How to Evaluate a Hybrid Event Platform

The event platforms you choose can make or ruin a hybrid event. Discover what specialists consider essential for hybrid event platforms so you can select the optimal solution.

As events move toward a hybrid future, selecting a hybrid events platform that provides your events team with everything they need to successfully deliver in-person and virtual experiences will be a crucial decision. From the registration process to the event itself to the connection you maintain with your audience long after the event day, the correct platform can help you win over attendees, sponsors, and clients, while also allowing you and your team to scale.

According to industry experts, the future of events will be hybrid. Over 70% of organizers plan to invest in hybrid events through 2021, despite the fact that only 24% of these organizers have hybrid experience. This is where collaborating with knowledgeable, long-term technology partners can save you time and money while providing the best possible outcome for your attendees and sponsors.

But what capabilities should a platform possess to enable the creation of an experience that transcends the virtual and physical?

This guide examines how a hybrid event platform can influence outcomes before, during, and after an event.

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