Hubsan – Drones

Hubsan Overview

Hubsan specializes in Drone technology, providing a wide range of different Drones catered to different users. They provide First-Person-View (FPV) drones, quadcopters, racing drones, and other drones accessories. Similar to most drones companies, they cater from recreational uses to commercial usage through camera/sensors attached to such drones.

Hubsan Introduction & History

Newcomers to the industry, Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Company Limited of FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Wireless Applications, better known as Hubsan, was founded in 2010 and took the drone industry by storm. In just 5 years, a 2015 Q3 ranking, Hubsan took 15 spots in the top 20 drones outshining many recognized industry leaders.

Hubsan Products


  • This Quadcopter is GPS precise positioning and a one-key smart automatic return drone.
  • Real-time Aerial photograph and HD picture display
  • Make you  Experience Interesting Sport By following my function
  • Stand in GPS module 4.3 Inch LCD screen can achieve precise control over a long distance to keep Safety this drone from harm.


  • This Quadcopter  is a Superior Functionality Drone
  • Excellence performance
  • Easy to fly
  • One key smart automatic return
  • GPS can precise positioning and lock the drone high and position in the air to keep a safe fly
  • Stable function and its convenient operation; make interesting flight
  • Simple and smooth operations make human-machine incorporate


  • The world’s smallest Quadcopter
  • Flying weight: 50g
  • HD camera
  • The capability of flying in the dark

HUBSAN X4 CAM Brushless- H501C

  • The aerial live view and stunning pictures  give you a brand new expectation that shocking  your mind
  • Automatic Return Function that means GPS enables the quadcopter to enter into a failsafe mode when the connection of the remote controller is lost
  • GPS built-in, can control the drone position, Hovering at a specific level
  • Long flying time and large battery capacity
  • High-Efficiency Brushless Motor and each motor is made by the superb technology, make  more powerful and more durable


  • A precise control system, Failsafe mode
  • Make the aerial photographer easier
  • Unique rotary switch, Easily control the shooting  angle