RADCLO Mini Drone with Camera – 1080P HD FPV Foldable Drone with Carrying Case, 2 Batteries, 90° Adjustable Lens, One Key Take

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Weight 472 kg
Dimensions 17.2 × 7.59 cm


Package Dimensions

‎22.2 x 17.2 x 7.59 cm; 472 Grams


‎3 AA batteries required. (included)

Mirror Adjustment

‎Remote Control



Item Weight

‎472 g



Date First Available

8 July 2022



10 reviews for RADCLO Mini Drone with Camera – 1080P HD FPV Foldable Drone with Carrying Case, 2 Batteries, 90° Adjustable Lens, One Key Take

  1. Chris

    Great beginner drone
    My first drone! With no other drone experience take my words with a grain of salt. After about a 20 minute read through of the manual (skimmed through a bit) I was able to successfully fly and crash this drone (my fault). Crashed it a couple more times the first go around (still my fault). I was surprised at how resilient this little thing was…. I managed to crack only one propeller (came with spares) after a lot of mishaps I would have presumed to be more disastrous. It is really fun to fly!! Pretty much every time I go to mess around with this thing I use up the whole battery charge time having an absolute blast and being frustrated to have to charge the batteries to continue. I figured it out after a few days and started getting the hang of it, trying tricky maneuvering, Flying low, landing in less then ideal locations…. One gripe I would say is when the battery gets really low on it, the drone just seems to take a random downward path in a random direction. One time towards my neighbors yard but got stuck in a tree along the way. Usually it just takes off and starts descending with 5 ft when the battery is low. Occasionally doesn’t want to hover level but I think that’s when I start it on an uneven surface. The tops of the analogue sticks on the remote fall off easily so be careful with them. Also does not take wind well… you have to fight a slight breeze about a few mph? I would say above a 5mph wind you are pretty much wasting your time, but it’s not advertised to take wind and for the price point so I get it. All in all I’m happy with the purchase. Easy to learn and pretty forgiving. Just practice in an open area the first few times before flying around obstacles and you will probably be fine.

  2. Tyler Greene

    An Outstanding Drone Package for Beginners!
    I must say, this drone has exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. One standout feature that caught my attention right away was the inclusion of not just one, but two high-quality batteries! This ensures that I can enjoy extended flight times without any interruptions.The drone itself is simply fantastic, especially for those who are just starting their drone journey. It possesses an impressive set of features that make it a top choice for beginners. The ease of use and user-friendly controls have allowed me to master the art of drone piloting in no time.What truly sets this drone apart from others is its remarkable stability and maneuverability. It effortlessly glides through the air, providing an incredibly smooth flight experience. The built-in safety features add an extra layer of confidence, making it a reliable and safe choice for aspiring pilots.In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend this drone to anyone looking to explore the world of aerial photography and videography. With its exceptional design, the inclusion of two batteries, and the ease of use, it’s an outstanding package that provides tremendous value for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with this remarkable drone!

  3. Alistair Mercado

    Best entry level camera to learn from, especially for my kid.
    I recently purchased the RADCLO mini drone with camera for my entry into the world of aerial photography, and I could not be more impressed with its performance. This drone is perfect for beginners like me who want to explore the skies without breaking the bank.The compact size of the RADCLO mini drone makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and control, even for those who have never flown a drone before. The camera quality is also exceptional, capturing stunning aerial shots that are perfect for social media or personal projects.One thing I particularly love about this drone is its durability. I’ve had my fair share of crashes while learning to fly, but the RADCLO mini drone has held up remarkably well. It’s clear that the designers put a lot of thought into making a drone that can withstand a few bumps and bruises.Overall, I would highly recommend the RADCLO mini drone with camera to anyone looking for an entry-level drone to explore aerial photography. It’s affordable, easy to use, and captures stunning footage that will take your photography to new heights.

  4. Keegan

    An amazing Drone for incredibly cheap
    I recently purchased the RADCLO FPV Mini Drone and I have to say, I am absolutely blown away by the quality and performance of this drone! The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and the setup process was a breeze. The camera quality is top-notch, providing crystal clear live video feed in real-time, allowing me to capture stunning aerial footage.The drone’s advanced features, such as altitude hold, auto takeoff and landing, and headless mode, make it incredibly easy to fly, even for beginners. The remote control’s ergonomic design and responsive buttons make controlling the drone a breeze.Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the RADCLO FPV Mini Drone and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality drone at an extremely affordable price. It’s incredible that we can get drones of amazing quality for 50 dollars!

  5. JP

    Good value and fun for kids and adults
    I bought this product to play along with my 11-year-old son. He has a drone that he bought from a different company. Comparing the two he likes this one better, although to be fair, this was a few extra dollarsI like it because it can be folded up and put in a case. The controls are responsive, and it’s easy to fly around as long as you don’t have more than a light breeze. I tried to fly it once when the wind was blowing, and it quickly became uncontrollable.I had one a few years ago and this is by far superior, so I do recommend it.

