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8-INPUT, 3 BAND EQ, +48V Phantom Power: This professional altra-low noise discrete mic preamp has 8 mono input channels with gold plated XLRs and balanced line inputs. Ultra-musical 3-band EQ on all channels to imbue signals with incredible warmth and detailed musical character. +48V phantom power selection enables mixer to be used with condenser microphone and wired mic. USB/BT FUNCTION: Compatible with USB/flash reader/MP3, allowing users to connect external USB stick or flash drive to stream music into the mixer. BT function enable users to wirelessly stream music in from iPad and smart phone to mix music. Built-in controls to play/pause/switch between modes. 99 DSP EFFECTS, RECORDING FUNCTION: High-quality components and rugged reliable construction to ensure durability. Built-in 99-bit DSP sound processor provides 99 effects that can be selected by PROGRAM control knob, with detailed documentation above to provide better personal mix. This 8-input audio mixer also equipped with recording function. USB port can switch to record mode and record music to other devices. HIGH QUALITY SOUND, VERSATILE USE: Extremely high headroom to offer more dynamic range. 8 separate fader for quick volume adjustment. This analog mixer provides accurate, crisp and clear sound quality. The extra clean sounding effect makes it ideal for live mix in occasions like live gigs, shows, stage performance, DJ events, and karaoke. DEVOTED SERVICE: Genuine Phenyx Pro audio products come with 12-month manufacturer assurance and supportive customer service. Welcome to come to us for troubleshooting or replacement of discontinuous/defective parts. Please contact us at service @ or support @

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 13 × 36.8 cm
Item Weight

‎3.4 kg

Product Dimensions

‎41.5 x 13 x 36.8 cm; 3.4 Kilograms

Item model number


Connector Type

‎1/4'' jack, XLR

Hardware Interface

‎Bluetooth, USB

Signal Format


Supported Software

‎Pro Tool, Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Audacity

Region of Origin


Mixer Channel Quantity




Skill Level

‎advanced, beginner

Power source type

‎Corded Electric


48 Volts



Date First Available

17 June 2020


Phenyx Pro

10 reviews for Professional DJ Audio Mixer, Phenyx Pro Sound Mixer, 8-Channel Sound Board Mixer Audio w/ USB Audio Interface, USB-B Recording,

  1. AC

    Very much worth the $$$ I paid. Good mixer with useful features.
    I have had this mixer for almost two years. It has been used for about 90 3-14 hour events so far. I run outdoor frisbee dog competitions. It’s a tough gig on all my electronics; but for what I paid for this mixer I should give it 5 stars. It has been wet, rained on, snowed on, knocked down onto pavement and drug by its cords across a parking lot by a dog, the case is now cracked, dropped and knocked down many more times, left out in the Missouri Summer Sun all day while running, I store it on the dirty floor of my truck in between uses.The Bluetooth started to fail after about a year of use. It started to not turn on/connect on the first few attempts for a few competitions; then, one day, it was done and has never worked since. Every other track and feature works as well as the day I first got it. If I yank down on the volume control sliders, on my unit, I get a “pop” through the speakers sometimes. It’s not devastating, only noticeable if you are listening. So there are the 2 reasons for not giving a 5 star overall rating.I am confident in this mixer. I plug wired mics, wireless mics, tablets, and phones into it; and play through some Behringer and Mackie powered speakers. It’s tough and sounds great.

  2. Muad’Dib

    Warranty Replacement – Quick!
    Low noise, smooth faders and very nice logical layout with good features. What’s missing? A control room out, thought the XLRs on the back can be used, the main outs are the same as the CTRL room outs, no separate controls – so really just for additional speakers. No MIDI for DAW control – typically found on higher end control surfaces – but for the price of this unit, very acceptable without MIDI. Only real complaint is the weak preamp gain per channels, you may needs DI box in some cases. A dynamic mic needs more boost, it’s like all the channels have a -10db cut built-in. There should be a button for each channel to turn padding on/off – feels like padding is always on.Visually, very appealing, great footprint and especially like the up slope on the back – also like the fact that the 5/6 & 7/8 combos found on most 6 or 8 channel mixers are treated with combined control. On this device they are truly separated offering – enabling separate FX/equalization per channel to a stereo input.Also like the built-in power transformer – single AC cable and ready to go, I’ve had too many with the external wart type power supplies, no external power transformer makes this device much more travel friendly.Overall a great value for what’s in the package – sturdy, may update on recording experience and durability in the future.Update 1: This is a great little mixer for a small gig, MP3, DJ, live use. The Phenyx website is wrong when it comes to the USB outputs though – install ASO4ALL and you can have a two outs, just pan the inputs and you can get separation in your DAW. The downside whether using the Windows USB driver or ASIO4ALL is: there is a -30db hiss coming from this device that just makes it terrible for recording/monitoring. Phenyx did issue an update to address this hiss, so it is known, but the update did nothing to remove the hiss. So… for recording – pass, find a different product. IF/when Phenyx actually fixes the hiss problem, I’ll update here – until then – do not buy if you intend to record in a home studio with this mixer.Update 2: Phenyx responded with quick customer support; immediately replaced the existing unit honoring the warranty – 5 stars for Phenyx being proactive, seldom seen from vendors on Amazon. The hiss is gone; suggest everyone test all functions of this unit before warranty expires. All that said, changing the rating 5 stars; 4 stars for the unit itself, 5 stars for the customer support – I’m pretty happy with this unit now – in full working condition, it’s a great value.

