XTUGA TS7 Professional 7 Channel Audio Mixer with 99 DSP Effects,7-band EQ,Independent 48V Phantom Power&Mute Button,Bluetooth

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1.5 MIC Mono inputs + 2Stereo input
2.Each channel have +48V phantom power selection
3.Each channel have MUTE button.
4.99 DSP Effects
5.7 band EQ
6.Signal to noise ratio:>90db

Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 36.09 × 13.49 cm
Item Weight

‎2.75 kg

Package Dimensions

‎37.9 x 36.09 x 13.49 cm; 2.75 Kilograms

Item model number


Hardware Interface


Power source type

‎Corded Electric


48 Volts



Date First Available

17 March 2022



10 reviews for XTUGA TS7 Professional 7 Channel Audio Mixer with 99 DSP Effects,7-band EQ,Independent 48V Phantom Power&Mute Button,Bluetooth

  1. Simon

    Very impressed
    I bought this sound desk as a complete novice, interested in recording mainly folk bands. It’s construction is strong and despite the low cost, the sound produced is impressive. No point in me telling you what it does, read the description for that.Each channel produces clean, no crackling sound, apart from the rubbish cables I was using! The Bluetooth functionality is great for pre-show entertainment or pre-recorded backing (but with 15 inputs why 😉)and has its own equaliser covering high and low frequencies.One thing that foxed me for 10 seconds was the FX selector it twists to change effect but then you press it to get it to stick!

  2. Steve Lee

    Too good to be true
    This mixer has excellent features and for a great price! Effects, auxiliaries, muting, etc..I could go on. If in doubt, get it! Big or small it has you covered .Now the bad. After about 8 months the right channel went out.Would I purchase again 50/50.

  3. kennyizalive

    Better than most!
    This is a very good mixer. I use it with my DJ rig. I had a Mackie mixer before and this blows it away!

  4. Mike M.

    Pretty Good! But…
    This is a great little board, can’t beat the price & it’s loaded with features! I only had one issue, there is only 1 AUX out. My band likes a couple different monitor mixes so we’ll have to figure out a hack. If you’ve got one let me know!

  5. Karim McPherson

    Worked great until it didn’t.
    I thought this mixer was perfect for my rejuvenated DJ career. It actually was doing the job then out of nowhere the right main out stopped. Thank goodness this wasn’t yesterday when I had a gig! Now I have to work on returning it before my next gig in a week!!! It worked well until it didn’t.

  6. theo

    Above expectations
    above my expectations, very nice seven channels mixer, the Bluetooth connectivity makes the difference.

  7. masanobukun

    最近狭所のライブハウスでのオペレートが多いのと、メインミキサーがトラブった時の非常用に予備ミキサーを探してました。リーズナブルで、やりたいことの仕様が一通り入っていてとても気に入りました。おそらくコスパ最強。■良い点・各チャンネルごとに+48Vのファンタム電源スイッチがある。・トーンコントロールもHi・MID・Loの3バンド搭載・電源がACアダプターでなく、100V~240V直入れ出来る本体内蔵型。・L-R outに6バンドEQが搭載されている。・USBプレーヤー単独で、バス・トレブルトーンコントロールが搭載されている。・コンパクト&軽量・出音のS/Nも良くてクリア・入力がXLR&フォーンコンボで使いやすい・USBでBGMプレイも出来ますし、PCをUSBケーブル繋いで楽音鳴らす事も可能。BT搭載・USBに録音も可能という便利さ!使ってみるとマジで便利です。■惜しかった点・入力TRIMに切りGAIN替えが無く、マイク入力が少しだけGAIN足らない様子。通常使いではパワーアンプゲインを上げ目にすれば問題無く。・欲を言えばPEAK LEDがあるので、プラス信号入力モニターLEDがあると良し。・大した事ではないのですが、各チャンネルフェーダーを”0”の位置にするとチャンネル表記がフェーダーつまみに隠れてしまう・・くらいでしょうか。本当にこんな価格で良いのだろうか??という感じがしました。これから使っていって壊れないかどうかが勝負どころですが、本当に『お値段以上』の凄いミキサーでした。

  8. Chris Floyd

    Great Value for the price!
    This mixer is a great purchase. Excellent value for the price. Having phantom power and independent mute switches on each channel is very handy. The built in effects have great quality and are easy to use. Bluetooth functions work as expected with decent range between the mixer and device. The build feels sturdy and not cheap. The sliders are smooth. The 6 band master EQ is a great added bonus.User Note: in order to use this mixer over USB, I purchased a USB-A to USB-A cable. I was able to record audio into my computer and playback audio from my computer without issue. Bluetooth and USB connectivity do not work Simultaneously.

  9. H Guerra

    Good purchase
    Easy to pair Bluetooth.good sound quality, clean and crisp.Smooth sliding controls.

  10. Dan Stiteler

    Weak Mic Preamps.
    Having read reviews of other inexpensive mixers on Amazon, I anticipated some dysfunction. I tested all ins, outs, and fx on the board and happily, everything worked. The only “buyer beware” warning I have for anyone considering this mixer is that the mic pre’s are not very loud. You may need an outboard preamp like a Cloudlifter (which costs more than the mixer itself) or an SE Dynamite.

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