Ruko Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, 40 Mins Flight Time, Foldable FPV GPS Drones for Beginners with Live Video, Follow Me,

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Weight 270 kg
Dimensions 19.51 × 5.99 cm


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‎23.01 x 19.51 x 5.99 cm; 270 Grams


2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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‎270 g



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27 July 2021



10 reviews for Ruko Drones with Camera for Adults 4k, 40 Mins Flight Time, Foldable FPV GPS Drones for Beginners with Live Video, Follow Me,

  1. Stephen S

    Cool fun drone!
    It came packaged in a box with a nice design. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the case was pretty robust. It is heather gray with a sturdy built in handle and case structure that feels like it can adequately protect the drone inside. The zipper is smooth and operates well with no issues.The contents of the case included the drone, extra propellers, remote, phone holder attachment (for remote), 2 batteries, and usb cords for everything. I really liked that it had more than 1 usb cord so I can charge everything at once. The case has a zippered pocket so it makes it easy to keep the cords, propellers, and instructions all in the same case without falling out every time you open the case.At first when I tried installing the battery, I did not feel it “click” into place. It felt wobbly and wouldn’t sit right, and pop out pretty easily. I didn’t realize that there was a thin piece of foam padding in the battery slot which prevented the battery from clicking in place all the way. Once I removed that, everything was good, and it fit fine. Maybe in the future a little sticker or tag that identifies there is a piece of foam there would be helpful.The batteries had a good run time, the times that I flew the drone I did not deplete the batteries. The batteries were able to last longer than I wanted to fly, so that was great.I like that the batteries have a built in meter to determine how much power is left in them.The remote is a good size, fits well in my hands, has plenty of features and the phone attachment arm fit my phone with case great. I have an iPhone 8 Plus with a Magpul case on it. It felt balanced and natural to hold.My favorite features of the remote are the ability to take photos and videos with the push of a button! It allows me to focus on flying but take the photo or video that I want. My next favorite feature is the ability to rotate the gimbal/camera while flying. You are able to adjust the camera up or down, which is great for trying to capture photos or videos from different heights. I wish that the drone had another feature to adjust the camera side to side or keep the horizon stable because if you are taking video, and have to move the drone left or right, the whole camera moves with the drone body as it tilts, and disrupts the steadiness of the frame/video. The follow me mode and encircle mode worked well when I used it. But I made sure I was in an open area with plenty of room. I did not try those features around obstacles like trees or light poles. I wish the range was a little better. I feel that it went out about 100 or 150 feet in an open area before beeping that it was going out of range. I feel like I could have flown it further and higher while still maintaining control and my line of sight.Downloading the app was super quick and easy. The part that I found most difficult about flying the drone was the set up of the app, remote, and drone. I feel like I kept forgetting the process of how to turn on the drone, remote, and app together to get ready for flying. Unfolding the drone was straightforward and simple. But I kept forgetting in which order to turn everything on in. So I kept the quick start guide with me and had to refer to that every time I was going to fly. I guess what I am trying to say is that the start up process is not as intuitive as I hoped for it to have been. I think what would be really cool is if the app prompted you to do the process in order. So let’s say you open app, it would prompt you to turn on the remote, then you click next when that is done, then turn on the drone, click next when that is done, then connect to wifi, click next, then do the calibrations, then the action to turn on the propellers, then have fun and fly!I wish there was also a way to not have to calibrate the drone every single time. I understand this might be needed to be the most accurate, but sometimes the process was quick and easy, and other times it took much longer and I had to restart the app a few times because I felt like it wasn’t working.I also didn’t get the GPS accuracy mode to work, I allowed it to run multiple times, but ended up skipping to get to flying because it was taking too long, even though I was in an open area with a clear view to the sky.I like how the app also has some of the controls as the remote, I feel like I have the options to use the app or the remote to do what I want with the drone.The drone itself seems well built and sturdy for what it is, and I like that it has the built in warning lights. The land and take off mode worked great every time I used it.I did fly the drone in windy conditions at times, it didn’t seem to drift too much, but was a little harder to control, as expected giving the weather conditions. The only issue when flying with a breeze, is that it at times, the drone would lose altitude when trying to climb in altitude and turn or move. Maybe it was due to needed more power while flying in those kind of conditions?Overall I am happy, it is fun to fly and cool to take some aerial photos and videos. The resolution is pretty good. It is what I would expect from something moving in the sky that isn’t super top of the line. I will continue to play around with it and get better at using it.

