Epson Projector

Epson Projector Overview

From pioneering the world’s first compact lightweight digital printer, the EP-101, to inventing the world’s first quartz watch, Epson has continued to produce innovative and services based on its efficient, compact, and precision technologies. As a global technology leader, Epson Projector creates and delivers technology solutions for businesses and consumers, from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems, and industrial robots. 

Epson Projector

Epson Projector History

Epson was established in 1961 under the name of Shinshu Seiki (Shinshu Precision Manufacturing Company) to provide precision parts for Seiko watches. The company was awarded a contract to make precision timers for the 1964 Olympics. And also picked up work to build a printer as well.

Epson, the world’s most popular projector manufacturer, offers a wide range of display and communication solutions that let people work together more effectively.
Projectors for Home Theater:
With simple-to-use home solutions, you can enjoy everything from blockbuster movies to intense gaming in the comfort of your own home.
Projectors for Large Venues:
There is no need to compromise on image quality or video quality when using these projectors in lecture halls, auditoriums, sanctuaries, special events, or digital signage applications of all kinds.
Projectors for business:
When you’re looking for a projector that fits within your budget while yet addressing today’s professional needs, look no further than the Epson projectors.
Projectors for K-12 education:
As a result of their reliability and low total cost of ownership (TCO), Epson’s array of projectors, screens, and document cameras are excellent for educational institutions of all sizes.


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