Tour Guide Systems

A basic tour guide system includes a transmitter fitted with a microphone into which the tour operator speaks and attendee receivers or headsets which are used by the audience. Most companies provide a charging station for the receivers or headsets as well as a carrying case for the system components. Familiarise yourself with the variety of tour guide systems out there for your needs.

Please find below an overview of the most common manufacturers of Tour Guide Systems.

Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems

EK 1039 tour guide system
EK 1039

EK 1039 Tour Guide System

A Sennheiser product, the EK 1039 is an exceptionally rugged Tour Guide Systems receiver. It is designed for applications such as guided tours, multi-language interpretation, assistive listening, and command applications for example in the fields of sports. The EK 1039 can be used with all Sennheiser headphones and induction loops with a 3.5 mm jack plug.


  • Easy to operate
  • Up to 32 channels in parallel
  • Speech is highly intelligible
  • Simple channel selection and volume setting
  • Channel and battery status showed clearly on the display
  • Customizable channel name makes it easy to find the desired channel
  • Copy function between receivers for easy preset handling
  • Configurable lock function for protection against the unwanted operation
  • 75 MHz switching bandwidth – the tour guide system with the widest range
  • Adaptive Diversity technology for improved RF reception quality
  • Reliable operation with standard AA cells or rechargeable batteries
  • Speech is highly intelligible thanks to an audio bandwidth of 15 kHz
SK 2000 Tour Guide System
SK 2000

SK 2000 Tour Guide System

This lightweight yet sturdy bodypack transmitter is a delight for both the musician and the audience. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits even the sound of a bass guitar with rich fundamentals. Three RF output powers (four in the US version) provide longer transmission ranges or more channels per frequency range. The rechargeable batteries of the SK 2000 (optional) can be charged right in the unit using external charging contacts. This system is also manufactured by Sennheiser.


  • Sturdy all-metal housing
  • Up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth
  • 20 fixed frequency banks with up to 64 compatible presets
  • 6 banks each with up to 64 tunable channels
  • Frequency setting in 25 kHz steps
  • Pilot tone squelch for interference-free operation
  • External charging contacts for recharging battery BA 2015 in the transmitter
  • Backlit display on the transmitter (keystroke activation)
  • Auto-lock feature to prevent buttons from being pressed accidentally
  • Audio and RF MUTE feature for muting the transmitter
  • Wide range of accessories for virtually any use
  • Enhanced audio frequency response in the bass range for optimum transmission from bass guitars
  • Input sensitivity above 60 dB can be set in 3 dB steps
  • Transmitters can be configured from the receiver menu
  • Can be synchronized with the receiver using an infrared interface
  • Wide range of accessories for virtually any use
Sennheiser 2020 Tour Guide System
Sennheiser 2020

Sennheiser 2020 Tour Guide System

Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems 2020-D is the unique guided tour system for any city or business tour ensuring that you will be heard both clearly and distinctly. Your audience will simply need to wear a wireless Tourguide receiver. Receivers come in 2 types:
1. Sennheiser HDE 2020-D Stethoset receiver
2. Sennheiser EK 2020-D Bodypack receiver

The handheld transmitter has an integrated microphone and is the easiest way to address your audience. Should a tour participant pose a question, just hand over the microphone, and the question will be clearly heard by everybody. Interviewing an expert in front of your audience will make your tour even more interesting.

The portable charger case has been designed to be highly user-friendly. It acts as both the storage case for all the equipment and the charging station for the Tourguide transmitter and receivers. Two charging bays for the transmitter (or its rechargeable battery pack) and twenty charging bays for the receivers are provided. An impressive feature of the charging case is the Copy button. All you need to do is to set one receiver to the correct channel, press this button just once, and all of the other receivers in the case will immediately be set to the same channel.

The Sennheiser tour guide systems can be purchased here.