  6. Ryland Fogle

    Excellent Features But Has Some Minor Flaws
    The RADCLO Mini Drone with Camera is an excellent drone for those who want a high-quality drone with a camera. The drone comes with a host of features, including 1080P HD FPV, a foldable design, carrying case, 2 batteries, 90° adjustable lens, one key take off/land, altitude hold, and 360° flip, making it a great toy gift option for kids and adults alike.Pros:The 1080P HD FPV camera provides clear and crisp images and videos, enabling you to capture stunning aerial footage while the 90° adjustable lens makes it easy to change the camera angle to capture the perfect shot. The foldable design and carrying case make the drone highly portable, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. The drone’s two batteries provide decent flight time, ensuring that you can capture as much footage as you need. The one-key takeoff/land feature, along with the altitude hold, makes flying the drone simple and easy, even for beginners.Cons:The controller’s layout is not intuitive, and the control sticks feel a bit flimsy. Additionally, the drone’s 360° flip feature doesn’t work quite as well as advertised, and there is no obstacle avoidance system in place, making it relatively easy to crash the drone.Overall, the RADCLO Mini Drone with Camera is an excellent drone that packs in plenty of features for its price range. While it has some minor flaws, it is still an excellent choice for those looking for a portable drone that can capture clear and crisp aerial footage.

  7. brushmen

    difficult to hover in-place without constant attention and micromanaging
    It was purchased mainly to 1) try out drone camera tech (without breaking the bank) 2) capture images on the roof to check for issues such as clogged gutter. Purpose 2 was eventually accomplished after some persistence (image was blurry but shows that at least the opening is clear of debris), but in the long-run it’s not ideal, so I would need to invest in more professional grade drone cameras if at all. The hands-on experience was necessary for me to learn about the limitations and aspects I needed to think about, so for me it was still a reasonable purchase overall.Even indoors or in a no-wind environment, I could not manage to make the drone hover in a stable position without constantly moving the right joystick to nudge it back to a similar position, so stable shots are not easy to get. I’ve tried re-calibrating it on various surfaces, carpet, box, table, cement ground, etc., but once the drone takes off even at about 3~5 inches off the ground, it will start to move in a certain direction without me touching the joysticks. This caused countless crashes during the learning stage. I did not try speed 2 or 3 or fancy spin tricks because I did not want to ruin the plastic drone with harder crashes. The propeller protectors only loosely grip on, so they are not dependable.Controller using the mobile app is more difficult to use than the dedicated controller, but the dedicated controller has loud beeps (for turning on/off, calibration, taking photos/videos) that can be very annoying to neighbors if I fly drone during wind-less early morning time. I don’t know how to turn off the loud beeps. Only mobile app can achieve quiet operation, but mobile app is harder to achieve “stable” flight so it’s less useful.Need both mobile app to be turned on and signal-connected to the drone to be able to capture photos or videos from the drone; I couldn’t figure out how to download the footage from the drone to the phone after taking footage with just the analog controller. There is probably no internal-storage, only signal transmission.The plastic clamp on the analog controller cannot hold my small phone that has rounded sides. The phone keeps slipping out due to not enough friction. So I couldn’t look at both camera view and the drone at the same time. Since drone flight requires all of my attention, I can’t also check what could be captured on the camera, which led to multiple trial-and-error on trying to capture images of what I needed to see (in my case a specific roof gutter location). I appreciated the second battery (giving me roughly 20 minutes to set up everything, get drone to stabilize near its destination, take as many picture/video as possible without knowing what’s being recorded, then safely land back down without it crashing), because otherwise the trial-and-error will take even longer every time I wanted to capture a specific image. I ended up needing to take video of the flight, then extract snapshots from the video. The video is not smooth at all when the flight is not yet “stabilized”, so even with this work-around it could take many tries to get result.

  8. AmazonJunky

    Awesome “smedium” drone
    This drone is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. However, it is in between a small and medium size so you need an open indoor space. It is sturdy enough to remain stable in the outdoor winds but agile enough for some fun tricks. Our little 4 year old was able to maneuver it with supervision, so it is easy to use and he loved it. Also it arrived perfectly packaged with the drone, battery, a charger and no damage to the device or the shipping box. I almost forgot about the coolest feature: the camera! The camera is not iPhone pro max clear but it is HD and easy to use with your cellphone. It’s a fun toy for a family fun day outside.

  9. Sonja Kuell Wårum

    Good beginner’s drone
    We bought this as a gift for our son’s 9th birthday. We had an older drone which was difficult to use and the batteries weren’t working anymore. He showed interest and tried to learn, but we decided a newer model would be better.This one was the perfect choice! It was in the price range we had budgeted and had good reviews. I liked that it came with the protective case, to keep it safe when not in use. Also, having two batteries was a big plus.Right out of the package, it was easy to set up and start using. The app was also easy to set up and to use. We’re still learning how to use all the features, but so far, we’ve been having a lot of fun. I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet, but on the phone screen, they look like I expected.I would definitely recommend this drone to others looking for a moderately priced drone to learn on/for kids. I think this one works very well and the batteries last longer than expected. My family is very pleased with this purchase, as it suited our needs perfectly.

  10. TEMAR

    Great buy!
    I am new to the drone craze so here is my honest intake. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on something I am not entirely familiar with, this drone was an excellent choice to learn how to maneuver it, learn the functions, and just have some fun exploring what a drone offers. This drone is perfectly priced, super easy to handle, and offers a nice range of view. I tried it both indoors and outdoors and its definitely easy to navigate and play with. You wont be intimidated by it if you’re new to its use like me as it did not cost an arm and a leg, and it still gives you what you’re looking for in terms of learning how to use it. This was a great buy!

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