Pyle 4 Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System & Rack Mountable Base 2 Handheld MIC, 2 Headset, 2 Belt Pack, 2 Lavelier/Lapel MIC

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Experience the freedom of wireless microphones, now easier than ever with the Pyle PDWM4300 wireless microphone system. Featuring a rack mountable VHF base unit including two wireless microphones. This system is the perfect for professional engagements, religious events, and is also a great way to have fun with friends and family: you can start your own karaoke nights, and thanks to the two included microphones, smooth RB duets are now easier than ever. The wireless microphones give you the freedom and mobility needed for active, energetic performances, and is especially great for events with multiple speakers, where handing off the microphones is a breeze. The system is also rack mountable, making it perfect for DJs who want to install it on their racks, or other users with similar set ups. Features: Professional VHF Wireless System Two Handheld Microphones Two Belt Pack Transmitters Two Clip on Lavalier Microphones Two Headset Microphones Power On/Standby/Off Switch 4 x 9V Batteries and 1/4” Audio Cable Included RF Indicators AF Level Meters Individual Volume Controls 1/4” Individual and 1/4″ XLR Mixed Output Operation Range: Up to 240 ft. Power Supply:110/220 V Dimensions: 16.5” x 8.2” x 1.8” Sold as: Unit Weight: 8.61 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 3.33 kg
Dimensions 48.62 × 28.3 cm
Item Weight

‎3.33 kg

Product Dimensions

‎11.96 x 48.62 x 28.3 cm; 3.33 Kilograms


4 AA batteries required.

Item model number




Compatible Devices


Connector Type

XLR Connector

Material Type

‎Pyle PDWM4300 4 Mic VHF Wireless Rack Mount Microphone System



Battery type


Hardware Platform

Karaoke Machine

Power source type

‎Battery Powered



Date First Available

1 March 2010



10 reviews for Pyle 4 Channel VHF Wireless Microphone System & Rack Mountable Base 2 Handheld MIC, 2 Headset, 2 Belt Pack, 2 Lavelier/Lapel MIC

  1. Thomas Erickson

    Good enough wireless mic system for the money
    My daughter bought this wireless mic system for her 20 year old boy friend. I ordered it on Amazon for her. Here is her boyfriend’s direct report to me unmodified.” I use it for singing while playing my drums”.”The wireless headphones work great with no big boom in front of me while singing and drumming. If not careful jacking up volume too fast I get feedback. If careful OK. I like that the aux box has individual microphone plugs and another main plug for mixtures and PA system”. ” I like it.” From a 1 to 5 he rated it 4 starsMy view… My friend has a small recording studio in his house and he paid well over $1000 for his microphone. I got a CD from him and he sounds good. So you obviously can spend a lot more for a microphone. Nice to know that a good for fun wireless mic can be had for about $100

  2. Stephen Roby

    Pyle PDWM4300 Microphone System
    We had a problem with the first unit shipped; one headphone system was defective. The Supplier sent an entire new system back when we shipped the old complete unit back to them. The sound quality is not top of the line; however, it is very acceptable in a small environment. Feedback is rare even though the speakers are only 20 feet from the mike. The individual mike level potentiometers and led indicators are a plus; I noticed a level difference from the headsets to the handheld mikes and the level can be adjusted via these potentiometers. Compared to the professional unit that was replaced, this Pyle unit is twice the quality. 

    Pyle PDWM4300 4 Mic VHF Wireless Microphone System

    For the price of this unit, I will rate the unit as very good.

  3. Wierdostomps

    Value for money
    Bought these for our small church – plugged in to a very old domestic amplifier.When we finally rebuild the church, we will invest in a proper, professional PA, but at this price, these are more than adequate. They’re not the greatest sound quality, but they do allow up to four people to take part in the service at once. Two hands free units can be used with either lapel or head mics, two hand held mics could be mounted in stands.So, no, not the highest quality – and they don’t feel particularly robust – but at this price, there really isn’t anything to compete.

