Event Mobile Apps

Event Mobile Apps

1. Cvent

Country: Virginia

The Cvent Event Cloud offers software solutions to event planners and marketers for online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, onsite solutions, and attendee engagement. Cvent’s suite of products automate and simplify the planning process to maximize the impact of events. The Cvent Hospitality Cloud partners with hotels and venues to help them drive group and corporate travel business. Website:https://www.cvent.com/

2. Eventer

Country: Australia

EventairFor 30 years, the team at EventsAIR has developed some of the biggest innovations in the event management industry. What got us here? The same thing that makes us different: Our point of view. Our background is in event management, so we think like event organizers. We design and develop according to what will make life easier for attendees, and what will benefit the host organization. We exist to deliver clever solutions to our customers. Winning for us isn’t just about helping our customers succeed in their business goals, but delighting them and exceeding their expectations. By doing an excellent job, we will transform the events industry. Website:https://eventsair.com/

3. DoubleDutch

Country: United States


DoubleDutch develops event management software for the events industry worldwide. It provides a live engagement platform that includes applications, integrations, and performance metrics which allows orchestrating live events; and an online event registration solution that enables the creation of custom event registration pages collects registrant information and payments online, manages pre-event activity and correspondence, and optimize registrant data.
DoubleDutch offers solutions for external events, internal meetings, and associations. It serves customers ranging from brands to local associations for their external and internal corporate meetings, tradeshows and expos, associations, and conferences.
Lawrence Coburn and Pankaj Prasad founded DoubleDutch in 2010, with its headquarters in San Francisco in California and additional offices in Phoenix in Arizona and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It operates as a subsidiary of Cvent as of June 10, 2019. Website:https://dl.doubledutch.me/ipad-iPhone-event-app.html

4. Globibo

Country: Hong Kong


Since Day 1 Globibo has been a privately run company. Our Team, our Customers, and our SustainaBuild Program have always been the most important driver of our strategy. Our History is full of exciting moments. So much of our history is written every day, that the list below can just serve as some selected stepping stones on a long journey. Website:https://www.globibo.com/media/event-mobile-application.php

5. Whova

Country: USA


Provide the best experience to your attendees with the award-winning event app! Enable them to participate and interact more actively, and build two times more connections. Up-to-date event information, personalized agenda, live polls, messages, and exciting photos are all at their fingertips. Website:https://whova.com/

6. Bizzabo

Country: New York


Back in 2011, our founders, Eran, Alon, and Boaz were working on another startup and attending a lot of events. They noticed that there wasn’t yet a way to bring attendees closer together, so they got to work.
After months of working out of a family garage, they realized that connecting event attendees was just the beginning. What they needed to do was connect all of the parts that go into organizing awesome professional events.
Today, we’re the world’s fastest-growing event technology company. Our event success platform empowers event marketers to manage, measure, and grow professional events across the globe. We are pioneers of event technology and champions of our customer’s success. Website:https://www.bizzabo.com/

7. Eventorg

Country: USA


EventOrg allows organizations to publish a single app that hosts multiple events simultaneously with minimal tech support. You can customize apps’ background, header, themes and icons. These apps are unique in their design and specific in their branding.EventOrg Main highlight is its extremely easy to use CMS enabling event organizers to manage their events easily. Website:https://www.eventorg.co/

8. Splashhat

Country: USA


Designed to help teams build and host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, Splash enables people to do what they love: create memorable experiences, new connections, and business value. Through the powerful combination of data and design, teams can market, measure, and scale their event programs quickly and in ways that were previously impossible. Website:https://splashthat.com/about

9. Eventboost

Country: Switzerland


The Eventboost check-in app expands the event management platform capabilities to on-site services: welcome, guest management, badge printing attendance, real-time updates, instant metrics, and many other features. Use as many devices as you need, they’ll be securely synced in real-time through our cloud. Eventboost makes life easier for your guests, checking them in a snap by scanning the QR code ID provided in the confirmation email, or with its fast guest search capability. You can easily register last-minute walk-ins or accompanying guests too. Website:https://www.eventboost.com/

10. Evenium

Country: USA


Every corporate company needs to hold corporate meets for global success. Evenium Net is the right platform which features impactful solutions for event management and invitation process. Through Evenium Net companies can seamlessly integrate websites with database and CRM tools on a mobile or desktop device. The app is affordable, and a complete solution to carry out registration, ticketing and invitation process for successful events. Website:https://corp.evenium.com/en/

11. Gigwell

Country: USA


Gigwell is booking management software that features all the right tools to make an event successful. The app provides tools to maximize and is the right choice for artists and booking agencies. Gigwell has been the favorite app among some of the renowned speakers, live artists, and booking agents. The app helps in discovering new talents, sell tickets, track sales, and streamline booking process for any events. Through Gigwell, one can search through the most popular venue, festival database, and industry best on-going events on a global platform.

12. Eventdex

Country: USA


Eventdex offers a simple, intuitive, integrated solution that is designed to help organizers plan, promote and execute events from a single platform. With everything in one place, data entry and errors are a thing of the past. Power your events with Eventdex to reach a global audience and experience next-gen event planning. Eventdex is an event management platform that provides a suite of products to enhance the experience of everyone at an event.

13. Eventival

Country: Czech Republic


Eventival is for the artists who want to organize successful events for festival programs. The software is one of the best film festival management software that assists film creators, musicians, filmmakers to hold events and create their own screening schedules. The app is perfect key for the film fraternity who want to attract their regular audience and ask them to navigate through the festival programs. Eventival helps the guests to access through the itineraries, accompanying events, and check out the obvious guest list.

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