An all-in-one event platform versus an event technology stack: advantages and disadvantages

In our field, it’s crucial to stay current on the finest event technology; in fact, 90% of event professionals think technology has a significant positive influence on how effective their events are. How do you decide whether an all-in-one virtual event platform will best fit you or whether you’d like an event technology stack instead? We’ve already discussed the technological options and tools you’ll need to organise a virtual event as well as the difficulties of arranging hybrid events.

We’ll look at both the advantages and disadvantages in this article so you can learn more about each and decide on your own virtual events with balance. Regardless of your decision, you are moving in the right way. With 34% of event organisers anticipating further investment in hybrid event platforms over the following few years, virtual and hybrid events have remained popular choices for events following the epidemic.

The delivery of our clients’ events has been supported by our virtual event experts, who have devoted hundreds of hours to researching the most recent virtual technologies and trends. Speak with a member of the team for further information on the best course of action for you.

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