  4. Hoogie07

    some work/some don’t-UPDATE May 18/12
    When we received this item one headset and one handheld mic were not working due to wires inside being broken. The receiver works well with the one handheld mic that remains working but the sound quality of the headset mic is not good and we don’t use it. We would have returned the whole set but it was too much bother for the price we paid for this item. We do use the one handheld mic quite often and are satisfied with it. It is obvious that the manufacturer’s quality control department is either non existent or they were out to lunch when this system went through the line.May 18/12We were very surprised to have received a phone call from the Pyle-Pro supplier after posting the above review. They asked some questions and asked me if I could provide my receipt for the wireless system, which I did. I have to say, the company bent over backward to help us out and we were quite pleased to receive a whole new replacement system today via courier and it all works well. Thanks to all the guys who helped us out with our problem. The customer service is excellent.August 27/13A further update on this system. About 2 weeks after receiving the 2nd system, all of the handheld mics stopped working completely. I opened them up to see why and found that the wires inside of every one of them were frayed and disconnected. We didn’t bother sending them back or contacting the company again as I didn’t expect they would be interested in replacing them again. The receiver works fine if we could only have working microphones with it. I bought my wife a Shure single mic wireless system for much more money but it works extremely well (I guess you get what you pay for) and I am now in the process of trying to find another lower priced system to use for other people when we karaoke. I don’t even think I can purchase new mics for this system. I am now looking at other brands.

  5. james barnes

    Poor system
    I purchase this mic system and found out that only 2 channels work. I talked to talk to customer service to have them replace this mic system. I had the same problem with the 2nd mic system. only 2 channels worked.I would not recommend this system. Get a 2 channel system for a small budget or try a higher end 4 channel system.The system was easy to use . so i give it a 1 star

  6. T. White

    Excellent Buy
    Purchased this system for school and Cub Scout events. I was skeptical of how well it would work for the price, but figured I could return it if it didn’t meet expectations. The mic’s work great – the output level is a little low, but most mixing boards can handle fixing that. The mic levels are adjustable to get them all roughly in the same range for output via mixed xlr. The unit also has individual channel outputs if you have plenty of channels on your mixing board. The body-pack units come with both a headset and lavalier and both work well. Overall, we were very pleased with the unit and it was a great purchase – especially for the low price. Similar 4-channel units are well over $500.

  7. SaintJon

    BUYER BEWARE – DECEPTIVE AD: – FIRST – I just unpacked this unit and the first thing I noticed were the two `rack mounts’ that are already installed. Since this will always be a free-standing unit I do not want the rack-mounts. Too bad for me – the rack-mounts as part of the unit and while you can actually remove the rack-mounts you will have a 1″ open `hole’ on each side of the unit because the frame does not close completely around the unit. SECOND – the photos on this site are totally wrong. There are NO SQ plugs at all. In fact the entire back of the unit dose not remotely look like the photos in the ad. Just like it shows the rack-mounts as an accessory, (which they are affixed) the back of the unit is just as misleading. THIRD – there is NO, 3.5 male to male plug line as shown as Included Accessories. The unit does work as described – Sort Of. The Lapel Mics do not pick up any voice at all unless you hold it directly to your mouth. The Hand-Held mics do seem to work fine. As of this writing I have not put the unit to a real use and test. I am really frustrated in how Deceptive this ad is as it relates to the ‘accessories’. If I keep the unit the only thing I can do is to saw-off the tabs from the rack-mounts so that I or someone else does not get cut on the very sharp ends of the two tabs. Come-on folks, you guys selling this and posting the ads are better than this! Right! I am a long-time Amazon Prime customer but this is simply a deceptive ad in so many ways. Also note that the ‘instruction’ manual is a terrible joke. For sure it was written outside the US. However, the instruction manual does show the back plugs correct – not the deceptive nature of the ‘for sale’ ad.~~~~ 2 9 2013 – I contacted the seller about the totally deceptive ad, images and product – no reply, no return no nothing. THis speaks for itself. !!!!

  8. Glen T Roberts

    Good system for the money
    Bought this for our genealogical society meetings. We use a simple radio shack speaker and this works great with it. With four mics we are able to accommodate several users. Some prefer hand held and being cordless it is easy to pass them around then with the two handles mics you have the choice of clip on to collar or tie or over the head, again two. When presenters give their talks it is great because their hands are free and even if they face a screen while giving a PowerPoint presentation everyone call still hear them. Our meetings average about seventy folks in a cinder block room so there can be a lot of echoing at times but this seems to pretty well take care of our needs.

  9. Madcap

    Brilliant Bargain
    I was a bit sceptical when I ordered these because they were described as “Used”. On delivery it looks like they were brand new but just not in a box, so the price was even more incredible. Well we used them for the first time yesterday with my daughter rehearsing and trying all 6 cordless microphones (1 at a time) through our behringer mixing table and BST speaker system. The sound was very good compared to our shure 58 wired mike. Also went outside to test their range she got to the end of the drive (about 40 metres), with no loss of performance. so I was a very happy punter. Hope I can find more bargains like these.

  10. jeffery l maholmes

    Sound cuts out while in use.
    While broadcasting microphones loose signal.Therefore cutting off some of the presentation.

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