Anleon Tour Guide Systems

Anleon Tour Guide System
Anleon 902mhz-927mhz Tour Guide Wireless System

Anleon Tour Guide System

The Anleon 902mhz-927mhz Tour Guide Systems Wireless System Church System translation equipment simultaneous interpretation equipment includes 1 Transmitter and 5 Receivers. It operates in the license-free 902-927 MHz ISM band. ISM band requires no user licensing. The system has a low power consumption design for long playtime of up to 26 hours. It requires human language interpretation


  • PLL frequency synthesis technique for stable signal transmission. 
  • UHF frequency range with 6 selectable channels 
  • One transmitter can be operated with multiple receivers within the operating range 
  • Dynamic expanding circuit for high S/N ratio. 
  • Complex interference-free circuit for using more than 4 sets simultaneously without mutual interference 
  • Both transmitter and receiver use LCD-display to indicate frequency, channel, battery, level status 
  • Long operating range up to 100m 
  • Wireless tour guiding, simultaneous translation, audio-visual education 
  • Carrier Frequency:902 907 912 917 922 927Mhz
  • Frequency Response:30Hz–15KHz 
  • Number of Channels:6 
  • Transmit Power:<10dBmS/N Ratio:>50dB 
  • Operating Range: >100m 

The Anleon Tour Guide System can be found on the Anleon Electronic Co. website here.

Snazzy Tour Guide Systems

SZ Wise Unite Tour guide System

SZ Wise Unite System

SZ Wise Unite Tour Guide System

This snazzy Tour Guide system is a wireless audio guide and communication system, Radio guide system, simultaneous interpretation system, wireless communication system, and wireless tour guide equipment. The system features a standby of 23 hours which makes it ideal for long-time use.


  • UHF for license-free ( UHF 794~806MHZ,863-865 MHZ )(5milliwatt)
  • 32 channels for multiple groups to use simultaneously
  • Complete digital audio technology
  • Anti-interference
  • Hi-fi acoustic quality, CD quality
  • 200m-300m long-distance talk range
  • Full-day usage without charge
  • No limit to the number of receivers
  • A portable charger is available 

The SZ Wise Unite Tour guide system is available here.

TourTalk Tour Guide System

TourTalk TT 40-TG24M tour guide system

The Tourtalk TT 40-TG24M is a complete tour guide system comprising 1 transmitter with a headband microphone (for the presenter), 24 receivers with earphones (for the audience), and a charger transport case.


  • Complete lightweight tour guide system with charger transport case
  • Quick charging batteries for transmitters and receivers
  • Integrated microphone, microphone socket, and an aux-in socket on transmitter
  • Microphone mute switch with status LED
  • Channel/group lock for reliable operation
  • The transmitter is supplied with a lapel microphone and aux-in lead
  • Headband microphone for the guide
  • Receivers supplied with single earphones
  • License-free use within Europe
  • Clear LCD with battery status and channel/group number

You can purchase Tour Talk products from their website here.

Monacor Tour Guide Systems



Suitable as a tour guide system and for any other application in which a certain audio source or voice source is to be distributed to one or more receivers. Wireless transmissions of audio signals with one transmitter and one receiver are also possible. Due to the small frequency spacing in this free frequency range, a simultaneous operation of not more than two transmitters is recommended (with optimum conditions, up to 4 transmitters max. are possible)


  • 16-channel Mono PLL Audio Transmission System, 863-865 MHz
  • Built-in speaker
  • Including matching clip-on earphones with rubber ear hook
  • Status indication of reach. battery
  • Operating positions: on/standby/off
  • Volume level control, belt clip
  • Power supply via 2 x 1.2 V NiMH rech. battery AA size (not supplied)
  • Dimensions: 65 x 92 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 80 g

You can purchase Monacor technology products including the ATS-10R here.

LinkX Tour Guide Systems

Digital UHF Tour Guide System

TG-288/Dual Digital UHF Tour guide system

The revolutionary new design TG-288/288Dual brings a new look to the eTour family and carries on the success of the TG-200 series. The TG-288/288Dual has an elegant appearance and comfortable grip, secure and stable transmission, crystal clear digital audio quality, larger size LCD, thoughtful built-in microphone, user-friendly interface, and multiple battery options.