  3. Adolfo

    Good product for the price.
    Like everything except for the effects.

  4. Koiphish

    I love this mixer! Only uses about 6 watts of power! (not using Phantom pwr)
    I replaced my old Mackie 8ch with this unit. The sliders feel good and many of the nobs have center indents. The many colors of nobs and slider simplify operation. The BT works great for audio phone connection to play mp3s…. but it does not work as speaker phone during a call. Not sure if I ever use the usb MP3 port for files from thumbnail/drive … but it could work for one set of tracks where you do not need to navigate/search for a file (only for play). It appears you have to use a computer for recording off the “record USB “B” port on rear of unit … like a USB printer port. The effects are clear … but not really adjustable other than a gain knob called “parameter” … which duplicates the slider gain. There are course steps available in the various effect modes … but not continuous control of delay/gate/echo. The clip lite on each input is great … along with the output volume meters. The manual does not include the effects mode table … but the mixer has a list of micro small chart with about a 1/3 of the modes … other modes are stepped versions.So there is my critical review …. amazing for the price with no real complaints!Config: I am just using TRS line inputs … I combine audio outs of two HDMI displays, Alexa, and phone via BT with 2 spare channels for an instrument. One display has a 3 input HDMI switch for DVD player/computer 1 &2 for a total of 6 devices. Remember to assign computer sound to the HDMI device instead of on board speakers via OS to get sound through HDMI path. Seems really clean thru studio monitors… good isolation on so many devices with various power supplies.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Nice little board
    I like it, purchased it the race track easy to use for the guys who running the sound boot

  6. Emmanuel Avila

    Una excelente adquisición
    Primero no sabía cómo utilizar la conexión USB para conectar a mi computadora investigando encontré tutoriales en el sitio oficial del fabricante y la verdad es que es un excelente producto a un bajo costo, buena calidad y excelente presentación, además llegó mucho antes de lo esperado.

  7. MTvessel

    This is packed securely, but the shipping box is the item box so no privacy for what is being delivered.The item is cheap.. preamps aren’t great. but it serves well for simple, temporary set up. I purchased this for its inexpensive price point and versatility: record direct to USB, onboard EFX w/ Dedicated return fader, XLR main outs, Audio interface, and Bluetooth. it is not road worthy material… plastic … I use it for a small remote portable set up with a QSC K10.

  8. Ron D.

    Easy to use and will buy another when my other more expensive mixers go out.
    For me, the only “Con” is there is not a monitor out. Kind of a big deal for a singer, so here’s what I did. I split the left and right side, making the left my monitor and the right my mains. Yes, I could have used the headphones jack, but what I did works better for me. There are a few “Pros”, but the main one for me was the Bluetooth feature. In the last hour of my show, my computer crashed and I didn’t have my backup computer with me and also didn’t have my aux cord for my phone. Used the Bluetooth feature and was able to finish my show without skipping a beat and without anyone knowing.

  9. guysn

    Better than I hoped
    I bought the PTX30 in October, to replace my backup mixer. The back up got me by the night my more expensive (Mackie) board failed, but the drop off in quality was more than I was willing to accept. I’ve done about 15 Karaoke shows since and I figure that’s enough to give a rating. The sound and ease of use are both quite good on the PTX30 and, for this price point, I would give it a 5 if it lasts a couple of years. At this point, I consider it a great purchase and would highly recommend it.

  10. tkophotodj

    Great, versatile mixer for the money
    Other than not having an on/off button to turn off sound to a channel (for instance when you have a mic volume set beforehand, but want to leave mic on without having to search for the perfect volume again), this thing is perfect! BlueTooth works great and is easy to set up (if you read the instructions…) and other features on it too seem awesome (but I haven’t used yet). I would highly recommend this if you are budget minded and want a lot of versatility.

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