Audio Interface Mixer G-MARK MR80S USB Bluetooth Mixing Console 8 Channel 48V Phantom Power Sound Board Music Reverb For PC

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The G-MARK MR80S has an intuitive usb mixer audio interface,easy-to-use operator interface for a wide range of users and purposes. Its rugged construction and flexible design make it possible to create sound with high performance, good sound quality and stability in applications such as installation, recording and live performances.its 8 channel full-featured analog bluetooth mixing console.
The MK800MP3 is configured with all the essential mixer features.
Built-in DSP Sound Effects Processor
Built-in MP3 Player Supporting a Variety of Music Formats
LED Display for Showing the Playing Status
Ultra-Musical 3-Band EQ on All Channels
Microphone Line Inputs
Peak LED Indicators on All Channels
High-Accuracy Level Indicator
phantom Power Switch (+48V)
Sealed Rotary Control Knobs to Resist Dust and Grime
Rugged Steel Chassis
Multi-Voltage Power Supply for Worldwide Use

Additional information

Weight 4.24 kg
Dimensions 41 × 9 cm
Item Weight

‎4.24 kg

Product Dimensions

‎46 x 41 x 9 cm; 4.24 Kilograms

Item model number


Connector Type

‎1/4-Inch Stereo, XLR to XLR

Hardware Interface


Country Produced In


Power source type

‎Corded Electric


48 Volts



Date First Available

7 June 2019



10 reviews for Audio Interface Mixer G-MARK MR80S USB Bluetooth Mixing Console 8 Channel 48V Phantom Power Sound Board Music Reverb For PC

  1. Kristo

    High quality and compact
    The G-MARK Analog Mixer Audio 4 is a great option for those looking for a high-quality, affordable mixer. I was impressed by the build quality of this mixer, which feels solid and well-made. The knobs and sliders are smooth and responsive, and the overall design is simple and easy to use.The sound quality of this mixer is also excellent, with clear and crisp audio reproduction. I appreciated the multiple inputs and outputs, which make it easy to connect a variety of devices and instruments. The inclusion of a USB interface is also a nice touch, allowing for easy recording and playback.One of the standout features of the G-MARK Analog Mixer Audio 4 is its compact size. Despite its small footprint, this mixer packs a lot of functionality into its design. This makes it a great choice for those with limited space or who need a mixer that is easy to transport.Overall, I would highly recommend the G-MARK Analog Mixer Audio 4 to anyone in need of a high-quality, affordable mixer. Whether you’re a musician, podcaster, or just need a reliable mixer for your home recording setup, this mixer is an excellent choice.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good sound
    This mixer is quite good. I connect with JBL speaker and it sounds good

  3. Matt H.

    Overall, not bad at all, but effects (reverb) is pretty useless
    Overall it works well. We have a keyboard, guitar, 3 mics (two corded and a wireless) and a computer hooked up to it right now and everything is coming through loud and clear. It feels a little cheap, but that’s right in line with what I would expect for this price.The only disappointment was the reverb effect. Completely unusable IMO. Sounds like the kind of reverb you’d get from a cheap toy. Not a deal breaker by any means. Can function just fine without it, but I did want to be able to add a little reverb to the vocals.

  4. DJ K.B.

    Great dealing with manufacturer *update*
    I received this with the unit in perfect working order, except for the charger provided was not up to par……..Had to contact Amazon and I must say, I had more problems with Amazon than the actual manufacturer!The manufacturer was completely understanding and did everything they could to rectify the charger issue…… Even to go as far as sending me a new one, and providing me with a tracking number when it was sent.The only complaint I had with this was the shipping time, but this is a minimal issue to deal with considering the fact I want my equipment to work properly.I had to speak to FIVE different AMAZON representatives!Once I finally came across a representative, based in S. AFRICA, I was finally put into direct contact with the manufacturer……. Who again was very eager to resolve the issue in the best way possible………..*So here’s a review, after a year’s worth of use. I have been able to successfully open a professional studio with this unit. Don’t get me wrong, I will have to upgrade this unit in due time, but it won’t happen anytime soon. Voice overs, Musical Instruments, Vocals, and a podcast. I will by no means say that its perfect. I has glitched on me before, nothing a power switch could not fix. In one year, ive dealt with two, maybe three minor glitches, and one was definitely my fault 😅! This baby definitely has done great by me! I definitely feel sorry for those who feel as if this is a piece of junk, but it’s making my start up studio money!!!! DEFINITELY A GREAT INVESTMENT SO FAR!!¡!!*

  5. Arthur C Morris

    Good value
    I needed an inexpensive audio mixer for an occasional use. This little mixer worked perfectly. It’s definitely an inexpensive mixer, and it’s not perfect, but it’s just fine for my purpose.

