality through Innovation beberapa tahun belakangan ini aplikasi meeting online sering digunakan untuk berbagai kegiatan seperti webinar belajar-mengajar presentasi online ataupun meeting pekerjaan dengan penggunaan aplikasi meeting online tersebut kres mengeluarkan produk terbaru berupa microphone konferensi Wales resensi 821 er terdiri dari delapan microphone dan satu receiver yang bisa hubungkan ke komputer ataupun smartphone menggunakan kabel USB serta dilengkapi dengan fitur yang menarik lainnya resensi 821 er bisa digunakan tanpa fungsi wireless atau sebagai nirkabel menggunakan frekuensi UHF dengan daya tangkap 30 sampai dengan 50 m ada channel frekuensi yang bisa dipindah sesuai dengan kebutuhan resensi 821 er dapat digunakan sebanyak 10 secara bersamaan berikut adalah bagian-bagian dan fitur microphone krezt MC 821 er bagian receiver knob volume control microphone knob mix volume sekaligus power on-off DSP atau digital sound processor tombol volume audio yang sekaligus menjadi tombol next dan reviews and music dan kekejaman tombol mod berfungsi untuk memiliki fitur bluetooth record atau Play music tombol speaker fungsi untuk menjeda pemutaran musik atau rekaman tombol record berfungsi untuk mengaktifkan dan menonaktifkan fungsi rekam tombol Eco plus dan tombol Eco minus berfungsi untuk mengatur efek Eko microphone tombol cukup untuk mengatur efek musik tombol priority berfungsi untuk mengurangi suara musik secara otomatis jika mikrofon digunakan tombol anti Holing berfungsi mengurangi tipe-x lubang mic input digunakan untuk input microphone tambahan Lebak earphone untuk menghubungkan resiko harga earphone atau headphone port USB type a digunakan untuk menghubungkan flashdisk untuk menyimpan file ke kamar atau memutar musik F untuk memasukkan SD card untuk menyimpan file pertama atau memutar musik 4 konektor antena input power empat lubang XL LD lens untuk menghubungkan receiver ke mixer amplifier ataupun speaker lubang out microphone hubungkan receiver ke mixer amplifier ataupun speaker portwest BBE untuk menghubungkan receiver ke komputer Hai guys smartphone mix out untuk menghubungkan receiver ke amplifier mixer speaker atau ke kamera hutan pohon atau record hubungkan receiver ke perangkat perekam suara tambahan atau smartphone bagian mikrofon mikrofon tutup atau Goodnight yang bisa dilepas pasang dari pedestal tombol on-off tombol untuk memilih atau memindah frekuensi xlr output microphone untuk menghubungkan microphone ke amplifier mixer atau stiker menggunakan kabel knob volume microphone untuk mengatur volume mic input charger berfungsi untuk menghubungkan adaptor untuk charger baterai A2 pringatan charger lah baterai saat microphone tidak digunakan untuk mengantisipasi kerusakan pada mesin pemerintah ya untuk menggunakan microphone krezt m821 er ke komputer atau smartphone sebagai pendukung meeting online Anda cukup menghubungkan microphone tersebut menggunakan kabel USB yang sudah tersedia Anda cukup ke pengaturan audio di aplikasi dan pilih microphone dengan nama USB microphone m821 er pastikan ketika membuka aplikasi meeting online kabel USB dari menikah Perangkat sudah keras memberikan garansi servis selama satu tahun dan ketersediaan sparepart selama tiga tahun Terima kasih sudah menonton video ini dan nantikan video kami selanjutnya lebih lanjut kunjungi website kami di http://www.oto.com dan Crash quality through innovation


4. Wireless Mic MURAH Terbaik di Bawah 1 Juta ,True Deversity 800 RIBU


5. WODWIN Best Wireless Conference Microphone Speaker WIN-DM5B


6. Vāk 30 Wireless Conference System by Studiomaster Professional


7. Microflex Wireless: MXW System Overview | Shure

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Microflex Wireless: MXW System Overview | Shure

