Ten Clever Methods to Increase Attendee Engagement at Your Next Event

As the world continues to embrace digital advancements, every aspect of human life has changed, including working from home or an office, purchasing in-person or online, making digital payments, and visiting the bank. The same holds true for attending events. With the aid of technological advancements, the world of event marketing has experienced accelerated growth in recent years. Traditional in-person event models are being supplanted by virtual event platforms that are globally accessible and more flexible.

According to the American Express Annual Global Meetings and Events Forecast for 2021, the adoption of technology on the event management market accelerated in 2020, predominantly due to COVID-19. Due to pandemic restrictions, the event industry had no option but to organize webinars, events, and meetings virtually. In addition to being prone to disruptions, virtual events were also tedious for attendees to endure. The majority of event organizers encountered technical issues due primarily to their lack of experience using technology to organize events. In addition, there was a significant lack of attendee engagement, which proved to be the most difficult aspect of conducting virtual events.

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