  2. Raddo

    Super easy to fly
    I have had a few drones before this one. This one is far superior to any of those. Easy to fly, slight learning curve, once you’ve drained the first battery you are ready to really fly. Great camera, the auto home feature is wonderful, especially if you lose line of sight with the drone. My nephew bought one after flying mine once. I would recommend this as a great low cost, starter drone.

  3. Andres M.

    Battery life is horrible/ (Updated 5/18/23)
    I charge it before going on trips and when I get to my location (no more then three days) battery is completely drained.So bummed the both batteries that came with unit suck.Not happy.I wanted to use this one as an alternative to the one that I have that is professional and a lot more expensive to test areas out before sending in the big guns.:(———————————Update- 5/2023Their customer service contacted me immediately and asked to replace everything – I only asked that they replace the batteries and they did.Great job on customer service response-Thank you!!Now to test batteries!-AM

  4. Jackie Wethington

    Good for first time drone use
    was easy to learn to use and not too exspensive

  5. Matilda Rrapo

    Great drone with a a sturdy zipper case
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     First impression of opening the box are positive. The drone is inside a sturdy zipper case which is perfect for traveling. The drone, the extra battery and the controller have their own compartment inside the case which they fit neatly and do not move around the case when transporting the case from one place to another. Extra space is available to store usb cables and the phone holder. The drone is very light and looks good quality.It does not come with a TF card, so you have to buy one yourself. There is an extra set of propellers included which is great just in case they get damaged. The controller does not have words to explain what each button does, but there is a cardboard template overlay to simplify the effort included with instructions, so it is helpful in the beginning. They are very easy to learn; in two days I remember every direction.The home button that returns the drone where it started is great because if you cannot see where your drone is, press the return button and comes back where it started.It comes with three standard USB cables so you can charge everything at the same time and have them ready to fly quick. It comes with two batteries which is great – longer flying time. The batteries say they last for 20 minutes and two days that I tested the drone has been very windy in Florida and it did not last the full 20 minutes, but it was decent time. Maybe I might buy a battery later on that lasts longer. User manual is easy to understand and follow instructions. I was having some issues with connecting the drone to the controller, and I contacted customer service. Great customer service, always willing to help. The app has videos that are very helpful for someone who knows nothing about drones. Recording or taking a picture is easy because I just click on my phone. You can also do it on the controller, but it is faster on the phone. Pictures that takes are saved on the phone, but the videos are only on the card, so I had to transfer them from my computer. I do not know if it is something in the setting to change, but it would be great if the videos save on the phone as well, so I do not have to take extra steps to get my videos. Going to the settings and making changes is easy, you can change limit height of the drone can go, but I have not made any changes yet.I believe Ruko makes quality items because my son has a robot from Ruko and it has survived a lot of throwing and dropping and still working. I think this drone should last us a long time and would be awesome for our vacation in Europe this summer.I am not an expert on drones, but my husband is the one who is more into drones and had tried a lot of drone before and said that this one is a good drone.I did take a few videos with the drone; it was windy, and I was moving the drone a little bit too much, so the video is a bit shaky. Quality of the video is good.

  6. Edward Aquino

    Excelente Drone, como regalo!
    Súper emocionado con este Drone Ruko, lo recomiendo en un 100X100. La guía de vuelo y más las atenciones de servicio al cliente, como soporte si no entiendes la guía o el Manual. Gracias.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Nice drone with great customer service
    This Ruko Drone is a nice Beginner model with many features and a 4k camera. It was purchased for taking aerial pictures and videos over and around our property and has produced some nice shots. I really enjoy the follow mode it gives a whole new perspective. This model has performed great for everything I have had asked if it. Now for customer service. Unfortunately when my Drone arrived and it was time to charge the Batteries. The Drone came with 2 and 1 of the batteries would not take a charge. I then wrote to Ruko customer service informing them I had received a non functional battery. I was shocked the they had responded to me within hours of my initial email. After a few conversations customer service had already replied that a New battery would be on the way. I have never had better service on anything I have ever purchased before in my life. If making a decision on multiple brands is tough then let customer service help let you decide.

  8. Molly S.

    Follow instructions
    My friend has this one and liked so I purchased one. Had one quick issue to fix and customer service was on it!! Now off and flying!

  9. Joel

    A good starting drone.
    The drone is good for people who want to learn how to fly.

  10. 10,000 corpses

    Stable sturdy and easy to use
    Tried over 20 drones and this is the best one I’ve used. Really easy to use and rugged. And goes above my 3 story apartment building with ease. Great toughness. Ran it straight into a wall and works perfect.

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