IMicroflex wireless system provides a great sounding simple to use wireless microphone solution for conference rooms and meeting environments this video will take a closer look at the various components that comprise the Microflex wireless system while providing some basic guidance for configuring a system unlike other installed wireless microphone systems all frequency management is handled automatically mxw operates in the 1.9 gigahertz or DECT band free from concerns over DTV interference whites based devices or future UHF spectrum reallocation a complete system consists of the wireless microphones themselves a multi-channel access point transceiver a networked charging station in an audio network interface the system is scalable in to 4 or 8 channel groupings up to a maximum of 40 microphones in a single space region dependent for every additional group of microphones simply add another access point charger and network interface all mxw components connect using readily available shielded cat5e or cat6 cable which carry both control and dante digital audio the system can easily coexist on a corporate data network or run entirely stand-alone within the mxw series there are four microphone choices handheld gooseneck boundary and body pack all microphone transceivers utilize sure's robust lithium-ion rechargeable battery which provides up to eight hours of continuous runtime and is field replaceable gooseneck boundary and body pack transact from monitoring returned audio from the access point the MX w6 boundary microphone features a programmable mute switch with bicolor status LED and is available with either cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns the MX w 8 gooseneck transceiver bass shares the switch and led configuration of the MX w6 and is compatible with the MX 405 410 or 415 LP gooseneck microphones the MX w2 handheld microphone options include the sm58 or beta 58 dynamic microphones or the SM 86 or VP 68 condenser microphones lastly the MX w1 body pack transmitter features a built-in omnidirectional microphone and a TA 4m connector that is compatible with sure lavalier and had one microphones plugging in a microphone automatically switches to the external mic the mxw access point transceiver functions as both the antenna and multi-channel receiver a single access point can support two four or eight microphones depending on which model is specified one or two channels of return audio are transmitted back to the microphones as well hence the transceiver designation a single Ethernet cable is the only connection to the access point the device requires power over ethernet in order to operate a mounting bracket and paintable cover are included an embedded browser-based user interface is provided for system setup and monitoring the access point is compatible with command strings sent over IP for integration with room control systems the network charging station provides the dual purpose of charging the microphones when not in use and linking the microphones into the system as part of the configuration process for this reason the charging stations are not optional just like the access point there are two four and eight channel variants when specifying a system there must be one charge slot for every microphone note that gooseneck microphones occupy two charged slots so a system with four gooseneck microphones actually requires an 8 channel charger 8 gooseneck microphones require 2 8 channel chargers and so on a network connection is required for the charging station and it is highly recommended that this connection be permanent for optimum system performance the audio network interface or anny serves as a Dante off-ramp converting networked digital audio back to individual mic aux or line level analog outputs audio inputs are included for routing external signals to the headphone jacks on the microphone transceivers a front panel headphone jack is provided for monitoring or troubleshooting audio problems the anny is available in 4 or 8 channel configurations the rear panel of the network interface features a four port network switch allowing small systems to operate without the need for any external network hardware port one provides power over ethernet for the access point port 4 can be configured in uplink mode which blocks device and Dante discovery this is recommended for connection to corporate networks the audio network interface is just one of many options for routing Dante audio channels from Microflex Wireless for example the shirt SCM 820 - da n delivers automatic mixing on its 8 Dante inputs and can be used in place of the an e to deliver a single mixed output for 8 mxw microphones additionally there are over 200 brands of Dante enabled devices for use with the Microflex wireless access point simply select the one that best meets your clients signal processing and connectivity requirements and utilize the Dante controller application available from the audinate website to route the channels remember that you will need a managed gigabit switch with power over ethernet for the access point when connecting to other Dante devices all mxw components support both automatic and static IP addressing since the devices do not have displays or external controls for IP address configuration setup is done using the embedded graphical user interface use the share web device discovery application to find sure devices and view their IP addresses note that the charging stations do not have a user interface double click on the access point or an e to open the device no other software is required for micro flex Wireless the following videos in this series will walk you through everything you need to know to install a micro flex wireless system including mounting and placing access points setting static IP addresses and creating configurations


8. Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Conference System Overview | Full Compass

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Conference System Overview | Full Compass

hi I'm Ryan Shannon with Revo labs and this is our new executive Elite Eight channel wireless microphone system we've moved to a larger form factor with elite and it's allowed us to include a higher quality mic element higher quality chipset and better analog to digital conversion we've also moved to a double-a rechargeable battery and we're getting up to 20 hours of talktime on a full charge this is our directional mic it's placed on the table and it's good for up to three people one person at zero degrees and two people outside of that at 45 degrees there's a touch capacitive mute here so just the warmth of your finger well mute and unmute the microphone this is our omnidirectional mic which has a 360-degree pickup pattern and it's good for a six foot to seven foot pickup pattern radius and the Omni has a touch capacitive mute on each side of the microphone we also have a six inch gooseneck and a 12 inch gooseneck and we'll also include the release of the wearable microphone the XLR adapter and our ta 4 adapter the elite charger is magnetic so if you get the microphone close to the charger it'll pull it right into place and charge the batteries so as you can see the magnets on the charger are very strong you can take this and turn it around and the mics will stay on the charger the charger is also lipped so it can be recessed into a credenza if you want to route out a credenza and for our tabletop charging options we have the crossover adapter so this is half of the crossover adapter there's two solutions this is a semi-permanent mic location charging station right on top of the table so this cable can be routed through the bottom of the wedge or can come out the back and this small footprint will sit on the table and you can place your microphone into that charging location it will charge the batteries and the mic will also run if somebody opens up a laptop in front of the microphone you can remove the mic and you'll have 20 hours of talktime a more permanent solution is the door so when you purchase a crossover adapter you will get a new door that is not this that will screw down to the table the power wedge gets installed in the center and the cable can go through the table then you take the batteries out and your microphone snaps into place and now you have a permanent microphone location on the table that is always powered and that's the permanent solution for of the crossover adapter so we've come up with some different options for people that are worried about battery life or returning the microphones to the charger so our eight channel systems are one rack unit and we've moved to a remote antenna so this is our remote antenna and this can be a hundred meters 328 feet away from the base station so this solves a lot of problems of having the antenna in a closet away from the area where the microphones will be used now you can install the antenna right in the space where the microphones are being used and you'll have clear line-of-sight from the antenna to the microphones so we see these products being installed in high-end boardrooms complementing video conferencing they can also be used in voice lift applications live sound reinforcement we have an AV B output we have USB output or analog output we also have a browser-based interface so you can connect to the box via Mac or PC iPhone or tablet and you can view the there's a vu meter real-time status of battery percentage you have different mute functions that you can do we've introduced a push-to-talk mode you can upgrade the firmware remotely on this box and completely manage our systems remotely so if you have more questions contact your full compass sales representative or log on to full compass com


9. !!NEW!! Wireless Conference Microphone UHF(Sherman MIC-440+)


10. 2021 Model Kevler TCM Series Wireless Conference Mic – Initial Sync

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: 2021 Model Kevler TCM Series Wireless Conference Mic - Initial Sync

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