TG-288/Dual Digital UHF Tour Guide system

The external mic and aux inputs on the transmitter and the separate earphone and aux outputs on the receiver provide flexible group guide application. The system can choose rechargeable or disposable battery power options for numerous applications with a run time of approximately 12hrs per charge. Charging is available via a micro USB port and the optional 2/12/35-slot charging cases.


  • Individual mic input and aux input on the transmitter. Connect external multimedia (Mp3/smartphone) to the aux input to wirelessly transmit content to the receivers
  • The convenience of the built-in microphone eliminates the need to worry about the loss or sudden failure of the external microphone.
  • Separate earphone output and aux level output on the receiver. Connect the recorder to the aux output to capture the content
  • Optimized digital sound quality and reliable transmission
  • Auto synchronize receiver with transmitter channel
  • Bright large size LCD displays channel number, mic/earphone volumes, battery meter, and receiver signal strength
  • Rechargeable AA battery option
  • Energy saving- The receiver will power off when no input signal is detected for 20 minutes
  • Selectable Lanyard and belt clip
  • TG-288Dual features Two-way duplex communication function allows receivers to have conversations within the group

You can buy the TG-288 digital tour guide system from the Linkx website here.

Vox Tour Guide Systems

Vox Tour-guide-systems


  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Unbeatable range and 40-hour continuous usage
  • Reliable pairing every time
  • Multi-channel streaming
  • On-demand long-term and short-term rentals
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Guaranteed on-time logistics
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Eco-sustainable and recyclable cases with reusable handles

The Vox tour guide system can be found on the Vox Group website here.

Williams Sound Tour Guide Systems

Williams Sound - DWS INT 4 300

Williams Sound – DWS INT 4 300

Williams Sound – DWS INT 4 300

The DWS INT 4 300 Language Interpretation System from Williams Sound is a portable wireless single-speaker, 2-language interpretation system which is designed for small to medium-sized group venues where one language is shared by two interpreters. This system consists of 3 DLT 300 transceivers, 25 DLR 360 receivers, a MIC 054 lapel microphone, 2 MIC 044 2P headset microphones, 25 EAR 022 earphones, a CCS 044 silicone skin, a CHG 102 Digi-Wave 2-bay charger, a CCS 042 DW carrying case, and 25 sets of AAA Alkaline batteries for the receivers.


  • Additional DLT 300’s can be purchased separately to accommodate up to 14 additional languages
  • Additional DLR 360’s can be purchased separately to accommodate additional listeners
  • Portable wireless single-speaker, 2-language interpretation system
  • Serves up to twenty-five listeners

The DWS sound system can be purchased from the Williamson website here.

ListenTalk Tour Guide System


Listen to Stationary and Mobile systems

The tour guide system consists of a stationary RF transmitter and wireless RF receivers. Some of them are of fixed frequency, and others are programmable. When you equip the room with a wireless receiver, you provide to participants full freedom to move and at the same time listen to the presenter or the lecturer. The high-quality and comfortable radio receiver works at a frequency of 863 MHz and has the possibility to offer up to 17 broadband and 40 narrowband channels.


Because of this, the tour guide system turns into a popular choice for the creation or expansion of a sound system. There is a possibility to work both with stereo and mono earphones. The LCD display ensures to each user a choice of channel, level of the battery, and information about the volume of the signal, and a light diode in the upper part of each receiver shows the status of the power supply and the status of the battery.


The wireless tour guide system consists of a mobile RF transmitter and mobile RF receivers. Some of the receivers and programmable and are completely suitable for a wide range of applications.
The RF transmitter, no matter whether it transmits voice or music, provides a clear and reliable signal to be used in an environment without additional synchronization installed. The wireless audio device is easily used in case of events in the open air, in classrooms, during tours around a factory, in training premises, etc.

You can purchase ListenTalk equipment here.

JTS Tour Guide System


JTS Mobile Tour Guide system

The JTS tour guide system is modern, lightened, mobile, and extremely innovative. It is easy to both use and transport. It is completely suitable to be used both in the open air and in premises covering a distance of up to 60 m between the receiver and the transmitter. It disposes of 16 pieces of fixed channels. Each console is supplied with a Lithium battery, which provides longer work for the devices. The transmitter is with built-in condenser microphone allowing direct speaking without any need to use an additional external microphone. Every console has a LED display where the selected channel is displayed.

