Review of Zenus AI Badge Scanning and Facial Analysis

With the help of a camera-based system for tracking attendees’ movements (via badge scans) and measuring sentiment (via facial analysis), Zenus’ event data solution combines a secure first-party data analysis platform with a platform for camera-based movement tracking and sentiment analysis to reveal the behaviour and level of interest of event attendees.

The system keeps track of how guests move across the event venue, when they stop, and for how long using camera equipment to scan coded attendance badges. By combining data from AI-powered facial analysis to gauge positive mood and other engagement indicators, it can also quantify the attendee experience.

Although the badge scanning feature tracks attendees’ travels, it offers several privacy protections that defend PII (personally-identifying information). The PII linked to each participant ID is only accessible by the event organiser, and attendees always have the choice to decline. Additionally, the Zenus AI hardware kit is used to analyse every video capture locally; only the anonymized data analysis is sent to the cloud.

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