  6. Topher Ray

    Great for my backyard PA setup!
    I used to DJ dances, parties, and weddings, but health issues after a motorcycle accident put an end to that. So I set up my system in the backyard for barbecues and home karaoke nights.Only problem was, my DJ mixer was the wrong tool for that use. Enter this little mixer! The Bluetooth has great range for running a playlist from my phone or YouTube from a tablet for karaoke, it makes my wireless mics sound great, and I even plugged in an Echo Dot as an input for when I just want to have Alexa run the playlist for me! It’s a great little mixer, well-made and sturdier than I expected!

  7. Jessica Clary

    definitely not a professional performance mixer but adequate for practice
    I wanted a analog mixer for live performance. I am a pro musician drummer. I have tried different interfaces on stage but most require a laptop computer to operate the DAW live. It just creates another device you have to manage on stage. Thought this little mixer may give me a simple solution and it was very inexpensive.All I can say is I got exactly what I paid for…basically junk.First, it comes with virtually no instructions whatsoever to operate the thing. The instructions were a small leaflet paper that was poorly translated from Chinese. It has some goofy gimmicks such as direct MP3 recording but the MP3 recording is terrible and it will suddenly skip in the middle of a recording!What you hear when you are playing through headphones or monitors is entirely different than what is recorded or broadcast via the outputs to your PA system? The sound simply doesn’t match at all?!You can’t control gains and volumes and high-mid-and lows despite knobs for each. The sound basically comes through exactly as received from the mics unedited.The reverb effect that comes with the mixer is horrible. You can’t control high or low cut and it just sounds like an awkward reflected bad echo?What’s the point in having a mixer, if you can’t mix the sound to your output?This immediately turned into my practice mixer and probably won’t see a day on stage. I’ll have to purchase a different mixer for that purpose.Probably a good Behringer.

  8. MP

    Exactly what I needed at a great price!
    I am the PA announcer for the HS I work at and our mixer went out on Tuesday. We needed a new one by Friday night. No stores nearby had what I needed. I ordered this Thursday and got it Friday afternoon! Was exactly what I needed, able to quickly and easily swap out the old one. If you only need a mic and an input for music (PA, karaoke, acoustic set, hosting, DJ, etc,) this is a great “cheap” mixer. If you’re not familiar with audio equipment, you’ll need an amp to use with non powered speakers. If you have a powered speaker you can go straight from this mixer. If you’re just getting started or only need the minimum/basic sound set up, this is a fantastic product for the price.

  9. Michael

    Almost perfect for my needs!!
    I bought this mixer for home use and for outdoor musicals. It is a very nice looking mixer. My only disappointments are that it is not a powered mixer and I had to buy powered speakers in order to appreciate it’s sound quality. Also I would have liked vocal effects on it that I could choose from.I like the ability to connect my computer to the mixer via the USB connection.All in all it is an excellent mixer and I am still becoming familiar with it and look forward to having many years of us from it!

  10. mick

    A little noisy, but okay for the price
    The build seems a bit flimsy, but that could be because my unit arrives missing one of the side plate screws, I will probably grab a replacement from the hardware store next time I go. The side plates are thin plastic and have sharp edges. This device does it’s job though. I wanted a cheap mixer that I could listen through, it does that. It is a tad noisy when the gain is up or the volume is turned up a lot, but nothing that’s not workable.The multi-jacks for channels 1 and 2 are a nice touch, as is the delay effect. I wish it had a power switch, I might add one myself at some point.Overall, it’s okay for the money. The bluetooth feature is fun, and if you need/want that, then it probably makes the price worth it.

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