You can purchase the JTS tour guide system here.


The two-way portable Wireless Audio Transceiver (WAT) WAT-01TW system consists of an audio transmitter and a set of transceivers. The Tour Guide Systems can speak to the transmitter and visitors can hear from the receivers. When a visitor presses a button on the receiver, he can speak to the handset and all the others in the group will hear him. At the same time, the guide can still speak. It allows two people to speak at the same time and the people in one group can interact with each other. It is very good for a factory tour guide. The model comes with an ear-hanging receiver. This car hanging receiver can only Receive sound, but not talking. This means, in a group, two guides can speak simultaneously and other people can use the ear-hanging receiver to listen to them.


  • Limitless amount of wireless receivers for each transmitter.        
  • The two-way transmission allows people in one group to interact. Allow two people to talk at the same time.
  • The wider band allows crystal-clear sound transmission.
  • Advanced microchips ensure very little noise and compact size.
  • High-Tech Rechargeable Lithium battery with large capacity.
  • 250 meters range from the transmitter to the receivers.
  • 23 independent channels.
  • Easy to use multi-port battery charger.

You can find the WAT 01TW tour guide system on the Mix Tech website here.

MEDER tour guide system
MEDER tour guide system
Transmitter and receiver

MEDER tour guide system

Make sure all your visitors, customers, and business associates understand your explanations clearly, with unlimited group size. With the MEDER Tour Guide System, each participant can adjust their volume individually and understands everything clearly. The flow of information is always guaranteed, regardless of the distance to the guide and possibly existing background noise. The transmitter has a special function that detects and filters out unwanted noise, ensuring a clear voice output.


  • Remote channel definition of the Tour Guide System receivers via Infrared
  • Key lock function for the Tour Guide System receivers to avoid unwanted switching of the channels
  • The noise sensitivity level can be chosen to filter out background noises
  • Operating range up to 200m
  • No miscommunication and no need to raise the voice – even in loud background
  • Up to 30 channels can be used simultaneously
  • Unlimited group sizes
  • Analog or digital voice transmission
  • Suitable for the hearing impaired with our mono earphones or our induction loop
  • High wearing comfort
  • Operating time of up to 35 hours
  • 15 channels
  • Frequency range 863 – 865 MHz

Buy the Meder Tour guide system here.

Retekess Tour Guide Systems

Retekess Tour Guide System-T130

This is the most cost-effective high-quality product from Retekess. It adopts an advanced phase-locked loop synthesis design, stable signal, less squelch, and clear sound. It is the best choice for travel or translation.


  • Supports customizing your logo on the device
  • One-click auto pairing to all receivers
  • Phase-locked loop synthesis design anti-jamming
  • Pocket size, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry
  • The transmitter works continuously for more than 12 hours and the receiver for more than 18 hours
  • 99 channels allow 99 groups to be used simultaneously in the same range
  • A variety of combinations to meet your diverse needs
  • With a portable charging case
  • Supports microphone input and auxiliary audio input
  • Transmitter features a lavalier microphone and lanyard for hands-free use
  • 30 days no reason to return, mainframe 2 years warranty
Retekess t130
Retekess t130

More information at Retekess Product Website

Retekess Tour Guide System-T122

This product is feature-rich to meet your various needs. Working distance and standby time are sufficient for most travel, training, and church events.


  • Supports customizing your logo on the device
  • Communication distances of up to 150 meters in open areas
  • One-click auto pairing to all receivers
  • One-button mute transmitter
  • One key to turn off all receivers on the same channel
  • 2.4G is free to use worldwide.
  • A variety of combinations to meet your diverse needs
  • Supports microphone input and auxiliary audio input
  • With 36 channels multiple groups can be used in the same location
  • 3 hours to be fully charged, the transmitter works for 12 hours, the receiver works for 18 hours
  • 30 days no reason to return, mainframe 2 years warranty
Retekess tt122
Retekess tt122

More information at Retekess Product Website

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