Best Practices for Hybrid Events: CraftJam

In May 2021, Eventbrite held the RECONVENE summit, which drew thousands of event organizers. On our blog and in our RECONVENE Recaps portal, we’re highlighting key insights from well-attended sessions on subjects like securely returning to in-person events, the future of virtual, and best practices for hybrid events.

CraftJam informed its clients via email on March 12, 2020, that their social crafting studio in New York would be closed for one month due to the coronavirus epidemic, which was only starting to gain attention among Americans. It hasn’t been open since then.

However, founder and CEO Nora Abousteit has had great success with virtual events and, choosing a hybrid business model, expects to carry on with livestreams even when CraftJam’s in-person events restart.

During the RECONVENE summit hosted by Eventbrite, she said, “Often when you close a door, a window opens.” “People who organize events help people feel safe and comfortable as they reintegrate into social life.”

Abousteit offered advice to event planners on how to move forward with a hybrid business model for events. Here are the top five lessons learned that you can use to guide your planning.

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