Event technology has completely changed the way we organize, carry out, and attend events. Being a step ahead of the competition can improve operations, spur innovation, and encourage the development of immersive experiences that increase attendee engagement and event success.

If you’re wondering what we’re on about, event technology is any kind of digital tool, app, platform, or software that helps you organize, create, or run a successful event.

Being a part of this new age in event technology makes us at Eventbrite proud. We currently assist more than 800,000 event creators in putting on distinctive experiences all over the world because to our vast digital network, artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and wide range of connections with cutting-edge apps and tech.

This guide, which focuses on particular and practical event technology and how to use it, how to choose the best tech for your event, and 10 of the hottest trends in event technology for 2023, was intended to help you make the most of event technology breakthroughs.

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