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Liaoning, China is home to LED LITEC CO.,LTD, a member of the LITAI GROUP. It’s important to us as an ecologically conscious high-tech firm to develop goods that save consumers money while also protecting the environment. We take great pride in manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge lighting products to distributors and retailers around the world.

Among our offerings are high-performance LED bulbs and tubes, high-performance LED spot lighting, explosion-proofed lighting, military-grade specific applications, and LED lighting for harsh weather solutions. Solutions for the home, business, and industry are all part of what we do.
All of our OEM/ODM work is done in accordance with European and American industry standards. Indoor, outdoor, submersible, and customized LED lighting products utilizing CMD & COB technology with a lifespan of up to 100.000 hours are all part of our OEM production capabilities.

All of your external and interior lighting, sign, and electrical needs can be met by our company. Lighting is critical to the success of any company. Customers’ purchase decisions are influenced by a company’s lack of visibility due to insufficient lighting.
Lighting, signage, and electric services are currently provided to a wide range of high-profile companies, including restaurants and auto dealerships. Litec Lighting Solutions look forward to exceeding your expectations with our level of customer service.

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