TENSSENX Drone with Camera, Foldable FPV Drone for Adults and Kids, Black Portable RC Quadcopter with 2 Batteries for 40 Min

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Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 23.39 × 8.79 cm




Product Dimensions

‎23.8 x 23.39 x 8.79 cm; 180 Grams


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Mirror Adjustment

‎Gesture Control



Item Weight

‎180 g



Date First Available

4 July 2022



10 reviews for TENSSENX Drone with Camera, Foldable FPV Drone for Adults and Kids, Black Portable RC Quadcopter with 2 Batteries for 40 Min

  1. Mike Fuller

    Great value for money, responsive telephone support if you need it
    This is an awesome drone for the money and it absolutely performs as advertised!If you’re brand new to the drone hobby (like me), you might get stuck on one of the pre-flight procedures (like I did). For me the problem was connecting to the cellphone app. I tried a bunch of things to make it work before finally “giving up” and calling the number printed on the first page of the user manual. The experience went like this: I called the number, a human being answered, I described my problem, I got the solution.The solution was: GO INTO AIRPLANE MODE BEFORE CONNECTING YOUR PHONE TO THE DRONE’S WIFI SIGNALI have no idea why this works, but it does. Hopefully next time I’ll remember to put “ask for help if you need it” a little higher on my list of troubleshooting steps!

  2. R

    Great Drone
    This Drone is extremely cool. Great for Beginners and Pros alike.The Video output shocked me, it is very clear.Once you learn the basic flight operations, hours of fun.The Customer Service offered is Excellent.I recommend this Drone to everyone.

  3. Alan T. Stucky

    Good step up from the A5 model
    I actually have both the A5 and now the A6 models. Both drones are similar in certain ways. They’re both easy to fly and get up and running. They both have a fairly decent battery run time, although the A6 has a little bit longer of a battery life. I’m really a pretty new drone flyer, and the couple of differences that I noticed first were 1) that that A6 controller is nice and better laid out than the A5. They’re both fine, but the A6 is quicker to get setup and feels better in the hands. And 2) while the A5 and A6 have most of the same features in the control app, the A6 has a GPS tracking feature that allows it to have a one button return to the launch site feature that is really pretty slick. It’s nice to be able to hit that and just make it come back on its own. The short of it is that both are really good drones for their price and I’m happy with both, but the A6 is also worth the extra money for the added features.

  4. CK

    Very Good Beginner Drone
    Very good drone and great customer support! On my first few test flights, I noticed that one of the batteries was discharging very rapidly. I sent Tenssenx customer support an email re same and they sent me 2 new batteries which I received 3 days later. With the good battery I am getting very close to the advertised 20-min flight time so now I should have close to an hour.The drone itself flies very well and is extremely responsive, and the auto-takeoff and land option is very useful. Tested it indoors and outdoors and it definitely hovers better outdoors…perhaps something is confusing the optical flow sensor indoors as it is quite wobbly there. There is no GPS functionality so when flying this drone it is all you, and because of this I would avoid windy days.I’ve had a couple of hard crashes and had to replace one set of propellers, but no permanent damage and the drone still flies like a champ. The video output is quite good considering there is no gimbal. I have not tried all of the features yet but, so far, everything I have tried works as expected.Overall very pleased with my purchase.

  5. Dave Mahoney

    Beginner drone.
    This is a very good beginner drone. It is not too fast and not too slow, which is good for beginners as they will be able to learn how to control and fly with less worry of crashing. The controller attachment for the iPhone is great. It allows you one less wire connection from phone to controller. Controller is easy to use as all buttons are on the front face. It comes with two batteries that equal to 40 minutes of flying time but you can get more out of it in perfect wind conditions. The only downside of this drone is that it is very light which makes the hovering difficult in a little bit of wind. I will definitely recommend this drone to friends who want to learn how to fly.

  6. B. Emmen

    Wow, great bargain!
    This is an amazing drone for the money! I did not have high expectations due to the price point. When I got the drone I was shocked that it was very well packaged, has a very nice carrying case, spare parts and 2 batteries. After a quick read with the instructions, I had the drone flying in about 10 minutes. You get the same features of the more expensive brand named drones, without the price. This drone is advanced enough for experienced users, but also a great starting point for new users. I get about 15-20 minutes of flight time off of 1 battery (has two batteries) and it has good range. I found the drone to be very responsive to the remote, stable in windy conditions and holds its position very well. This drone can be used with just the remote or it can be used with the app and smart phone. The app is very laid out and gives you the ability to take 4k video and pictures, as well as, fly the drone without actually seeing it. There a couple of small design issues such as the phone holder could be bigger to easily accommodate a larger cell phone and they could have a notch in the antenna compartment to make it easier to lift the antennas out, but these issues are very trivial and have no impact on the usability or quality of the drone. All in all, I would highly recommend this drone for all ages and skill levels.

  7. Gerald Bennett

    Didn’t connect with my iPhone
    I returned this product because it wouldn’t sink with my iPhone.

  8. PAPPA4

    The 5 is lighter than the 6
    Good control with return home just downloaded the app for your phone has gps. Like it a lot. It will take a few good crashes while you learn to fly,an it below the requirements to have a license to fly.

  9. Naomi L.

    Not bad for the price
    I think the propellers are too flimsy. It needed to have stronger motors and weighted a little. That would help it’s drifting issue on a slight wind.

  10. Sarah S.

    Great Beginner Drone, but be prepared to run!!
    It is tricky to get used to the controls, but once you do, it’s awesome! I mean, we did have to chase it through a cornfield a few times because it just had a mind of its own and flew away, but there’s a tracking device which makes it easier to find. I say be prepared to run, because we just stepped outside at first to fly it and ended up racing through an industrial park in our slippers. Also, this thing is indestructible, so don’t worry too much if it falls. Great for flying around, spying on neighbors, and terrorizing dogs at the local dog park!

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